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chapter 20

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2nd to last chapter.. *tear*

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right so we are nearly at the end of our adventure
Here,chapter 20..

chapter 20
Tuesday morning-check in centre.

"Here's the key-cards back,Mr.Jones"Gee said,passing back the key cards.
It was Tuesday,and the two week cruise was up.
"Thank you,Mr.Way.I hope you all had fun."Mr Jones said with a smile,but everyone could tell he had that 'I-Don't-Wanna-Be-Here-To-Say-Good-Bye-I-Just-Wanna-Go-To-Bed' look on his face.
And,with that,the kids got off the SS Mychemical.

The parents were waiting at the docks for the kids.
"Mommy!"Hozzie cheered,running down the deck towards Donna and hugging her.
"Hozzie-boo!"Donna cheered back,wrapping her into a big bear hug and kissed her cheek repeatedly.
"Hey Mom"Mikey and Gee greeted her,with their heads hung low.
"C'mon,boys,give me a hug!"Donna said,wrapping her free arm around the rest of them.

Sadie walked down the deck alone towards her mother,Josephine.
"Sadie,where's Tiara?"Josephine asked,giving her a questioning look.
"Ok,don't get mad at me.I stole Tiara's boyfriend and she beat me up,so they kicked her off the ship and on my birthday,which we celebrated on the ship,she came back and got angry again.So,she got kicked off the ship and she hasn't come back.."Sadie said,wincing away from her mother in case she got mad.
"So,you go out with Gerard now?"Josephine asked.
Sadie nodded.
"Ok,then.It's alright with me.So you stole him from her?"She asked again.
"Well,I didn't actually steal him,she just thought that.We just kissed and --"
"Ok,yeah.Skip the details.."Josephine cut her off and led her towards the car to drive home.

Ok,that's it for this chapter..
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