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chapter 18

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ok,18th chapter! IT'S PARTY TIME!!

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18 chapters already?

Chapter 18
The entertainment lounge-Saturday night.

Saturday night came really slow for the gang.
The excitement almost killed them.

On Saturday,the gang walked into the entertainment lounge,ready to party.
Jen and Mikey were dressed in ballroom clothes,whilst everybody else was dressed in casual clothes.
"Mikes,you didn't have to come in a tuxedo,y'know!"Gee pointed out.
"Yeah,I know.But I wanted to."Mikey defended him and Jen.
"Whatever.."Gee trailed off,going up to the bar.

Sadie,Lauren and Shayla were sat on the chairs,talking.
3 boys about their age walked up to them.
"Hey,guys"The tall one with black hair greeted,sitting by Sadie and put his arm around her.
"Hey,baby"He said to her quietly,moving in to kiss her.
"I have a boyfriend,you idiot!"Sadie squirmed in protest.
"Who?"He demanded,grabbing Sadie's hand forcefully.
"Me"Gee said from behind the boy.
"Dude,you're like 15,she's like 13!So,she's mine!"The boy protested.
"Actually,she's 14,so we can date!"Gee said,pushing the boy out the way.
The tall boy ran off,defeated.
"Sorry about our brothers behaviour.."The two other boys said quietly.
"It's ok,just watch yourselves ok?C'mon,Sadie,we'll go sit with the others."Gee said,pulling Sadie in the direction of the bar,where everybody else was.

The others cringed as yet another person failed a song on Singstar.
"Oh,shut up!"The man said quietly,tumbling drunkenly off stage.
"Ok,who's next?"The game announcer asked cheerfully.
"Let's all go!"Sadie mused,pulling her friends and Gee in the direction of the stage.
"Yeah!"The rest of the gang cheered as they ran on the stage.
"Wow,big group.."The game announcer trailed off.
"So,what song guys?"The announcer asked.
"American Idiot,by Green Day"Mikey blurted out.
"What happened to you,goody-two-shoes?"Gee asked.
"I don't wanna be a Goody-Two-Shoes no more!"Mikey said,triumphantly.
The announcer put the song up,and they all sang the chorus

Welcome to a new kinda tension
All across the alien nation
Where everything is mean't to be OK!
Television dreams of tommorrow
We're not the ones who are mean't to follow
But that's enough to argue!!

After the song was sung,the audience stared back at the gang in shock.
"Where's the applause?"Sadie asked Gee through gritted teeth.
2 Minutes later,the boys from earlier on started to applaud wildly.
The rest of the audience then followed,awkwardly.
The gang then sat back in their seats in silence.

After the party,the gang walked out onto the sky deck.
They looked out onto the horizon.
The others clearly knew Sadie and Gee wanted some alone time,so they left.

"So,the party was fun,huh?"Sadie said,making small talk.
"Yeah,you were there.."Gee smiled back,wrapping his arms around her neck,with Sadie doing the same.
Faintly,in the background,they heard a slow song come on.
"Wanna dance?"Gee asked,taking her hand and leading her to the middle of the deck.
The couple slowly began to dance,swaying to the beat of the song.
The others noticed what was going on,and went to join them.
The perfect end,to a perfect vacation..

I can't believe the story is nearly over..
I don't want it to end,but it has to..
R&R,as you do..
I'll see you all next time..
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