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Chapter 16

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It's my character's 14th B-Day! This'll be a nice,funny chapter and Tiara will be back!!

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Hello people!
Right,here ya go!
Chapter 16!

Chapter 16
Sadie's bedroom-lunchtime.

Sadie opened her sore eyes groggily to see all the gang there.
"Happy Birthday!!"They all cheered.
"Ow!Guys,keep it down!"Gee said,waking up and rubbing his eyes.
"Sorry,Gee!"Penina whispered.

-------(30 mins later)-------

"Ok,guys.SHE'S COMING!"Frankie cheered,getting everything in place.
Sadie and Gee walked onto the deck,hand-in-hand.
They were again met by the loud chorus of 'Happy Birthday!'
Sadie started to smile.
"Happy birthday"Gee whispered and kissed her forehead.
Shayla and Lauren ran over to her.
"C'mon Sadie,open the presents!"They mused,pulling her towards the giant table filled with presents.
"This one's from me and Mikey"Jen said,handing her a gift bag.
Sadie opened up the bag to bring out a band t-shirt.
The band was My Chemical Romance.
"Aw,cool!"Sadie exclaimed in excitement as she put it on over her pyjama t-shirt.
She then ran to give Jen and Mikey a hug for her cool present.
"Right,time for the rest.."Penina rambled on.
------(at sunset)------

Sadie stood on the deck that evening,looking out over the sea.
Gee crept up behind her and put his hands over her eyes.
"You haven't had my present yet"He whispered,kissing her cheek.
Sadie giggled and turned to face him.
"What is this present then?"She asked,wrapping her hands around his neck.
Gee produced a small locket.
"It was Tiara's,but I modified it"He smiled.
Sadie opened the catch and inside was a picture of her and Gee,along with an incription.
The incription read:

I give you my heart.
I will never stop loving you.

Sadie looked back up at Gee with happy tears.
"It's beautiful"She smiled.
Gee put it on for her,then examined it.
"You love it!"He smiled.
Sadie played along.
"How did you know?"She said,gasping for effect.
"I know things,remember?"He smmiled back,pulling her towards him.
They connected their lips together softly.

They heard the squelching of shoes and they saw Tiara limp back onto the deck,soaking wet.
"Get behind me"Gee whispered to Sadie,pulling her behind his back.
"What do you want,Tiara?"Gee asked,raising his voice.
"Gee,baby.I want us to get back together."She smiled,steeping towards him.
"No.I don't love you any more.I never did."Gee said neutrally.
"Oh,so you just wanna fuck my sister then,is that it?"Tiara shouted.
Mikey,Frankie and Ray heard the commotion.
"Mikey,take Sadie back inside"Gee instructed.
"'Kay Gee"Mikey said,taking Sadie's hand.
As soon as they were gone,Gee and Frankie cornered Tiara into the far side of the deck.
Ray opened the hidden railing gate and Gee and Frankie were making Tiara walk towards it.
Tiara then fell into the water.
"You don't get it do ya?I never even loved you.I stopped loving you ages ago,I just kept a hold of you,just to make you think I loved you."Gee spat at her,shutting the gate and locking it.
"Gee,I -"Tiara spluttered.
"Save it Tiara,don't come back"He hissed then walked off.

Back inside,Gee sat by Sadie,interlocking his fingers in hers
"She's gone.Forever.I'll never let her get you again"He whispered,kissing her.
"So,are we doing Singstar then or what?"Mazy asked,drumming her fingers on the side of the machine in impatience.
"Yeah,of course we are!"Sadie brightened up.
"Right.Birthday girl goes first!"Frankie smiled.
Sadie made her way up on stage.
Mazy already knew the perfect song for her.
She picked the song Buleetproof Heart.
Sadie picked up the mic and began to sing.

Don't mean too much to me
I'm who I've got to be
These pigs are after me
After you...

So,that was a good chapter huh?
Sorry I was a little mean to you Tiara..
All is forgiven,Right?

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