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Chapter Seven

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"How could they just dump Shando on us like that?"

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Gerard and Christy had read the note Frank and Penina had left five times each now "How could they just dump Shando on us like that?" Christy whispered to him. They were in the kitchen while Shando and Lottie were in the living room watching Modern Family "I mean looking after Shando is one thing if they phoned us up in advance and told us where they were going and when they were coming back and did it properly."

"Well the note said they'd be back in a couple of days which means two, right? So I'm assuming that they'll be back before Friday at least."

"And what if they're not? Think of how Shando must feel. I mean, why did they take Mia and Amulet but not Shando?"

"I don't know." Gerard sighed, running his fingers through his hair.

"Try phoning him."

"Okay fine." Gerard dialled Frank's number but of course he didn't pick up. Neither did Penina. So he decided to phone Ray "Hello?"

"Hey, what is it?" Ray asked. Gerard never really phoned unless it was important.

"Do you know where Frank is?"

"Umm at home isn't he?"

"No. He wrote a note saying that him, Penina, Amulet and Mia were going away for a couple of days and that we had to look after Shando until he came back."

Ray was silent before saying "He'd been acting funny all day. So had Penina."

"And now they've just taken off and randomly left Shando here for us to look after. And she's really upset about it. They didn't even tell her why they left."

"Unless Shando is hiding something."

"I don't think she is. She knows how serious this is." Gerard sighed "Well thanks anyway Ray."

"No problem." Ray paused "There's something I wanted to tell you."

"What is it?"

"Well you'll be the first person I've told because we wanted to keep it a secret for a while but I'm going to burst if I don't tell someone." Ray smiled "Raven's pregnant!"

"Really? Wow, congratulations man!" Gerard said, trying to sound happy for him. He still missed Jessica so much everyday but he did a better job of hiding it than Christy did "When are you gonna tell the others about it?"

"Whenever Raven wants to I guess." Ray replied "But don't tell anyone, okay? Not even Christy. No offence but I don't think she'd be too happy about the news."

"I guess." Gerard said awkwardly "Anyway, I'd better go now. Shando hasn't had any dinner and I promised I'd make her something."

"Before you go, is there any point in going to the studio tomorrow? If Frank's not there?"

"Yeah, we need to get this done. With or without Frank." Gerard told him "I'll see you in the morning."

"So you can sleep in here." Lottie said, spreading out a sleeping bag over the floor. She looked up at Shando "I'm sure your parents will be home soon. And even if they're not, my Mom and Dad will look after you."

"I guess." Shando muttered, climbing into the sleeping bag. Lottie got into her own bed and flicked the light off "Don't your parents come and say goodnight to you?"

"They avoid my room mostly. I don't know why. They don't come in here if they can help it." Lottie sighed "Oh well. Night Shando."

"Night Lottie."
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