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Ray screamed and whirled around only to find Raven there laughing hysterically "You should've seen your face, you practically shit your pants!" Raven laughed, falling over onto the floor.

"Raven!" Ray cried.

"Aww come on Ray, lighten up."

"No, you know how creeped out I am about everything that's been going on." Ray said, his heart still thumping inside his chest.

"I'm sorry, I know, I just- I couldn't resist!" Raven was still laughing "I'm sorry Ray, come on, it's a little funny though."

"No it's not. You saw that footage from last night. I'm seriously creeped out." Ray sighed "Okay fine, it was a little funny. But don't do it again."

"Okay I won't." Raven smiled and kissed his cheek "And just because something shoved you last night doesn't mean things are gonna get worse. I've been looking it up. Trust me. I'll tell you when you should be worried, okay?"

"Alright fine." Ray laughed.

The next day Ray came home from hanging aroud with his friends Frank and Gerard "Hello?" He yelled as he opened the door. No one was in. He had no idea where they were but didn't really care, he kind of wanted to be alone for a while. And he was pretty happy that Tabitha wasn't in. He dumped his bag on the floor and made his way up to his room.

He logged onto Skype but Raven wasn't online. Ray sighed and that was when he heard a clanking noise downstairs. While he was sure it was nothing, it wouldn't hurt to check it out. He grabbed his video camera and went out into the corridor "Hello? Is someone home?" Then he noticed something.

When he came up the stairs, the hallway was empty. Now there was a long neat line of Jennifer's toys leading to her bedroom "Jennifer? Tabitha? Are you home?" He asked shakily, following the line of toys down towards Jennifer's bedroom.

"Girls, come on, this isn't funny." Ray said, getting pretty scared. He pushed open Jennifer's bedroom door and found more toys leading to a cupboard in the corner of Jennifer's room "Hello?"

So he crept over to the cupboard and pushed it open "Jennifer? Tabitha?" There was no one in there. There was only a drawing on the back of the door of a triangle with a circle inside. Nothing too creepy.

There was a roar and a loud bang downstairs. Ray shrieked "Who's there?" He yelled, getting to his feet and making towards the stairs "I'm gonna call the police unless you tell me who's there!" No one made a noise but there was a swinging sound. Ray crept down the stairs and made it to the large entrance by the door. He could see into the dining room from there where the chandelier was hanging over the table. Only now it was swinging back and forth scarily as if someone had pushed it "What the-"

Ray screamed loudly as the chandelier that had been hanging above him came crashing down to the floor right in front of him. He found it hard to breath and thought he was gonna pass out from fear "I told him not to!" Ray heard a voice yell. He looked upstairs and found Tabitha standing there.

"Tabitha!" He shrieked "Tabitha, what was that!?" But she ran off without answering "Tabitha, I know you know what did that now tell me!" He switched off the camera and ran up the stairs after her.

"Mom, I'm telling you, there's something in this house. Like a ghost or something." Ray said as him, his Mom and a police officer cleaned up the broken chandelier "Something moved that one in the dining room and this one crashed down right in front of me. I heard a strange roar! How can you say there's nothing here?"

"Look, Ray, you're just a little shaken up. I would be too if I a chandelier had just fallen right in front of me too."

"No, Mom..." Ray sighed and turned to his Dad "Dad, you believe me too right?"

"Ray stop being so stupid and switch the camera off."
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