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Part One

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Texas Debate 2012. 59 - 41

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Hello, nice meeting you here. I know some of you have been waiting for a while.


There will be a few parts to this – this part is pretty short, sorry ‘bout that. Part two will be longer and way better. Since this is basically the introduction, it won’t be as ‘action packed.’

I haven’t edited this yet. So I don’t know if it sucks or not. Therefore, many political crap here is probably incorrect. I will edit every thing once Part two is up.
By the way, Gerard is supposed to be a creep. I have nothing against republicans or democrats.

Heads of New Jersey
Part one:

February, 2011

Frank Iero was walking alone for the first time in what felt like forever. He is taking a small vacation to Newark for the weekend. Nobody recognizes him there. Therefore, he could walk alone. Frank is the Mayor of Belleville, New Jersey; so he always is seen there.

The air outside was quite cold. Frank saw a man huddled up in a black trench coat and scarf. Yeah, it was cold, but not that cold. Frank was only wearing a hoodie and jeans. The other man was tall, with black long hair. Frank knew he’s seen that man before. If only he wasn’t hiding.

The other guy was walking towards Frank. It’s kind of awkward to walk into people, because then you’d have forced eye contact. Frank shoves his hands in his pockets and pushed the contents out thru a whole. He walked past the man barely escaping.

“Hey. Hey, you!” The guy said, making Frank turn around. “You dropped this?” He held out Frank’s keys and his wallet. How the fuck did that fall from his pocket without even noticing? Because Frank just wanted to avoid speaking to random strangers. He didn’t want recognized.

“Yes I did.” Frank said as he eyed the man suspiciously. The man pulled his scarf down from his face. Frank bugged his eyes like a creep.

“Uh…Frank…Iero?” He asked, looking through his wallet. Normally Frank would get mad at this man’s intrusion.

“It-it- pronounced…doesn’t matter…You’re, you’re…” Frank couldn’t form words. The man handed Frank his stuff back. “T-thanks…”

“What doesn’t matter?” He asked smirking. Fucking prick!

“No way! Way!” Frank was acting like he was meeting someone famous, like OJ Simpson. But Way was far away from becoming the next OJ. “Governor Way! It is so nice to meet you!”

“Ehh…Not that big of a deal. I have to see myself every day. I guess you know who I am. Can I ask: what so you do?” Governor Fucking Way asked. If Frank voted, he wouldn’t have.

“I would assume you should know. I am the Mayor of Belleville.” Frank said his answer like a question.

“Ah-ha! I knew it was that Frank!” Lies. All lies. Frank is a Politian. He should know a lie when he sees one. “So, Frank. How is it? You know if I lived there. I would have voted for you. Seems like democracy is on your side.”

More lies. This guy is a republican. Why would he vote for a democrat? Because he wants his votes.


“I have to get going. Will you call me?” Governor Fucking Way was flirting with Mayor Iero? If republicans were supposed to be homophobes, then why?

“Why?” Frank asked skeptically. Way looked hurt for a moment.

“…Just incase your town needs anything?” Frank continued with his confusing stare which made Way even more uncomfortable. “Maybe we can get more acquainted?...Will you call me?”

“Uhh…Sure.” Frank shrugged. Way beamed his face in half. It was kind of scaring Frank.

“Here’s my number…” Way began to dig in his pockets.

“Oh, no. I have your number, Mister Way.” Frank said politely. He could tell that Way liked Frank.

“You can just call me Gerard.” Gerard smiled. Frank did too – but only because he could tell this conversation was coming to an end. He smiled wider, but stopped. He didn’t want Gerard to like him.

“Okay, Gerard.” The air was suddenly more awkward.

“So, you’ll call me?” Gerard asked a bit desperately.

“Yeah, sure.” Frank shrugged again. Fucking politicians. Fucking republicans. Fucking Gerard.

“Great! Nice meeting you, Frank!” Gerard said as the two shook each others hand. What if Frank wanted to be referred as ‘mister’ or ‘sir’?


