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How not to seduce someone...

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I need auditions for this please. Read the first chapter then decide :) FRERARD Frank plots with his friend to seduce the men they want with disastrous consequences

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Authors note

So I totally forgot about this fic to be honest and when I got a review on it yesterday I decided to edit and restart it up.

Vikki xo

I don't get it, I mean it's so obvious! How is he not seeing this? I flirt with him at every single chance I get, I'm constantly touching him and I always tell him I love him and how beautiful he is but does it sink in?

No and it's fucking killing me.

Why can't he open his pretty fucking eyes and see what's right in front of him? If he wasn't so fucking perfect I would have slapped some sense into him by now. It's not like me to go this nuts over a guy, not even a tiny bit, but fuck I've fallen hard.

I, Frank Iero, am not the heart and flowers, running through a field into each others arms, cheesy cliché type of dude. I like to fuck, I like play around and have any person I could ever want, blow my load and hit the fucking road. So why, in the name of all things unholy, haven't I done that in over a year?

Because my best friend has made me fall in love with him and he's to fucking stupid to notice.

We're sitting in 'Bobs' our hang out spot. It's run by our friend Bob, he always said he was gonna buy this place with his Grandaddy's inheritance and we always knew he would. Bob has always been a determined fucker, even as a kid.

When I say hangout spot I mean Ray, my other buddy, and I work here. I do the tattoos and Ray does the piercings, Bob occasionally does some inking but mostly he just flirts with the chicks who swing by and has fucked a good ninety percent of 'em. The dudes a slut.

The totally tantalizing, criminally cute, boner inducing Gerard and his brother Mikey own 'Horror Business' across the street, it's this totally rad comic book and horror movie merch store. They have this chick Vikki working there so they don't have to be there that often. I've inked her a few times and she seems like an okay gal, pretty cool. Bob is yet to nail her and it's kinda creepy how he stares across the street at her all day, well that is until a potential partner for the evening comes in and he flirts shamelessly. Like I said, slut.

Anyway, Gerard is playing with my hands, tracing the lines of my tattoos with his slender fingers, gently humming to himself. His head is resting on my shoulder as we slouch on the backroom sofas. Ray stands up suddenly, his finger poised and pointed in a eureka pose

"Gentleman, I need a coffee" Gerard lifts his head up at the statement and smiles

"Me too..."

"Then we shall depart to Starbucks..." They move toward the door and Mikey follows close behind them

"Hey, you guys want?" I nod at Mikey and he jogs away after the other two. I pout at my hands, the feeling of Gerard fingertips still lingering on them, and sigh

"So you still harbouring homosexual tendencies toward Gerard then?"

"Fuck off Bob"

"Ah, so you do then?"


"You know if you don't explain things slowly to him he won't realise?"

"Well , you know if you don't talk to Vikki your gonna get nowhere?"

"Fair point..." Bob motions for me to follow him into the front shop where I lay face down on the reception desk "

Why doesn't he notice me Bob?" Bob groans and shoves me off the desk causing me to land with a thump on the floor

"Because, Frankie, our little Gee is still pure of mind and not warped like you?" I open my mouth to reply when the door swings open and our friends walk in.

After I've gotten up from the floor and brushed myself off I collapse onto a sofa, Gerard hands me my coffee, and moves to flop onto the couch too, when disaster strikes.

Gerard dropped his coffee.

For a split second the world stood still, you see Gerard is an addict. Coffee is his drug so dropping it is a huge deal. I look up into his eyes and see them twinkle with tears brimming and I quickly leap into action "Here, Gee, have mine..." he looks at me and sniffs


"Of course..." He grins and plops down onto the couch. I hand him my coffee and he begins tracing across my hand with a sweet, contented smile on his face, showcasing his little teeth. Damn your cuteness Gerard Way, damn it to hell!

"Thank you Frankie..."

"It's only 'cause I love you Gee"

The phone starts ringing and Bob dives for it "Yello Bobs place..." He goes bright red and holds out the reciever "Mikes it's for you..."

Mikey grabs the phone and has a brief conversation before hanging up. He starts toward the door and calls out that Vikki is coming over to get inked while we're quiet. Gerard jumps up to follow Mikey, he hates knowing that somebody is having a tattoo done while he's here because of the needle. He quickly waves before rushing out the shop and I sigh loudly while getting up to get the gear ready.

Vikki saunters into the room and plonks down on the chair "Hey Frankie!"

"Hey Vik, what can I do for you today?"

"I just want a couple of stars to fill in the gaps on my sleeve" I love the sleeve Vikki has, not only because I did it but because it's not your typically girly one.

Vikki, like Mikey and Gerard, is essentially a nerd and has all things comic book related all over her arm, superhero logos, super villains and her favourite quotes

"Awesome, so how are you anyway?" She doesn't even flinch when I place the tattoo gun to her skin

"I'm pretty good but hey, can I ask you something?"


"Why does Bob never speak to me? Like, have I offended him or something? Because I think he's kinda hot and well, a girls got needs too" I chuckle lightly and she raises an eyebrow at me "What's so funny?"

"Nothing, just he actually likes you but it makes him nervous" Her jaw drops open and she stares at me for a moment before blinking and closing her mouth

"Kinda like you and Gerard then"

"I don't know what you mean" is my attempt at feigning innocence

"Don't be coy cowboy, I know you want in his pants and I sure as shit know he wants you too"

"Nah...he doesn't, does he?" She nods and a smile creeps across her face

"I got proposition for ya..." I stop the machine and lean in closer "You help me get Bob and I can help you get Gerard" I smile at her and think it over for a minute before nodding

"What's the plan, Batman?"
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