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Tabitha couldn't sleep. She sat up slowly and looked around the room before climbing down the ladder of the bunk bed. She glanced at Jennifer who was fast asleep and then crept down the corridor. The camera on Jennifer's laptop didn't pick up anything following her.

But the eye-toy did. Just like the outline Raven and Ray saw during the alien space party, there was something following Tabitha. Something small and almost human was following her down the stairs. Tabitha stood in the middle of the living room and the figure crept towards her. It reached out its hand and went for her shoulder...

"Tabitha?" The lights in the room flicked on and she whirled around. Andrew was standing on the staircase looking pretty confused and tired. He rubbed his eyes "Why are you out of bed?" Tabitha didn't say anything just blinked at him like a deer in headlights "Come on, time to go back to bed." Andrew lifted up Tabitha and carried her back upstairs then flicked off all the lights. The figure was gone.

Ray was too scared to check the footage so didn't notice the figure or Tabitha going down the stairs. He decided that if he just ignored it maybe it would go away. So he helped his Mom make dinner and then invited Raven over but she said she couldn't come over until about nine. That didn't bother him, so long as he got to see her.

He decided to try and get some more normal family footage so when Giselle asked him to call the girls in for dinner, he took his camera and started filming as he climbed up to the top of the princess castle "What are you two doing?" He asked with a smile.

Tabitha looked nervous but Jennifer smiled "There's three of us. Toby's playing with us as well."

"Oh. Where is he then?" Ray asked, looking around.

"Only Tabitha can see him." Jennifer said, taking the whole thing very seriously.

"Okay. Where's Toby?" Ray looked at Tabitha.

"Over there." Tabitha pointed to the corner of the princess castle. Ray looked but of course he couldn't see anything.

"Anyway, it's time to go in for dinner." Ray smiled "Should we go down the slide?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!" Jennifer cheered and dove down headfirst into the sandpit. Tabitha giggled and followed her.

Then finally Ray went down going "Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" to make the girls laugh. They ran off inside but Ray stared at the sandpit. Someone had drawn a picture in the sand with their finger. It was the same symbol on the back of Jennifer's cupboard door. A triangle with a circle inside of it.

When Raven came over they both googled it and found it was a Triangle of Solomon "What does it say?" Ray asked.

"It's written really weirdly but I think basically it's used to summon a demon." Raven replied "But the website says you'd need to do more than just draw the symbol. A whole bunch of complicated stuff that's not really important to us because we're not trying to summon a demon."

"Well then why is it appearing everywhere?" Ray showed Raven the footage from when he first found the symbol in Jennifer's cupboard "It's something to do with Tabitha. I'm sure of it."

"She's a little kid Ray, surely she doesn't know how to summon a demon." Raven said, raising her eye-brows.

That night Ray woke up and heard noises from across the road. He picked up his camera and started filming. There were cars all pulled up outside Tabitha's house "Something's going on at Tabitha's house." He whispered then took a deep breath "I'm gonna go check it out."

He put the video camera into nightvision and made his way down the stairs and across the road. He made it to Tabitha's fence and then shone the camera through "Should I go closer-?"

"Hello? How can I help you?" A woman appeared out of no where. She had short blonde hair and glasses and a wide grin.

"Oh no! Sorry!" Ray said quickly, running back to his own house, his heart racing the entire time.

The next day, Jennifer was playing tea parties with Tabitha in her bedroom "Hey..." Tabitha whispered, stopping Jennifer from her tea party "You know my friend Toby?"


"Would you like to see him?"

"Like really see him?"


Jennifer smiled "Okay." Tabitha took her hand and they got up.

Ray was in his room getting dressed. He pulled an Iron Maiden tee-shirt over his head and then looked out the window to find Tabitha leading Jennifer over the road to her house "What the fuck?" Ray whispered, grabbing his camera and recording it in case anything scary happened "They can not just walk off like that."

He stormed down the stairs and across the road. He tapped three times on the front door "Tabitha? Jennifer? You can't be over here!" Neither of them answered the door so he sighed and turned the handle "I'm gonna kill them both..."

He stepped inside nervously. The place was dusty with old furniture and a few cardboard boxes. There were white sheets over some of the furniture and the wallpaper was mostly hanging off the walls. The whole place smelt fusty and Ray just wanted to leave but he couldn't without his little sister "Jennifer? Tabitha? Come on guys, we're not supposed to be in here!"

Neither of them replied but then Ray heard giggling. He stormed through the flat and made it to the room he could hear them behind. He pushed it open and found them both sitting on a large, dusty double bed "Girls! What are you doing here? We have to go home! Now!" He turned around and jumped as he saw a woman about his height with black hair "Oh My Gosh, I'm so sorry, I didn't know anyone was here."

"It's fine." The woman smiled "I'm Kate, I'm Tabitha's Mom."

"Oh I'm uhh Ray. Jennifer's older brother."

"Yes, thanks so much for taking care of Tabitha for me while I was at the hospital, I got back earlier today." Kate smiled "Tell your Mom I said thank you."

"Oh it was no problem." Ray said, feeling slightly scared and confused "Anyway, I just came over to take Jennifer home."

"That's fine." Kate grinned and Jennifer went over to her then gave her a hug "Bye Jennifer. Don't be a stranger, come over whenever you want."

Ray took Jennifer's hand and dragged her back home. That woman gave him the creeps.
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