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My true feelings..

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you can possibly tell what this chapter's about...

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Right,I'mma type this quick-ish today.
This is a real feeling ok?
This is basically what I mean't from my story,Cruise Control.

Ok,so as you all know in my fic,I confessed my love for Gee.
Now,when she was talking about it,I realise something.
They were MY actual feelings.
Let me take you back to last night,when I was trying to get to sleep.

So,I was laying in bed.
I sometimes have a whispered conversation with myself,I've done this for ages.
Anyway,I started talking about Gee.
And I could hear my heart beating.
I could HEAR it!
I didn't think about it at first,so I did a small experiment.
I started to name all the nice things about him,and my heart beat got louder.
And,then I knew the feeling.
It was love.
And,it was as if my heart was telling me,to try and find it.
Now,I know that he's married and he has a kid but,I can't help thinking about him and talking about him.
He is the only image in my head,and I can't get him out.
And even before I go to sleep,I look at my black parade hoodie that I take off each night and fold so I can see their faces.
And,when I look at his face,I get that feeling again.
And,that's the reason why I kiss my poster and (from last night) my hoodie.

I just confessed that whole feeling.

You're all gonna tell me you have the same feeling too,just for a different member of MCR..

I'll reply to them,I promise.
You're all my friends,you're all like my family..
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