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[A/N] - I think there's something wrong with me. I love writing, I have done all my life but now... I don't know, I want to write but it's not the same :( I don't feel the same spark anymore :(

"You see a draculoid then shoot, okay?" Gerard said "Don't feel sorry for them, just do it or they will shoot you."

"But what if-"

"No. Shoot them." Gerard said sternly "Come on, let's go then."

We walked slowly into headquarters (except for Mikey who went round the back of the building to steal a BLI van), my heart pounding so loudly that I was certain the others could hear it. I pulled my gun out of its pocket in case we did bump into a draculoid.

We rounded a corner and there were two standing there. A squeal escaped my lips before I could stop it but Gerard and Raven shot down the two draculoids before they could re-act. Ray glared at me "I'm sorry!" I whispered frantically "I kind of panicked!"

"We noticed." Ray hissed.

"Sorry." I mumbled, feeling bad. We carried on down the corridors. We found another draculoid and this time I didn't squeal or pause. I aimed my gun and shot automatically. I got him in the head. I turned to Ray and smirked, raising my eye-brows. I expected him to say something rude but he smiled at me and nodded "Alright, let's find Ellie."

"That's kind of why we're here." Raven whispered back "Come on then, let's go. It's down here."

We crept down into the basement where there prison cells "Can I call her name or will it alert the draculoids?" I asked quietly.

"Go for it, we can kill any draculoid that shows up." Gerard replied, yawning slightly.

"Okay." I muttered "Ellie..." My voice came out in almost a whisper, shakey and scared. I coughed and then called much louder "Ellie!"

"... Arancione?" A timid, low voice replied.

"Ellie!" I cried, shoving past Gerard and Raven and running down to where I heard her voice. She was in there, her face covered with bruises "Ellie, it's okay, we're gonna get you out."

She smiled weakly "I knew you would."

I picked up the lock and shot it with my ray gun "There, it broke, now come on!"

"No, we can't, not yet."

"Oh yeah, your Dad-"

Ellie shook her head, her eyes filled with tears "No, m-my Dad, they shot him... But there's this girl. We need to save her."

"What girl?" Gerard asked.

"Just follow me!" Ellie cried, running down the corridor then pointing at something on the ground.

"It's like a trap door." Gerard muttered, bending down and shooting the lock off. He pulled open the trap door and his eyes widened "Hozzie?"

[A/N] - Sorry but I need to sleep now 3:
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