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A couple of hours later I'd met almost all the killjoys. Gerard, Ray, Frank, Mikey, Penina, Raven, Jennifer and Tiara. I only had one person left to meet and that was Doctor DD but they told me he normally spent forever in his room because of his radio show. He'd probably be out for dinner.

"So you want us to risk our lives to save your friend?" Ray asked "And what will you do for us in return?"

"What do you want?" I challenged, looking him up and down.

"We want you and your friend to join us." Gerard said, glancing at Ray "In our plans."

"That's kind of what we wanted in the first place." I replied, raising my eye-brows. Then I frowned "What kind of plans?"

"We can't tell you yet." Ray told me "Not until we know we can trust you."

"And how do you want me to earn my trust?" I asked "Jump in front of a bullet for you?"

"Oh please, we don't have bullets out here." Ray said, rolling his eyes "They're called ray guns for a reason."

"I see." I replied even though I didn't "Anyway, is there somewhere I can get some sleep?"

"Yeah sure. We have a spare room down the corridor." Raven said. Gerard glared at her but Raven wasn't put off "Follow me."

"Raven, are you sure?" Gerard asked.

"Yeah I am." Raven smiled "Come on Arancione."

I stood up and followed her down the corridor "What's his problem?"

"The room I'm putting you in used to belong to his little sister." Raven replied "And she died. He hasn't quite gotten over it yet."

"Oh... I'm sorry."

"Meh. Nothing you could've done anyway." Raven opened the door for me "Have a great sleep Arancione. We'll see about recusing your friend in the morning."

"Thanks." I smiled and shut the door behind me then stripped to my underwear so I could crawl into bed.

When I woke up, I heard shouting coming from the diner. I rubbed my eyes and made my way down the corridor "I'm not babysitting again." Raven snapped "It's not my turn. I'm going, like it or not."

"Well I don't wanna stay behind." Penina hissed.

"For crying out loud, we're rescuing one person, we don't need that many people to go." Gerard hissed.

"Well I'm going." I said loudly "I dunno about you guys." I shrugged my shoulders.

"Are you kidding me?" Tiara cried "You just got out of there and you wanna go back? Are you insane?"

"I wanna save my friend, don't call me insane!" I hissed.

"Arancione's right." Gerard said "She's coming. It's her friend, she risked her life to get here so she's coming to help her. Like it or not."

"Well then who else is coming?" Jennifer asked.

"Well I am because it's my car and I'm driving. That leaves about three seats left in the back. So Mikey, Raven and Ray can come."

"Are you for real?" Penina cried.

"You can stay here and look after your daughter, we don't have time to waste!" Gerard yelled "Now come on."
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