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chapter 17

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Ok,so this'll be a small chapter... Well i'll probly adapt it as i go.. IDK..

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Hey there!!
So,here's chapter 17..

chapter 17
The entertainment lounge-the next morning.

Everybody was in the lounge watching a movie.
It was a horror movie,so the little ones were taken out of the room.
The name of the movie was Texas Chainsaw 3D.

Halfway through the movie,Frankie came running in.
He waved a flyer in front of them,giggling like a school-girl.

"What are you giggling about,Frankie?"Sadie said,taking the flyer from him.
The flyer read:

Calling all passengers aboard the SS Mychemical!

Party on Saturday night in the entertainment lounge!

Karaoke,Dancing,Food & Drinks!

All welcome!

7pm until late!

"A party?!"Sadie exclaimed,standing up with a wide smile on her face.
"Yuh-huh!"Frankie smiled back.
"It'll be rad!"Gee said,standing up and taking Sadie's hand.
"So,it's set then.We're all going?"Frankie asked with a questioning smile.
"Yeah!"They all chorused in unison.
"Wait,who'll look after the little ones?"Mikey asked
"They can come,can't they?"Frankie replied.
"Yeah,Mikes.It says 'All welcome' on the flyer!"Sadie pointed out.
"Fine,they can come.But,don't come crying to me when they start to complain"Mikey warned.
"Hands in?"Frankie smiled and put his hand,palm-down,in front of the gang.
The rest of them did the same and they did their chant:

We are the craziest kids in town!

They cheered the chant,smiling with excitement.
It was all set.
They were going to a party!!

Ok,so it's short I know.
Next chapter'll be REALLY long though!!
R&R,as ya do..
And I'll write the next bit ASAP,as i do!!
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