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One night after school Ray invited Raven over. The moment she got there all she wanted to do was watch the footage they'd recorded "I checked over the footage in your room." Raven told him "No more creepy little girl climbing into your bed."

"Well that's 'cos she went home. And I'm telling you, her Mom didn't even look sick." Ray said "And their house is really weird. Well, their flat. It gave me the creeps and it was all dusty and gross. I don't think Kate, Tabitha's Mom, was really in the hospital. But if she wasn't, why didn't she unpack her stuff? And why did she make Tabitha stay at our house?"

"Maybe it has something to do with that creepy symbol you found in Jennifer's room and in the sandpit." Raven replied, runig her fingers through her hair "Let's check the footage."

They couldn't check the footage from the kitchen because Giselle was using the laptop but they could look at the stuff on Jennifer's computer because she was out at soccer practice. They saw Tabitha asking Jennifer if she wanted to see Toby "Who is this Toby guy?" Ray asked "Hey, I talked to Jennifer. She said that Kate told her she was special because she was adopted like Tabitha."

"Why did Jennifer tell Kate that she was adopted?"

"I don't know. I'll have to ask her. I wanted to find out more about how we adopted Jen but you know what my parents are like. 'She's part of our family now, why would you ask questions like that?' I mean can't they see how important all this stuff is?"

"Not everyone believes in demons and ghosts and stuff. You didn't."

"Yeah but with all this creepy stuff going on, even I have to admit that they exist. And I'm telling you there's something scary happening with Tabitha and Kate."

"Whatever. This place is giving me the creeps. Can we go out?" Raven asked, making her puppy dog eyes at him.

"Where are we going then?"

"To a movie or something, I don't care."

"Alright let's go." Ray and Raven got up and left the house.

That night Ray had to babysit Jennifer while his parents went out to have a discussion about the way their relationship was going. Ray was on Skype to Raven again "I dunno how happy I am about being left here alone with Jennifer with the weirdos across the road."

"If you want me to come over then you know I will."

"Are you kidding? My parents would kill me. They don't approve of our relationship."

"Why not?"

"Because apparently you're a bad influence on me." Ray laughed "And plus they think I'm spending too much time with you. Jen's feeling left out or something."

"Oh God, Ray, I'm sorry, my parents want me to come downstairs. Call me back at like ten, okay?"

"Okay." Ray smiled, closed his chat with Raven and put his laptop down on the kitchen table. He opened the fridge, made himself a sandwich and started eating. Then he heard a noise. It sounded like there was something in the garage. He put down his sandwich and went into the garage.

He opened the door slowly and stepped inside "Hello?" He called nervously "Hello?"

He stepped further into the garage and suddenly the door to the garage slammed shut. Ray whirled around and pounded his fists against it "Hello?" He yelled "Who the hell are you?" And then Giselle's car engine started. Ray's eyes widened with fear. What the hell was going on?

Jennifer heard strange noises from downstairs and sat up in bed slowly, her eyes widening. She heard the front door open and shut "Alice?" She knew who it was and panicked. She leaped out of bed and ran into her cupboard then pulled the door shut behind her.

It was Kate "Alice, come on out!" She called "Alice, come on, I'm not gonna hurt you." Kate groaned and rolled her eyes then made her way upstairs into Jennifer's bedroom "Alice. I know you're in here." She eyed the camera then walked over to Jennifer's cupboard because she knew she was in there.

In the garage, Ray was coughing and spluttering on the engine fuels "HELP! LET ME OUT OF HERE!" Ray screamed, pounding on the door.

Kate opened the door and found Jennifer sobbing quietly inside "It's okay Alice. You can come home as soon as you're ready. You're almost done. Everything will be okay. I promise." She crawled inside and hugged Jennifer close, letting her sob into her chest.

"HELP!" Ray shrieked. He soon realised that no one was coming to save him so he needed to think of a plan. He grabbed an old golf club that his Dad used to use and whacked it against the side of the car, smashing the window a little. He hit it again and again until finally it was gone and smashed. He jumped into the car and slammed his foot down on the reverse. The car went back and crashed through the garage doors. He jumped out the car, gasping for breath.
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