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Killjoys6. Never be taken alive

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just a small chapter. Is all hope gone? Plz R&R and let me know what you think

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Jet’s Pov.

Don’t give in, don’t give up! God dam it Ghoul, just fucking breathe! Please. I need you around. Fucking breathe!

“COME ON!” I snap making Kobra flinch, his arms still around my shoulders. How can he just give up? I know it must seem hopeless but I’ve heard of medical miracles, I know that as long as I keep on giving him CPR that there is the slimiest change his heart will start beating on its own and Ghoul will survive, Ghouls got to survive.

My arms ache from the compressions and my lungs are struggling to catch breath as they burn in my panting chest. I can’t keep this up, as much as I want to, I just can’t keep going. I push on Ghouls chest one last time with the last of all my energy then drop down on top of him, Kobra still hanging onto my shoulders. The morning air is crisp and quiet apart from my panting and Kobra’s muffled sobs as he cries into my shoulder blade shaking.

I failed. I lost Ghoul. I can’t ever forgive myself for this. All my hopes have been crushed. I don’t wanna keep fighting anymore. I shudder at the thoughts that wreak havoc in my spinning head. If it wasn’t for Kobra I would give up on life completely but he needs me here with him, especially with Party been the way he is. God I just wanna go back in time when we were all happy and not suffering. Suddenly I breakdown and cry my heart out. Tears overflowing my eyes like miniature waterfalls.

“I’m so sorry Ghoul, I’m so sorry…” I cry into his shirt as I bury my face into the dusty fabric. I wish and pray to a God that I no longer believe in to bring him back. Then I hold my breath and stiffen. I thought…. I sit up suddenly, startling Kobra as he finally loosens his grip on me to see what I’m doing.

“Jet wha-” he starts to sniff but I ‘shhh’ him as I lay my head back down on Ghoul’s chest above his heart. It’s quiet and very weak, you could easily miss it but it’s there, a heartbeat. Relief and happiness smothers me as I cry again but this time with joy. Ghoul makes a sound quieter than a pin hitting the floor as he intakes a shallow breath on his own.

“HE’S ALIVE!” I yell and wrap my arms around the unconscious Ghoul. I hear Kobra squeak out a sound of delight then jumps on top of me, hugging both Ghoul and I at the same time. We just lay there for a while, Kobra and I grinning like fools as Ghoul remains unconscious but breathing. I drown myself in the warm feeling of joy with each and every shallow breath Fun Ghoul takes.

“You saved him Jet.” Kobra whispers in my ear, I can hear the smile in his voice as he hugs me just that little bit tighter than sits up. Ghouls alive and the fight inside of me is stronger than ever, I don’t want to give up or give in, I wanna give everything into this life and as long as I have my friends beside me I know were going to fight to the end and never be taken alive.
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