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Chapter Five

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"But now what are we supposed to do?"

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"Frank, you've raised her since she was a baby." Penina said "She's your daughter. Our daughter!"

"And if we hadn't kidnapped her then Gerard and Christy would've raised her wouldn't they?" Frank sighed heavily "We didn't do the right thing Penina. You know that too."

"Of course I do!" Penina's eyes filled with tears "You don't think I feel bad everyday and regret the decision we made? I put some woman, who turns out to be Christy, through what we went through. We could've got over it. We're over it now. We didn't need to kidnap Shando. Or Jessica or whatever."

Frank took a deep breath "We shouldn't have tried to replace Crystal. It was wrong."

"But now what are we supposed to do?" Penina asked "Tell Gerard and Christy the truth? Tell Shando the truth? They'll never understand."

"I'm not sure I understand!"

"Exactly! I-I don't think we can trust anyone with this secret Frank. It'd tear Shando apart. Christy and Gerard would kill us."

"Well maybe we deserve it." Frank said "I think we should at least tell Shando right?"

Penina sighed.

[A/N] - Short chapter, I'm sorry ;( One of my fingernails is shorter than the rest and it's annoying to type -.-
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