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Chapter Six

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"Where did they go?"

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Shando sighed and unlocked her front door. Amulet had been talking to a guy in their year with messy black hair wearing tight skinny jeans and a baggy Iron Maiden tee shirt so she decided to leave her to it. She let herself in and shut the door behind her "Hello?" She called. No one home. Her Dad was probably still at the studio and her Mom would've driven to the primary school to pick up Mia.

Shando made her way to her room and started on her homework. Even though it was only their first day, she'd been given heaps of homework. It took her two hours to complete all of it. Then she stretched and listened. There was still no one home. Shando knew if her Mom or Dad were home they'd have come in and said so. Mia wouldn't be home if Mom or Dad weren't home. And if Amulet were home she'd be playing really loud music resulting in an argument between the two of them. So if no one was home... Where were they?

At this point Shando was getting hungry so she made her way down to the kitchen. When she got in there she was distracted by a piece of paper on the side. She picked it up.

Dear Shando,

We've gone out of town for a couple of days and we've taken Amulet and Mia with us. We'll explain everything when we get home. Until then, go over to Gerard's house. Show him this note. We'll explain to him when we get home aswell.

We're sorry.

Love Mom and Dad

"How was your first day then?" Gerard asked as Lottie sat down at the dinner table.

"It was good." Lottie replied "Can I see you guys perform tomorrow instead then please?"

"I don't see why not." Gerard smiled "Did you make any new friends?"

"Kind of. I made friends with Shando. You know, Frank's daughter."

Christy groaned at the mention of one of the twins and Gerard shot her a look "That's nice. You should invite her over one day after school."

"Yeah, good idea." Lottie said, glancing at her Mom for her approval. Christy didn't say anything, just played with her food lifelessly. The doorbell rang "I'll get it."

Lottie got up and went to answer the door "Hey Shando." She smiled but it soon faded when she saw her tear-stained face "What's wrong?" Shando handed Lottie the note and she read it "Where did they go?"

"I don't know!" Shando cried "But how could they just leave me like that?"
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