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Chapter 13

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Right,another funny chapter... Tiara nearly finds out about what Gee and Sadie have been doing,and Mazy finds out the secret..

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Righty-o guys here's number 13...
a nice,funny chapter..
well,I'll try and make it funny..

Chapter 13
The dining deck-9:00am the next day.

Gee was in the dining deck getting breakfast when Tiara stormed in,quite angrily.
"Fuck.."Gee cursed under his breath before Tiara stormed up to him.
"Where were you this morning?!"Tiara hissed.
"Getting breakfast"Gee lied.
"Oh,really?!"Tiara was nearly at boiling point.
Gee nodded back,then handed her one of the plates.
"Gee,I know you'd left the bed last night"Tiara said,chucking away the breakfast.
"Fine,you really wanna know?"Gee demanded.
Tiara nodded,with her hands on her hips.
"I was with your sister.She had trouble sleeping,plus she was having a nightmare.I went to go check on her and just sang her back to sleep.I guess I may have fallen asleep too"Gee had lied again.
"So,you spent the night with my sister?"Tiara asked,calmly.
Gee nodded.
"Fine then"And with that Tiara left the room.
Gee breathed a sigh of relief.
They were safe.
For now,anyway.

-----(Later that day)-----

"So,how was your night last night?"Shayla asked Sadie with a cheeky smile.
"Fun.."Sadie replied with a blush.
"You didn't!"Lauren noticed her blush.
Sadie nodded then giggled out her reply.
"I did"
"You had se--"Shayla cut Lauren off by putting a hand over her mouth.
"Keep it down!Do you want everyone else to hear?!"Shayla hissed.
Lauren shook her head,then licked Shayla's hand.
"Eww!You licked me!"Shayla squirmed,removing her hand.
"What are you girlies talking about?"Mazy asked,walking over to them with a smile.
Mazy really seemed to lighten up over these past few days.
Shayla and Lauren started giggling,whilst Sadie started blushing.
"Can you keep a secret?"Sadie asked Mazy.
"Yeah,unless it's about Frankie,then no,I'll use it for my own advantage"Mazy said,and the girls dragged her around the corner.
"I um..kinda kissed Gee the other night.."Sadie said,awkwardly
"What do you--Oh!"Mazy caught on fast.
Sadie nodded with a tiny smile.
"And,last night,they did it.IT!"Shayla told Mazy.
"You had sex with a 15 year old?!"Mazy said through gritted teeth.
"I'm sorry.."Sadie apologised.
"It's ok,kiddo.Come on,gimme a hug!"Mazy comforted and gave Sadie a hug.
"Don't tell anyone!Please!"Shayla pleaded for Sadie.
"Yeah,I promise.I'd never do that to her,ever."Mazy said,releasing the hug.
"Thank you Mazy"Sadie sniffed,whiping away her stray tears.
"No problem,kid"Mazy smiled warmly and left the group of girls.

Ok,that was probably a bit short...
That is all I could think of now..
R&R and I'll write my next bit later I promise!
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