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When his parents came back, they were pissed off to find Ray had been locked out of the house. Kate was long gone and had locked the doors behind her leaving Jennifer in bed asleep. Ray was sat outside the house next to the broken, now silent car "What the hell happened?" Giselle snapped, in a bad mood from her night out already.

Ray explained to her what had happened but she didn't wanna hear it "For Gods' sake Ray, just go to bed. I'm gonna go check on Jennifer." Giselle went into Jennifer's room and looked in on her. She was fast asleep and looked just fine to her. So she nodded and left the room.

The next night, Ray was out seeing Raven, Andrew was downstairs watching TV and Giselle was giving Jennifer a bath. Her laptop was in there so she could watch cartoons meaning that the camera was filming everything "Jennifer, don't get your hair wet, I'm just gonna go downstairs and answer the phone, okay?" Jennifer nodded "Okay."

Giselle left the room and Jennifer watched the cartoon playing on her laptop. Then the screen started going fuzzy. She squinted but knew she couldn't touch her laptop because her hands were wet. Then there was a strange vibrating noise. Jennifer looked around nervously but couldn't see anything. Then suddenly something pulled her under the water forcefully.

Giselle didn't hear anything unusual as she answered the phone "Hello?" She answered "No Ray, you can't stay at Raven's. Oh grow up Ray. You're being pathetic. I want you home in ten minutes or you're grounded young man. Get your ass home right now."

Jennifer tried grabbing the sides of the bath to pull herself out but she couldn't. The water was starting to boil and she trashed and kicked to get out but she couldn't. It was impossible.

"Ray, come home! I'm your Mom and you'll do what I say! Right now! This conversation is over Ray, if you're not back in fifteen minutes, I'm gonna come and drag you home. Goodbye." Giselle hung up the phone, groaned and ran her fingers through her hair.

"What was all that about?" Andrew asked.

"None of your goddamn business, that's what." Giselle snapped, now in a bad mood and started making her way back upstairs.

There was silence upstairs. And then suddenly Jennifer shot out of the water gasping for breath, her laptop now returned to playing the cartoon normally and the strange vibrating noise stopped. Jennifer looked around but couldn't see Kate or Tabitha anywhere. Then Giselle came into the bathroom "Jennifer, I told you not to get your hair wet!" She yelled "Get out the both, now."

Andrew came down the stairs into the living room where Giselle was watching a cooking show "Well Ray seems to be sound asleep for the first time in forever."

"I know." Giselle sighed "I made him some warm milk before he went to sleep and... I crushed up some sleeping pills and slipped them into his drink."

Andrew's eyes widened "What? He's a fourteen year old boy and you didn't even ask me if you could do that?"

"He's not just your son, he's mine too!" Giselle yelled "And I had to! He's so paranoid about everything. He didn't even wanna come home tonight because he was so scared. I think we need to get him some kind of help."

"He's fine it's just puberty."

"Oh you went through this when you went through puberty?" Giselle snapped "For crying out loud Andrew, don't be such an idiot!"

While the two of them argued downstairs, Jennifer sat up slowly in her bed. She sat there for a moment listening to her parents argue and then rolled her eyes. She got out of bed and made her way down the corridor to Ray's room. Without touching the door, she opened it.

"Giselle, he's just a boy, you can't give him sleeping pills!"

"I didn't have a choice Andrew for gods sakes, he needs something to calm him down!"

"Like drugs? You're raising our boy all wrong Giselle!"

"So what do you suggest we do, huh?"

Jennifer stood in the doorway watching Ray sleep for a long moment before using her mind to pull the duvet right off of Ray. Then slowly Ray started rise from his bed. Jennifer was using her mind to dig into his back and lift him up. His arms, legs and head dangled limply like a broken doll. Jennifer kept her eyes on him, raising him higher and higher.

"Ray, come on, time to get up." Giselle said, bustling into his bedroom.

Ray groaned "I feel like I've been hit by a bus."

[A/N] - Next chapter will probably be the last ;/
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