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Chapter 19

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Ok,chapter 19..

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(that means hello btw)
So,19th chapter...

chapter 19
Breakfast hall-Monday morning

Everybody was eating breakfast.
No-one has heard from Tiara.
No-one wanted to,either.

After everyone had finished eating,Sadie rose from her seat.
"I'mma go pack.We're leaving tommorow,remember?"Sadie said,cleaning up her breakfast plate.
"Leaving?"Gee asked.
"It's the end of the cruise tommorow..?"Sadie hinted.
"Ohh!Yeah,I'mma go pack too!"Gee said,and they both darted out of the room.

Gee reached him and Tiara's room.
He laid out his suitcase on the bed,and opened the dresser.
Tiara's other clothes were still in there,so he scooped them all out and shoved them in a binbag.
Once he had done that,he began to pack..

When Sadie reached her room,she did the same routine.
She laid her suitcase out onto the bed and piled her clothes in.
When she had done that,she got out her headphones and put on one of the songs in her playlist.
The song was by her favourite band,My Chemical Romance.
The song started with an explosion of guitars,followed by a few drum beats,then the vocals came in strong and heavy.
Sadie laid her head back on her pillow and began chanting the lyrics from the song that was playing

So many bright lights that cast a shadow
But,can I speak?
Well is it hard understanding?
I'm incomplete
A life that's so demanding,I get so weak
A love that's so demanding,I can't speak

I am not afraid to keep on livin'
I am not afraid to walk this world alone
Honey if you stay,I'll be forgiven
Nothing you can say can stop me goin' home

She heard a small tap at her door.
Gee poked his head around the door.
"I heard you singing just then.."He smiled,entering the room and closing the door.
"Oh.."Sadie smiled back,wrapping up her headphones and placing them in her suitcase.
"You ok?"Gee asked,sitting on the bed beside her.
"Fine."Sadie lied,getting up off the bed to put her suitcase in the empty closet so it was out of the way.
"Don't lie to me"Gee demanded,pulling her towards him.
"Now,tell me what's wrong?"
"I has never really.."Sadie couldn't put into words how she really,truly felt about Gee.
"No-one has ever really what?"Gee asked.
Sadie sighed,then kissed him.
After a few seconds,she pulled away.
"I love you.."She sighed,then smiled.
"Yeah,I know you do.."Gee said back.
"No,you don't get it.I love you.I always have!I just never had the courage to say it to you before.Then,you started to date my sister and -"
Gee cut Sadie's explanation off with a kiss.
"If it makes you feel any better,I love you too,with all my heart.."He smiled and kissed her again.

There we go.
I just wrote that last little bit a couple minutes ago,the rest I did last night.
And that explanation was a REAL feeling I felt for Gee last night.
If you wanna hear more about it,read my diary..
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