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"Mom, I'm just saying, when I went to bring Jennifer back, she didn't even look like she'd been sick." Ray told his Mom as she walked around the house tidying things up "And there was something going on there last night, all these women were over there. Why couldn't one of them have looked after Tabitha while her Mom was 'ill'?"

"Look, you wanted her out of the house and she's gone now." Giselle replied, shrugging her shoulders "So maybe now you can relax, yeah?"

"Maybe." Ray sighed and went upstairs into Jennifer's bedroom "Jen? What did she say to you? Tabitha's Mom."

"She said that I was special." Jennifer said, brushing her dolls hair "And that me and Tabitha have to stay friends forever."

"Did she say why?"

"Because we're both adopted." Jennifer replied. Ray's eyes widened. He knew she was adopted of course and he knew she knew she was adopted but they never talked about it "And she told me that my real family needs me back."

Ray was silent before saying "Jennifer, we're your real family now."

Giselle set up her laptop to a cooking show. She was going to copy this recipe she'd seen on TV so youtubed it and found it. She tilted the laptop up so she could see properly. Giselle wasn't aware that the camera was recording everything she did. She picked up a large knife and started chopping carrots. As she did, there was a clanking noise behind her. She whirled around but didn't say anything strange. However she didn't know what would've made the noise because Andrew was out, Ray was in his room on Skype to Raven and Jennifer was fast asleep. She sighed and shook her head, mumbling to herself and then went on chopping her carrots. But then she heard the noise again. This time she couldn't ignore it. She put the knife down and walked into the living room to see what it was.

While she was gone, things in the kitchen were still for a moment. And then, if anyone had decided to watch the footage, they would've noticed something slim and shiney appear in front of the camera. It came from the bottom and disappeared at the top.

Giselle came back and looked around. Her knife was missing. She looked on the ground, on every surface but she couldn't find it "Okay I'm going crazy." She mumbled before looking in the drawers for a new one.

The next day Jennifer was riding through the house on a small plastic bike while Giselle sat in the other room tapping away at her computer. Ray was out with Raven and Andrew was at work so Jennifer was free to ride without anyone getting mad at her. She happily rode around the house until suddenly when she was riding through the kitchen, one of the chairs at the dinner table pulled back by itself and blocked her path. Jennifer smiled "Cool."
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