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Brief Note

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Note 19/1/13: Hi, this is just a super quick update to let you guys know that I'll try my very best to update today or tomorrow. I'm so sorry I haven't this week like I said I would- but that's exactly what I mean when I posted this note...I have to let schoolwork take priority and this week it's been so busy with course choices for next year and I have four essays to do- no joke. But as I also said in the note below, even if it's really difficult, I WILL still update. It just means that the updates might be a bit unpredictable. I'm really sorry, and I promise I'll get something up by Monday at the latest.

Hello, lovelies. This is just a brief note which I’ll delete when I next update- I wanted to keep you guys in the picture about this story, as I expect you’re getting a little pissed at how long the updates are taking lately.

Due to catching up with over a year’s worth of schoolwork and struggling to attend school regarding illness and anxiety, I’ve had a lot on my plate, especially last term where I had some really important mock exams I had to try and catch up with work for. They’re over now, but far from that decreasing my workload, I now have realised just how much work I have to catch up with for my final exams in May. These are really important for my future- for getting into a university I want, so I just have to do well.

However, unlike last term where I actually put my writing on a short hiatus because of the workload, I’m going to continue working on all my stories- that’s Translations of Blood, Trying to Escape the Inevitable and Operation Saliva I’ll update regularly (every ten days to two weeks) at the moment. Things that I’ve started such as Scabbed X-Ray Blues (which will be a pretty short story anyway) and To The End (With Me Driving, It Sure As Hell Will Be), I will continue to work on, but when I have spare time- the other three will take priority.

It’s maybe not the wisest thing in the world to try and continue all my writing stuff alongside trying to catch up a year’s work of seven subjects, but I love my writing. It’s the reason I’m still at school, and I need it there to remind me that there’s at least this one place I belong. To sound completely cliched, it makes me feel a little less alone.

I hope you guys will understand that as much as I try, updates might not always go smoothly. But I will try my hardest, because I believe you should always make room for the things you love, because otherwise, what are you living for?

Anyway, I’m finishing off and perfecting Chapter Thirty One, so that should be up tomorrow or the day after at the latest. I expect this story will finish in around eight chapters, so I really want to finish it before my exams. Once this is done, I have one more long story I’d like to write as fanfiction, but after that, I think it’ll be time for me to branch out a little and do original work; to go further in the direction I want to for the future. I don’t want fanfiction to actually end up holding me back, y’know?

But when I do leave the fanfiction world, you won’t have seen the last of me. I’ll become a published author if it’s the last thing I do. It’s what I’ve always wanted, and it’s the reason I carry on.

To all of you who’ve been supportive of my work, especially this story, thank you. You make my life so much better, and I truly wish the best for you in 2013. Happy new year, guys- I love you all.

Look out for the next chapter!

Lucy xoxo
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