“But Mikeeeeeeeey…” Gerard groaned, drawling out Mikey’s name. Mikey groaned in response.

“I don’t care.” The two were sitting in Gerard’s office together.

“It’s been two weeks. And Frank still hasn’t called.” Gerard whined to his brother who rolled his eyes.

“Don’t be such a baby, Gerard. Maybe he doesn’t want a’ bang the Governor – or his boss.” Mikey answered. Gerard has been whining ever since he first met Frank. It was very annoying; mainly because that was two weeks ago.

“But he said he’d call me. And he hasn’t.” Gerard repeated.

“Isn’t Frank the Mayor of Belleville?” Mikey thought because he wasn’t a total dick.

“Yeah…” Gerard pouted. He really liked Frank.

“Dude, I think he’s a Democrat. No wonder he won’t call you.” Mikey shrugged and stamped some paper work. “You need to finish working on your campaign. Come one.”

“Fine.” Gerard took out some legal paper and started writing. Two mintues later, he spoke again. He’s the governor; shouldn’t he be able to keep concentration? “Should I call him?”

“I don’t care, Gerard.”


“Bob. I can’t believe how much of an asshole people are!” Frank complained to his vice, Bob.

“Yeah. Don’t say that here. People can hear you…” Bob said. They were currently sitting at an old fashioned diner, trying to enjoy lunch.

“Sorry. I just still cannot believe he had the nerve and the audacity to try and hook up.” Frank complained once more. They both took a bite out of their sandwiches.

“Maybe it wasn’t a hook up. Maybe Way actually wanted to see how Belleville is doin’. Maybe he actually cared.” Bob tried to reason.

“No. You didn’t see that grin he had. He kept pestering me too. He’s a republican. Why would he care about me?” Frank raised his voice, making people stare. Mistake.

“Mister Mayor! Mister Mayor!” A young female and her supposed husband or boyfriend spoke to Frank.

“Hello.” Frank had to be friendly to people like this.

“I’m Marie. This is Mark! It’s so lovely to meet you!” Mark and Marie shared stupid grins. They’re totally republicans. Frank could tell.

“Nice to meet you too, Marie and Mark.” Frank smiled. He had a very nice social voice for people. That’s why most people voted for him. His voice and appearance made him seem way younger than he is.

“We voted for you!” Marie shouted out. Frank doesn’t care who voted for him or not. He’s the governor now, so he can’t change the past.

Well, he could; but that would e a huge mess.

“Well, thank you. You’re very kind.” Frank smiled at them. Marie looked like she might piss her pants.

“Mister Mayor, can we have a picture together?” Mark asked, flashing his camera. Frank sighed. He guessed pictures would be good for publicity and make him seem more involved.

“Sure.” Frank sighed again. Bob and Frank both stood up. Bob took the camera from Mark. Frank stood in the middle Mark and Marie as Bob snapped the photo.


“I know he’s not hiding! He’s in the fucking paper with stupid fucking pedestrians!” Gerard ranted to Mikey again.

“Ugh…If it’s this big of a deal, then just call him.” Mikey sighed. Gerard is acting like a child.

October, 2012

“Gerard. Don’t beat yourself up. You made a good debate. So did he.” Mikey and Gerard just arrived into their hotel room after the candidate debate.

“Did you not hear him? He was on fire!” Gerard moaned. Mikey giggled.

“Remember last year when you had a crush on him?” Mikey giggled even more. Gerard just scowled.

“Oh shit! His Gay Marriage debate was better. Did you not hear the crowd?” Gerard threw a pillow at Mikey.

“Hey, in two days, we’ll be in Texas. You’re bound to win that!” Mikey cooed. It did make Gerard feel better. But Frank’s campaign was much better and more thought out. Plus he was cuter.


“I believe Americans should have the right to marry whoever they want. If they’re in love, then the law shouldn’t stop them from being happy.” Frank Iero stated proudly at the Texan State Debate 2012.

