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Chapter Four

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"You seem like amazing parents."

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"Christy, I'm not sure if you remember these girls... This is Jennifer, Bob's wife and Ray's wife, Ebony." Gerard said, introducing them.

"Yeah, I remember." Christy smiled "Nice to see you again."

"You too." Ebony grinned "Anyway, what made you guys want us all to meet up for drinks?"

Gerard glanced at the other guys "We just realised how hard we've been working recently when really it's family that's important."

"I'll drink to that." Penina smiled, raising her glass. Everyone else raised their glasses too and soon everyone was laughing "Not that we can drink too much. Not with the kids and everything."

"Which reminds me, I promised Lottie that I'd take her down to the studio to watch us play." Gerard said, running his fingers through his hair "Whatever. I can always take her tomorrow. I'll take her to a movie or something tonight."

"We could go back to the studio?" Ray suggested "Do a couple of songs for Lottie."

"No point. She can come on tour with us when we leave anyway." Gerard shrugged her shoulders "Don't worry about it guys. Anyway, Frank, Penina, are you two doing anything special for Shando and Amulet's first day?"

"We were just gonna take them out for dinner." Penina said "It's kinda hard to spoil them since they're twins and they both like the exact opposite of what the other likes. And plus we have Mia too."

"Yeah that must be awful." Christy said bitterly.

"Well," Gerard said quickly "I'm sure they appreciate it either way. You seem like amazing parents."

"Do you wanna sit next to him?" Shando asked as Lottie walked into Maths. She was sat one row behind the front by herself.

"I would love that." Lottie said, breathing a sigh of relief as she took a seat next to her "What about Amulet? Aren't you gonna sit next to her?"

"Amulet doesn't like me all that much."

"But you're her twin. Surely you have to like each other?"

Shando shrugged her shoulders "Not really. I mean we have the same haircut but that's only because our parents make us, that's not our choice. We don't like any of the same stuff... Even when we were kids." Shando quickly shut up when Amulet came into the room.

She glanced around the room before making her way to the back of the room then taking a seat by herself and putting her school bag on the other seat to make it clear she didn't want anyone sitting beside her. Shando sighed "I don't get it. She doesn't seem to like other people. Especially not me."

Lottie shrugged her shoulders "I dunno. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think my Mom likes me."

"What would make you think that?"

"Remember that day you and me met for the first time?" Shando nodded "I'd drawn my Mom a picture of our family. She burst into tears and ran upstairs crying. And it's not just that, she just doesn't seem to listen when I talk to her. She's been like that for as long as I can remember but I've seen pictures of her. She wasn't always sad, she used to be so happy. I don't know what happened."

"Maybe it's that thing some women get after giving birth. Depression. There's a fancy name for it but I can't remember it. I don't know if it'd last this long though or if your Mom even has it."

"So it's my fault that my Mom's so depressed?" Lottie asked, her eyes widening.

"Of course it's not!"

"Alright then class, my name is Ms Blake!" The teacher announced, starting the lesson and the two of them no longer had time to talk.

"We need to talk." Frank said, the moment that him and Penina got him.

"About what?" Penina asked, taking her coat off and hanging it up.

"... Something Gerard told me. He told me not to tell anyone but I need to tell you."

"Okay, tell me then."

"Lottie had a twin sister. Jessica. She was kidnapped from her nursery on November 12th."

Penina sighed "We weren't to know."

"Does it make it any better?" Frank asked bitterly, running his fingers through his hair "How are we supposed to live with this Penina?"

"Twelve years Frank, we've lived with it that long and we can live with it until the day we die."

"That was different. That was when they were strangers. He's my best friend Penina."

"She's your daughter Frank!"

"No she's not!" Frank yelled "I love Shando will all my heart but she's not my daughter! She's Gerard's."

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