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Jennifer was in bed asleep, Giselle was out with some of her friends and the moment Giselle had left Ray had yelled that he was going to sleep at Raven's house then ran out before Andrew could stop him. He didn't mind Ray sleeping at Raven's house but he knew Giselle was gonna give him hell for letting Ray go there in the first place.

There was a clanking noise in the kitchen so Andrew stood up and went to go see what it was. He went in and of course he didn't find anything that could've made such a clanking noise. He sighed and rolled his eyes then got himself a beer from the fridge. As he went to walk away, there was a loud noise as metal hit wood. Andrew whirled around. The knife that Giselle had lost. It was now stuck really deeply into the chopping board. Andrew's eyes widened. He glanced at the beer then put it back in the fridge.

"Hey, why don't we go out for dinner?" Andrew asked, going into Ray's room when he got back the next day "Just you and me. And then we can talk."

"What's the point?" Ray huffed "You don't listen."

"I'll listen now." Andrew said. What had happened last night creeped him out a little "Come on Ray, I promise I'll listen."

Ray sighed "Alright fine, I'll come out with you."

He grabbed his jacket and the two of them left. Giselle was in her room and Jennifer was in her room. Then there was a noise downstairs.

Giselle heard it. Jennifer didn't. So only Giselle went to the top of the stairs to look down into the living room. There was nothing there but she could hear a strange noise coming from the eye toy. Slowly she made her way downstairs and towards it, her eyes wide and her eye-brows raised. She made it to the eye-toy staring at it suspiciously, wondering what was making the strange noise. Suddenly she was pulled up into the air and screamed loudly. Jennifer didn't even flinch.

Someone appeared in the room while Giselle squirmed and tried to pull away from whatever had hold of her. It was Kate who looked up at her. With her mind, she snapped Giselle's neck and her dead body fell to the floor. Kate grabbed her ankles and started dragging her dead body away.

That was when Raven arrived. She entered the house by herself and walked straight into the living room. Kate was gone by then and there was no sign that Giselle had just died in that room. The strange noises had stopped "Ray?" She called "Ray?"

Jennifer didn't make a noise in her bedroom. Raven didn't know if anyone was home so she made her way up to Ray's room to check the footage. She looked around and then made her way over to the laptop. As she sat down, suddenly Kate appeared behind her. But she didn't even notice "Right." She mumbled as she started going through the files on Ray's laptop. Before she had a chance to look at any of the videos though, Kate snapped her neck and she fell to the ground. Dead.

Kate dragged her body into the wardrobe then stood in the doorway for a long moment. And then she went towards Jennifer's room.

Andrew drove down the street with Ray. They looked towards Tabitha's house and found Kate holding onto Jennifer's hand and taking her into their house "What's she doing?" Andrew asked, pulling over "You go and see your Mom, okay? I'll go and get Jennifer."

"No, Dad, I don't think-"

"Just go inside Ray, we'll be back home in a second."

Ray sighed and watched as his Dad went over the road. He went into his own house "Mom?" He looked around "... Mom?"

He groaned and made his way to his room then pulled his phone out of his pocket. He dialled Raven's number and put the phone to his ear. Raven's ringtone went off inside his wardrobe "Raven?" Ray asked, turning towards the wardrobe "Raven, this isn't funny. Come on. Come on out. You're not scaring me." But of course Ray was terrified. He poked his head around the wardrobe door and found Raven's dead body. He screamed and suddenly something grabbed his ankle and dragged him towards the stairs.

Ray pulled away, got to his feet and ran down the stairs towards the front door "Help!" He screamed "Help! Dad!" He shoved the door open and ran inside "Jennifer! Dad!"

"Ray!" Ray turned around and found Andrew being pulled away by his ankles and into another room.

"Dad!" Ray ran after him and shoved the door open that he'd just disappeared into. There was no one in there "Jennifer! Jennifer!"

"Ray! Help!" Ray instanly followed Jennifer's voice to a different room. Jennifer was in there, sat on the floor with Tabitha, both of them looking confused.

"Jennifer, we need to leave." Ray heard footsteps behind him and whirled around. Kate appeared and stood at the end of the doorway. Ray gasped "Please... Please don't hurt me..." That was when Kate started running at him, her eyes turning black and her whole face twisting "HELP!"

Kate tackled her to the ground and Ray shoved her off of him. He got to his feet and tried to run but Kate grabbed his ankles and pulled him to the floor. She got up then lifted him up and threw him at the window. He crashed through the window and blinked twice. As he got to his feet, he noticed a whole group of women walking towards him, one of them being the woman he saw that night at Kate's house. Their eyes were black and it was clear they weren't going to help him. Ray screamed and Kate jumped out of the house and leaped on top of him.

[A/N] - And that's the end :3 I hope you liked it! :D - I've been writing this since 6 o clock, I kept getting distracted :(
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