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Chapter 14

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Ok,big shocker of a chapter.. I think you guys'll know why.. -giggling-

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Hello guys!
I'm so excited to write this chapter..
and scared too...
You'll find out why..

Chapter 14
The entertainment lounge-7:30pm that night.

"So,who's next?"Mazy asked,holding out the mic.
The guys,girlfriends and some of the sisters were in the lounge again,playing Singstar.
They decided to do this every two nights for the two weeks on their cruise.

"I'll go!"Sadie cheered,gettingup from her spot and back on stage.
"Alone?"Mazy asked.
"Nope,not this time"Sadie smiled as Gee got up on stage with her.
"Ohh..So,what song guys?"Mazy asked,putting up the song catagory.
"Ummm..."Gee stalled.
"Destroya!"Sadie smiled.
Both Gee and Sadie then smiled then.
That was their favourite song.

The song erupted with the sound of guitars and drums.
Gee started his bit of the song.

Don't believe what they say
We're dead flies in the summertime
They leave us all behind
With duct tape scars on my honey
They don't like who you are
They don't like where we'll go
Brother,protect me now
With blood they wash in the money

Then Sadie began her bit

You don't believe in god
I don't believe in luck
They don't believe in us
But I believe in the enemy
You don't believe in luck
I don't believe in luck
They don't believe in us
But I believe we're the enemy

Then,they both did the next bit together.

Uh uh uh
uh uh uh uh
uh uh uh uh

After the song,everyone's mouths were gaping open.
"Closet time?"Sadie asked hopefully.
"Hell yeah!"Gee mused and they both ran off.
Tiara saw them both ran off and followed them.
"SHIT!"Lauren screamed and her,Shayla and Kendall chased after her.
"What's their problem?"Frankie asked.
"They're protectin' her,you little shit.."And Mazy confessed all.

At the closet,Tiara was about to open the door.
"Tiara,Don't!"Shayla screamed.
"Too late!"Tiara hissed,opening the closet door and catching them out..

"I can't believe you,Sadie!"Tiara hissed as she pulled her sister away from Gee.
Everyone else caught up quick.
Tiara hit Sadie hard in the face.
"Tiara,stop it!"Penina shouted.
Tiara dropped her sister on the ground and kicked her.
"You're no longer my sister"She spat,then turned to Gee.
"You wanna fuck a 13 year old behind my back?Go ahead,we are DONE"And with that she walked back to their room.
When she'd left,everyone ran to Sadie's shaking body.
Gee was there first,cradling her in his arms.
"I'm sorry.."Sadie whispered and coughed up a bit of blood.
"Oh,shit.That's serious."Frankie said.
Everyone else looked at him with that look that said 'Ya think?!'
"Ok,me and Frankie will go get the first-aid kit.Gee,stay with her ok?Everyone else,just go back to your rooms,nothing to see here."Penina ordered.
"No,we're staying!"Shayla,Lauren and Kendall said in unison,linking arms.
"Me too"Mikey said,getting on his hands and knees next to his older brother.
"Fine,you guys can stay.Just,don't get in the way."Penina said before her and Frankie took off.
"You're gonna be ok,Sadie.I promise that."Gee said before Sadie shut her eyes.

Ok,that was a shocker huh?
R&R and all that jazz..
I'll update as soon as I can ok?
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