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Confused on the name of this segment..

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Yeah,I can't think of a name of this lil update...

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Hello,my friends!!


-holding out a cookie-

You gonna take it then or what?


Ok,so I gotta go to 'S' on monday
(I didn't wanna say the word,cuz it causes me pain,and I don't want pain..)

But I came up with an awesome idea.

In 'S' on monday,at breaktime.
I'll be in the hall with my headphones in,music on.
When I'm Not Okay comes on,I'll sing the song as loud as I can
(with my headphones in though,cuz I have massive stage fright..)
I just want people to know how much I love My Chem.
No-one knows,at all,in my school.
Well except some popular girls,but they don't count,cuz I knew they were joking..

I've had this planned now since the start of the xmas holidays.
And,I plan to stick to it.

D'ya think I'll be able to??

Thanks for believing in me,guys!!

-gives you another cookie-

(in fred's voice)

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