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“Please leave them alone! You’re scaring them!” I yelled.

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Frank’s POV

“She’s hiding something Gee,” Mikey said taking a sip of coffee.
“What makes you think that?” Gerard asked.
“Well, she said that her parents disowned her, but nothing about Hozzie and Mia, they’re just with her for some reason,” Mikey said.
“So Amy gets disowned and Mia and Hozzie just end up with her?” Frank said walking in.
“I just can’t help thinking something’s wrong with this story, there’s that huge part of the picture missing that she seems like she can’t say because it’s really bad,” Mikey said.
I stood up and walked out the room.
I looked through the phonebook and dialled the number.
“Hi, there’s something I need to report,” I said.

Amy’s POV

“Amy! I drew a fairy!” Hozzie exclaimed.
“Oh honey it’s beautiful!” I said looking at it.
“I drew it for you,” she said.
“Thank you, I’ll put it up right now,” I said putting it on the fridge.
I heard the doorbell ring and I opened the door.
A woman and two men were standing there.
“Amy Jones?” she asked.
“Yeah,” I replied.
“Social services, we’re here to take Mia Jones and Hollie Jones,” she said.
“What? What do you mean take them?” I yelled.
The woman nodded at the men and one barged past me.
“NO! LEAVE THEM ALONE!” I screamed and the other guy grabbed me.
“MIA! HOZZIE! RUN!” I screamed.
The man came back with Mia and Hozzie crying and kicking.
“Please leave them alone! You’re scaring them!” I yelled.
“They’ll be fine, better off than they are here,” she said.
“I haven’t done anything wrong!” I yelled.
“Well we got a call saying you were unfit to take care of these girls,” she said.
I froze.
“That’s a lie! I’ve taken care of them since they were born! I’m their sister!” I screamed.
The man chucked them in the car and the woman turned around.
“Are you?” she said.
The guy who had hold of me let go and slammed the front door shut.
I fiddled with the locks and ran out the door as the car drove.
“NO! MIA! HOZZIE!” I screamed running after the car.
Suddenly I tripped and fell and the car was too far away.

Mikey’s POV

I hummed to myself as I cleaned up the table.
The door then flew open and Amy came in.
Her face was tear stained.
“Amy what’s wrong?” I asked.
“Was it you?” She asked in an angry and upset tone.
“What?” I said.
“Was it you that called social services?” she asked walking closer.
“No! Of course not! Why? What happened?” I asked.
“Someone called social services and they have taken Hozzie and Mia away from me!” she yelled bursting into tears.
“Oh my god,” I said hugging her tightly.
“I called them,”
We looked up and Frank was standing there.
“Why?” she snapped.
“Cause it was clear that something wasn’t right with you, what are you hiding?” he asked.
Amy then exploded and lept onto Frank and started hitting him.
I grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off him.
“You monster! You took them away from me!” she screamed.
“You did what?” Penina said walking in.
“I was gonna tell you,” he said.
“You took her only family away from her!” she yelled hugging Amy.
Frank went silent.
“You know what, I’m keeping Amy company tonight, I think you need some time alone to think about what you’ve done,” Penina said taking her jacket.
“She isn’t leaving until she tells us what her big secret is!” he yelled.
“She doesn’t have to tell you anything!” Penina screamed.
She then led Amy out the diner.
I glared at Frank.
“You’re a dick,” I hissed.

You weren't expecting that were ya????
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