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Band Meeting.

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Fiona goes with Mikey to a band meeting, future MCR business is discussed as well as other things.

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Fiona's POV

Time with the MCR men seemed to make the days all turn into one big jumbled mess, for lack of a better word, days were just days now. I hardly ever knew the date so it was easy to lose track of what might be coming around the corner. Mikey’s birthday was next in line on the calendar and the relationship was at the point where you don’t exactly know every detail of them, the only way I found out was because the other guys started talking about it during a meeting when Mikey had left for coffee.

“What we gonna do then guys?” Frank suddenly blurted while looking desperately towards the door for any sign of Mikey coming back.

I personally had no idea what he was talking about, I looked at Gerard and Ray to see if they had any clue but by their thoughtful and pondering facial expressions it was hard to tell if they were thinking about what Frank said or trying to find out what he was on about. I sat patiently on the corner of the table, waiting for someone to break the silence that had now fallen upon the room.

“I’m not too sure, we could have surprise party? Or go to Disney land or something.” Ray said from the opposite side of the table.

“Didn’t we have a surprise party last year?” Frank wondered aloud.

“Right so we’ll do Disney this year then, right?” Ray suggested.

“Yeah I’m sure he’d love it.” Gerard beamed with a massive grin on his face.

It made me realise that I may be Mikey’s girlfriend but I hardly know him. What would I even give him for his birthday? I don’t have any money without borrowing some from one of the guys which I would hate to do but surely they have everything their ever wanted in life so what would they want for a present. The guys, I’m sure, could see that I was going into panic mode.

“ alright? You haven’t said anything for a while?” Ray said bringing me out of my panicky trance.

“What? Oh yeah, just a bit tired. I think Disney sounds amazing, he’ll love it.” I said agreeing with Gerard and shrugging it off, not wanting them to worry.

“Right so it’s settled then, Disney here we come!” Frank announced excitedly, quickly turning to see if Mikey had come back yet.

“In 4 days, Frank not now. No, now we need to sort out all this. We still need to do one more signig and then after that we’ll start with the new record.” Gerard commented with a serious tone.

It was a tone of voice that I only ever heard when he was talking about MCR business so obviously I called it his business tone but I never brought it up; it was a personal joke for me that I would find so funny to the point where I would giggle in the middle of their conversations.

“Okay, why don’t we do it after my birthday then?” Frank suggested.

When’s Frank Birthday?’ I wondered in my head, ‘What if it was like a week after Mikey’s?! Oh great more present issues...I should really know more about these guys.

“Fine with me, we’ll ask Mikey if he ever returns.” Ray remarked, breaking me out of my thought flow and just as Mikey slipped back in the room with his coffee.

“We’ll ask Mikey what?” He inquired as he took his seat next to me and took a sip of his coffee.

“The record company says that we need to do one more signing before we release anything new and I suggested we do it sometime after my birthday.” Frank replied to Mikey.

“Yeah sure I don’t mind.” Mikey shrugged “Where we gonna do it then?”

“Hot Topic usually let us do it there...” Frank said naively, trailing off into silence when everyone gave him weird stares.

At this point I had been to many of their band meetings, I thought most likely because Mikey didn’t want me to be on my own. I would always listen and sometimes joke around with them but I never spoke my mind when it was business talk. No one had told me to do this but to me it was like a silent code. It just wasn’t my place to speak, although I liked to be included. I silently appreciated Mikey bringing me along with him.

“Not, ‘what venue?’ which state?” Mikey asked with a less patient tone.

“Oh, not too sure, they never said which state” Gerard replied uncertainly.

“Do we have to go far from L.A?” Frank whined and he slumped in his seat.

“No, but I do want to get out from L.A. we won’t go out of California, agreed?” Mikey stated.

“Perfect! Now where in California are we going to?” Gerard chimed with agreement at the idea of getting away from L.A. I found it somewhat odd since they had just been on tour.

“Well we haven’t been to San Francisco in a while, why not there?” Frank recommended to the group.

“Sounds good to me. Gerard, Mikey, any thoughts or objections to San Francisco?” Ray asked them.

“If that’s where people want to go then I really don’t mind as long as everyone is happy.” Gerard said looking over to mine and Mikey’s direction.

Mikey grabbed my hand softly under the table. “I’m happy if Fiona is happy.” He announced.

I on the other hand looked at Mikey with shock. I wasn’t sure how they would take this news, this would be the first venue I would be with them where there weren’t just offering me a place to stay.I had to admit I was slightly taken back at his announcement, I had no idea he was expecting me to go with him to this signing. It was purely business and I felt that my opinions didn’t have a place in his business. The guys didn’t seem to agree with that though.

“Mikey, this is MCR stuff. I don’t really belong in it.” I mumbled as I gazed down at my hand in his, rubbing my thumb over the back of his hand absent-mindedly.

They all immediately protested against me and persuaded me to come with them. I was prepared for Mikey’s protest but the others came as a shock, but it was a good shock, a shock that warmed my heart. I had no idea that they wanted me to be with them on the road again.

“Where in San Francisco?” Frank blurted out immediately ruining my little moment. I scowled at him, he merely pulled a tongue in response to me and waited for everyone’s answer.

“Err...just go for Stonestown, they have a Hot Topic in their shopping centre.” Gerard answered Frank’s question.

Everyone else nodded in agreement and so it was settled, after Frank’s birthday, which I still had no clue when that was, we would climb onto the bus and head down to San Francisco. The guys planned on staying in a hotel before and after the signing, they said that they wanted time to explore; Mikey had whispered in my ear that he wanted to give me a personal tour of the place. I giggled and nodded just before I planted a kiss on his cheek.

I would have to admit that time with the MCR men was very interesting and at that moment I had no thought of stopping my time with them.

Oh my gosh, I can't even remember the last time I posted!I feel so bad, I'm sorry! I've been stuck on this bit for a while mostly because I was like 'What the fuck would you even get them for their birthday?!' so I kind of tip-toed my way around that.
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