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"How long's it gonna take us to get there?" I asked, getting into the passenger's seat "It's just that... You know, she's the only friend I've ever had."

"I know, I know, we'll get there soon enough, I promise." Gerard replied "Mikey since there are more people living with us now do you think you could knick one of the BLI vans please? It would come in handy."

"Yeah I suppose so." Mikey said "So you guys go and find Ellie while I go and steal a random van?"

"You'll have fun." Gerard smirked and started the engine "Let's go then."

As we drove off I dared ask "Gerard... Raven told me I was sleeping in your little sisters room last night. What happened to her?"

Gerard didn't reply. For a really long time. So Mikey told me "Her name was Hozzie. We went to BLI like we normally do just to fuck shit up I guess. And she went missing. So we looked for her obviously. We went back five times to look for her until we realised that she must just definitely be dead by now."

"Oh." I paused "I'm s-"

"Don't." Gerard said "Just don't. I don't wanna talk about it."


"Because I just don't!" Gerard snapped.

I sighed "Alright, fine. What are we gonna do when we get there then?"

"We'll have to go through headquarters and down into the prison cells. That's probably where your friend and her Father will be." Gerard said "The locks should be easy enough to break off, just shoot them with our ray guns. They should break. And then we'll bring her back, shooting any draculoids that we see."

"It can't be that easy." I said.

"Yeah it can we've had to rescue people heaps of times. Especially Frank. He's not careful enough." Raven shrugged her shoulders "It'll be easy, trust me."

"No offence but we've just met. How can I trust you?"

"We could say the same to you." Ray told me, raising his eye-brows "So if we're gonna trust you then you're gonna trust us, okay?"

I sighed "Alright, fine."

"Good. Glad we got that settled." Gerard said with a small sarcastic smile. The rest of the journey was silent.

"Here we are." Gerard said "Check your ray guns before we go in." We all checked our guns "Alright then. Are you ready Arancione?" I nodded "Let's go then."

"Not gonna ask us if we're ready?" Mikey asked.

"We're not doing that whole 'Well are you ready Ray? How 'bout you Frank? How 'bout you Mikey?' thing everytime we come to BLI, okay? We've been through this!"

"That's a shame." Raven said, shrugging her shoulders "I always kinda liked it."

"Well 'tis a cryin' shame." Gerard replied, getting out the car "Come on."

We all got out the car and went towards BLI.

[A/N] - Sorry it's so short, I've been writing this since like ten past five and I dunno I'm just lacking motivation right now :( I'll try again tomorrow ;L
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