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Love/Hate Heartbreak

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“We’re screwed…” Gerard mumbled.

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Mikey’s POV

I sighed as I turned around the open sign
As I did so the door opened knocking me down.
“Oh my god! Mikey are you okay?” Amy said kneeling next to me.
“Yeah, I think so,” I said rubbing my head.
“I’m so sorry,” she said.
“It’s okay Amy,” I said staring at her.
She blushed slightly and smiled.
“Erm…do you need help up?” she asked.
“Yeah, I think so,” I said.
She took my hands into hers and pulled me up.
“Thanks,” I said.
“No problem,” she said.
I looked down at our hands.
Neither of us was letting go.
I looked at her and she smiled.
“AMY!!!! I’M HUNGRY!!!!” Mia yelled hugging her leg.
Amy sighed and let go of my hands.
“Go sit down girls,” she said.
Hozzie and Mia ran to the table and sat down.
“Listen Mikey, I know you have a critic coming in later so I just wanted to wish you luck,” Amy said.
I smiled at her.
“Thanks Amy,” I said.
“And I was wondering if you wanted to go and see The Hobbit tomorrow night…” she mumbled.
I starred at her.
Is she asking me out?
“B-But what about Hozzie and Mia? Have you got someone to look after them?” I asked.
“No…not yet,” she said.
“I could look after them,” Gerard said.
“Really Gee?” Amy said.
“Yeah of course,” he said smiling.
“Oh thank you…so Mikey shall I meet you after you’ve finished your shift?” she asked.
“Yeah sure,” he said.
“Okay then,” she said smiling and sitting down.
Is this really happening?
“Mikey! Take their order!” Gerard hissed.
“Oh…would you like the usual?” I asked.
“YAY!” Mia and Hozzie exclaimed.
Amy nodded.
“Okay coming right up,” I said.
Penina and Frank came through the door and they looked hungover.
“Again? Seriously?” Gerard said.
“Sorry Gee, but she’s just so irresistible,” Frank said hugging her.
“And he’s soooo sexy,” Penina said kissing him.
“Okay whatever,” Gerard said.
They were still making out.
“Guys, time to get to work,” Gerard said.
Hozzie and Mia then looked up and saw them.
“EWWWWWWW!!!!!” they yelled covering their eyes
He then slapped Frank round the head and he instantly pulled away.
“Work, now,” Gerard said.
Penina and Frank rushed to the back.
The door then flew open and Dearbhla walked in.
“Good morning Mr Way,” she said.
“Morning, please take a seat,” Gerard said.
Dearbhla slowly walked to a table.
I placed Amy, Mia and Hozzie’s food in front of them.
“Thank you Mikey!” Mia and Hozzie exclaimed.
“Thanks,” Amy said smiling.
Penina walked up to Dearbhla’s table.
“Hi there, may I take your order?” she asked.
Dearbhla gave Penina a look.
“Are you hungover?” she asked.
Penina froze.
“No…” she said.
“mmmmmm, minus ten points for not giving me a chance to look at the menu,” Dearbhla said picking up the menu.
Penina walked away quickly close to tears.
Amy stood up and wrapped an arm around her.
“It’s okay Pen,” she whispered.
Penina cried silently.
“Hey don’t cry, just take a deep breath, wait and see if she looks like she wants to order then go,” Amy said.
Penina wiped her tears and nodded.
“Okay, thanks Amy,” she said.
“It’s okay, you can do this Pen,” Amy said smiling and sitting back down.
Penina took a deep breath and walked back to Dearbhla.
“I’ll take the scrambled egg on toast,” Dearbhla said throwing the menu on the table.
“Coming right up,” she said handing the paper to Gerard.

10 minutes later…

I watched as Dearbhla scribbled something in her notebook in short hand.
Penina came out with the food.
“An inconveniently long waiting time, those customers would have been out the door before you returned,” Dearbhla said scribbling in her notebook.
Penina sighed and put the plate in front of her.
“Enjoy your meal,” Penina said.
“I doubt it,” Dearbhla mumbled.
I watched as she took two mouthfuls of food.
“I would like to speak to the chef please,” she said.
Gerard walked out and up to her table.
“I have a few comments to make, the egg itself is horribly damp and disgusting to eat, I was almost sick, too much salt, I could have died of too much salt if I had continued eating and the bread is overcooked, disgusting,” she hissed.
Gerard stood there frozen.
Dearbhla stood up.
“Don’t expect a shining review in the paper tomorrow,” she said walking out.
Everyone looked at each other.
“We’re screwed…” Gerard mumbled.
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