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Directioners VS. the MCRmy

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I think you can tell what this'll be about...

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Ok,so i'm getting straight to the point.

On Twitter (that site i'm on) there's spam going about.
There's gonna be a Fanbase war thing-y between the Directioners (cue your noises of dissaproval)and the MCRmy (cue your noises of encouragement)
So,without further ado...
Let me introduce to you the sides:

Fans of the big boy band One Direction(or as I call them,No Direction).
They are a bunch of little dicks,in my opinion.
They have the shittest music taste.

Best fanbase ever.Fans of MCR,the best band ever.
They are (mostly) awesome people.
They consist of writing fics and they will defend MCR no matter what.

Do you want me to explain again?
Good,then let's continue...

So anyway..
These 'Directioners' plan to put a picture of Louis Tomlinson of 'No Direction' in the trends labeled:


The MCRmy know those trends are mean't for Gerard.
So,these 'Directioners' are going to start a trend called


(cue your reations here)

So,today I started a trend to fight back.
I created this:


It was going great,loads of people joined in.
Then,some MCR fans said 'oh no don't trend it' and 'stop it won't do anything guys'


I didn't listen to them,until the hate got directed to ME.
All I was trying to do was show up a couple of 'Directioners'.

Did I mention they called MCR fans and the MCRmy 'Emo chicks'?
Yeah that pissed me right off.

So,on January 7th they plan to spam the trends #sassmaster and #sassqueen with a picture of Louis Tomlinson.


I'm kinda pissed now!



That calmed me down a little.
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