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Failure and Secrets

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“It’s complicated, I rather not talk about it,” she mumbled.

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Gerard’s POV

“GOD DAMMIT!” I yelled slamming the newspaper on the counter.
“What?” Mikey asked.
“The review!” I yelled.
We both looked down at the paper.

The Only Way To Dine
I have never visited such a terrible diner in all my life. My first impressions were that this would be an average diner. But I was wrong this diner is just awful. What I first took note of was the fact that my waitress was hungover and didn’t give me a chance to read the menu. I am appalled that they let such reckless staff work there.
As for the food I was nearly sick. Such bad quality food, indescribable as to how awful it was. Packed with salt, I’m surprised that there have been no reports that customers had died from an overdose of salt. Things like salt should be for the customer to apply in the amount they like.
In conclusion, do not visit this diner, you’ll hate it and it is not possible for me to rate this diner, so as I am not aloud to use minus numbers I must rate It 0 STARS.

“Oh god,” Mikey mumbled.
“You read it then?”
We turned round and Amy was there with Mia and Hozzie.
Mikey nodded sadly.
“I’m so sorry,” she whispered hugging him.
He hesitated then hugged her back
“We don’t have to go out tonight Mikey,” she said.
“Oh no no no, Mikey is not missing his date! Besides I was gonna play just dance with the girls!” I exclaimed.
“Okay if you’re sure,” she said.
“Yeah I’ll be fine,” Mikey said.
She smiled and sat down.

Frank’s POV

I rolled over and hugged Penina.
“Morning beautiful,” I whispered.
She smiled and kissed me.
My phone then buzzed.

I’m giving you guys the day off, doubt any customers will turn up

“We’re not going in today,” I said snuggling into Penina.
“What are we meant to do all day?” she asked.
“I have an idea,” I said kissing her neck.
“mmmmm, I’m liking this idea,” she said.
I smiled and pulled the covers over us.

Mikey’s POV

I walked out into the diner and smiled as I saw Amy and the girls sitting at a table.
“Hi, are you ready?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I said.
Gerard then came running in.
“Who’s ready for a night of fun and games?” he exclaimed.
“ME!” Mia yelled.
“NO! ME!” Hozzie yelled jumping up and down.
“Okay girls come with Gerard now,” he said holding his hands out to them.
They took his hands bouncing up and down.
“Please make sure they’re in bed by eight,” Amy said standing up.
“Of course, come on girls,” he said leading them out the door.
“Let’s go then,” Amy said.

Later on…

“I had a great time Mikey,” Amy said smiling.
“Me too…can I ask you something?” I asked.
“Sure,” she said.
“Where are your parents?” I asked.
She sighed.
“They disowned me,” she mumbled.
“Oh I’m so sorry…wait, if they disowned you, how did Hozzie and Mia end up with you?” I asked.
She looked down.
“It’s complicated, I rather not talk about it,” she mumbled.
“Oh okay, I’m sorry,” I said.
“It’s okay,” she said.
She looked at me and kissed my cheek gently.
“Night Mikey,” she whispered.
“Night,” I said as she walked into her house.
She’s hiding something…

Sorry it's so short!
Hope you enjoyed! =D
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