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The Diner That'll Die

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Gerard's family diner is threatened to be shut down. Can they save it? (Auditioned fic)

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Gerard’s POV

Hi, I’m Gerard, welcome to my family’s diner: ‘The only way to dine’
Hehe, Way, do you get it?
Never mind.
I guess I should explain an average day here and the people featured in it.

I watched Mikey turn around the open sign.
“Fingers crossed for a good day,” Mikey said leaning against the counter.
“Well you do know business has been slow, don’t get your hopes up,” I said putting on my uniform.
“I’m just trying to be optimistic, you’re such a pessimist Gerard…” he said then sighed.
“Oh god…here we go,” I said rolling my eyes.
He then went day dreamy and spoke “You know if Amy was here she would say-”
“For a pessimist I’m pretty optimistic,”
Mikey’s eyes widened and he turned towards the door.
“Hey guys,” Amy said smiling at us.
“Hey Amy,” I said.
“Hi…” Mikey said shyly.
He’s had a crush on her for three years since she first walked in this diner.
“Where are the girls?” I asked.
“Oh they’re just coming,” she said.
I watched as Hozzie came running in.
“Amy! Mia stole my fairy doll!” Hozzie cried.
“Oh come here honey,” she said picking Hozzie up.
Mia came running in flying the doll through the air.
“Mia, give Hozzie her doll back,” Amy said holding her hand out.
“But she wouldn’t share!” Mia yelled jumping up and down.
“You’ve got your batman action figure, now give it back,” Amy said.
Mia sighed and reluctantly handed the doll over.
“Thank you Mia,” Amy said giving the doll back to Hozzie.
Hozzie smiled and hugged the doll.
They all sat down at one of the tables.
“Go get her,” I whispered to Mikey.
Mikey took a deep breath and walked to their table.
“Hey girls, what can I get you?” he said.
“PANCAKES AND MILK!” Hozzie and Mia shouted.
Amy laughed.
“And what would you like?” Mikey asked nervously.
“I’ll take pancakes too,” she said smiling.
“With your usual coffee?” he asked.
She nodded.
“Okay coming right up,” he said handing a piece of paper to me.
“Okay guys, three lots of pancakes, two milks and one coffee,” I said.
“On it Gee,” Ray said.
“No problem Gee,” Bob said.
I heard the bell of the front door ring.
Frank and Penina walked in holding hands.
“Better late than never,” I said.
“Sorry Gee,” Penina said.
“Don’t worry about it, just don’t let it happen again,” I said.
“Okay Gee,” she said going at the back to get changed with Frank.
“Separate rooms guys,” I said.


“Hey everyone!” Jennifer said walking in.
“Hey babe!” Bob said running up to her and kissing her.
“How’s work Jen?” Mikey asked.
“It was okay, except some little kid thought they could get away with stealing half the shop’s comics,” she said.
“Well that sucks,” Frank said.
“Yeah, I can’t stay long, could you give these to Amy and the girls when they come in later? They had them on order,” she said handing Mikey some comics.
“Sure I will,” he said looking through them.


I watched Christy walk in and sit on a chair.
“Whoa, you look tired,” I said.
“I was up late, writing songs,” she said yawning.
“Don’t worry, I’ll get Ray to cook you something special,” I said.
“Thanks Gee,” she said resting her head on the table.
“Ray, your girl needs waking up food,” I said.
“I’m on it,” he said.
I saw Mia run through the door at lightning speed.
“Hey Mia,” I said.
Amy walked in carrying Hozzie looking exhausted.
“Are you okay Amy?” I asked.
“Yeah, I’ll be fine,” she said.
“Do you girls want burger and fries?” I asked.
“YAY!” Mia and Hozzie exclaimed.
Amy nodded weakly.
Everyone was given their orders a few minutes later.
Suddenly the door flew open.
I looked to the door and a girl with blond hair and green eyes was standing there.
“Are you Gerard Way?” she asked.
“Yes, who are you?” I asked.
“I’m Dearbhla Doherty, the critic,” she said.
“Food critic?” I asked.
“No, Film critic,” she said.
“Oh you’re in the wrong place,” I said.
“I was being sarcastic,” she said.
“Oh,” I said.
“I’ll be in tomorrow for a proper inspection,” she said.
“Okay, see you then,” I said.
She gave me a piercing stare as she walked out.
“Ray, I’m ready to leave,” Christy said.
“Okay babe, I’m coming,” Ray said getting changed.
Mia, Hozzie and Amy stood up ready to leave.
“Oh girls, Jen gave me these for you,” Mikey said handing Amy the comics.
“Thanks Mikey,” she said handing the girls their comics.
“No problem,” he said.
“Um, I don’t have any spare change for your tip, so um…” she mumbled.
She then kissed Mikey’s cheek.
He went bright red.
“See you tomorrow,” she said taking the girls hands and walking out.
Mikey was frozen.
“Mikey? Do you need to sit down?” I asked.
“N-No, I’ll be fine,” he said.
“So what do you think of that critic?” I asked.
“We’ll be fine Gee,” he said.

Sorry for the crappy intro =S
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