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chapter 21

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this might be a bit short though...

chapter 21
School cafeteria-after that summer.

Sadie walked into Belleview High with a smile on her face.
After the cruise,she'd earned freedom.
She had the best boyfriend ever,and the greatest friends too.

"Hey,guys!"Sadie greeted,hi-fiving Frankie and sitting next to Gee.
"Sup,short stuff"Frankie greeted back.
"You refering to yourself,Frankie?"Sadie said back with a smile.
Everyone else replied with the usual.
'Ohhh,BURNED!' or 'Haha,good one!'
Sadie looked over at Penina,who was shovelling down mountain loads of toast,waffles and pancakes.
"Penina,slow down,girl!You already seem bloated enough!"Sadie replied.
"I'm not fat!I'm pregnant!"Penina blurted out,then covered her mouth.
Everyone looked at Penina,wide-eyed and shocked.
Including Frankie.

"You're what?"Frankie asked,shocked.
"Pregnant.I'm pregnant,Frankie.It's your baby,too"Penina replied.
"How is it my--"Frankie got cut off by Penina.
"On the boat.When we did it the first night."Penina said.
"Oh.Right."Frankie said before heading off to homeroom early.
"He don't look that happy,Penina"Jen said.
"He'll lighten up.He always does.C'mon,lets head to homeroom before Mrs.Joney goes on a major bitch fest.."Penina said quickly as her and Jen ran out the room.
"So,that's the usual morning of the high school"Gee said to Sadie.
"Wow.."Sadie said in bewilderment.
"C'mon,Gee.We gotta get to homeroom.Sadie,where's your homeroom?"Mikey said.
"Umm..Mr.Gordon?"Sadie replied,checking her timetable.
"Yeah,that's us.C'mon,you can walk with us"Mikey said before him,Gee and Sadie headed to the north wing of the school.
"We're alone then.."Ray trailed off.
"Yeah.I'm going to homeroom with Ms.J.Coming?"Ravan said,standing up and holding out her hand in Ray's direction.
"Come on then"He sighed,taking Ravan's hand as they head to class.

After school,Sadie arrived home.
She shut the door and placed the keys on the counter before dumping her school bag on the couch and slumping down.
Josephine then came down the stairs,puffing out of breath as she slumped down on the couch too.
"Mom,you ok?"Sadie asked,sitting up and placing an arm on her mother's shoulder.
"Fine.I just packed up Tiara's stuff.I'll be taking it to the charity later."Josephine huffed as she put up her feet.
"Oh,right."Sadie said before grabbing her school bag and heading up to her room.

Later that evening,Sadie was sprawled out on her bed.
She had one of her favourite albums,The Black Parade,playing on her CD player.
She was on Twitter when she got an e-mail.
She opened up her e-mail.
It was from an unknown recipient,or so she thought.
The e-mail read:

Dear sis,
It's me,Tiara.
I'm fine since my near death expirience.
I'm living in France now.
I got a small apartment with my new boyfriend.
Yes,since Gerard left me.For you.I got a new boyfriend.

But enough about how great my life is going right now.
How are you and Mom?
Was she upset?
How's high school going?
Look,I'm sorry I got pretty pissed at you..
I just want my fun sister back!
So,what do ya say?

xoxo Tiara

Sadie read through the e-mail.

Did she really mean that she thought to herself.
She thought for a few minutes before hovering the mouse over the 'Delete' button.
She clicked the button and the question came up.

Are you sure you want to delete this e-mail?

Sadie hovered the mouse over the 'Yes' button and clicked it.
Within minutes,Tiara was out of her life.
For good.

There we go guys.
The end.
I love you guys!
BFF's for ever and ever!
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