Frank Iero and Gerard Way were both running for president this year. Former New Jersey political figures now going nation wide. They were all over the press and media. They liked the new attention, just not each other.

Frank was openly gay; Gerard wasn’t. At least until he wins.

“Das only because yer a queer folk!” A man in the crowd shouted at Frank, gaining lots of cheers and applause. Gerard didn’t like what that man said, but he wanted to win. Even though Texas was already going for him, he still needed to be on their side.

“But that has nothing to do with me. What-” Frank was interrupted by the shouting man again,

“WAYYYYYYYY!” He chanted. More and more people started chanting too. The whole red crowd chanted Gerard’s name, which gave him more confidence.

“Now, now.” Gerard was grinning like a mad man. “Denying people the right to marriage is almost like saying you hate the citizens. I don’t hate the citizens. I want the Americans to feel safe in their country.” Gerard babbled.

He was all for gay marriage. He didn’t tell them that though. Gerard made up a bunch of crap to get the patriots going. Frank knew that technique all too well.

“I would like to hear both of your inputs on the new coming terrorism problem. Mister Iero, you may go first.” Brian Scheatzer the questioner spoke. He asked most of the questions.

“Well. It’s simple. I think we must defeat all the bad guys. We should do everything to prevent attacks, such as the Twin Towers. We will interrupt the terrorist – kill them if we have to. We, of course, don’t want another war in Iraq. We would only go after the leaders of the Anti-Americanist. Such as Jihadist. But help the Muslim world. We would try to make peace if even possible. I don’t want to kill people because of their religion. That is wrong and that would create more problems for America.” Frank stated confidently.

“And, Governor Way?”

“I say. We don’t need a war. Attacking the terrorist would just create more economical problems. We need to develop a better economy then, terrorist wouldn’t attack us. They would see how powerful we can be – therefore. No attacks required. We don’t need a war with no meaning.” Gerard smiled as cheers came all across the stadium.

“And what suppose you do to mend the economy?” Brian questioned again.

“I say, we nee more jobs. Obviously. We create foreign allies. We need better education for the youth. We can do that by having more equality in the schools. If everything is equal, than no problem, and children will learn. Learning will help them get jobs to mend the economy.”

“Mister Iero?” Brian asked timidly.

“When we talk about the economy…” Gerard researched his shit. Frank thought. “We normally think of how bad it has gone. We shouldn’t think that at all. We need people willing to help. If we build more schools, then more jobs an education.” Frank had been doing so well the past month, why does he have to worry now?

“Basically, what I just said?” Gerard stared straight thru Frank. He wasn’t mean. Gerard looked…innocent. That made Frank even more nervous. This was the last discussion of the debate, so Frank had to turn on the charm.

“Well, no, Governor Way. That’s not what I said.” Frank stared back at Way, causing him to blush. Frank saw him blush too, which made him blush. He put on his most innocent face ever.

“Then what did you say?” Frank was so lost in Gerard’s eyes that he forgot what he said. Why did Gerard have to torture him like that?

“I’m saying you’re wrong.” Frank used his bedroom voice to get his point across. Gerard looked just like how Frank did before. He forgot his words too. Why did Frank have to do that?

“I’m not wrong.” Gerard cleared his throat when he said that.

“Okay. Gentlemen. We are now coming to the closing. Any last arguments?” Brian interrupted their staring contest.

“N-Nope.” Frank said quickly to distract Gerard from speaking. It worked.


“Well, thank you, gentlemen.” Brian said.

“Good night, Texas!” Frank cheerfully waved to the crowd. Surprisingly, the cheered wildly. Gerard waved to the crowd, and they cheered louder.


Frank was sitting in his dressing room with Bob, Frank’s vice president.

“I cannot believe that bastard. He’s gonna win.” Frank pouted.

“You need to stop looking at him. Then you’ll win.” Bob added. He was right. Bob was always right.


It was the very next day, and it was time for the Vice President speeches between Ray Toro and Bob Bryar. The two were already out on the stage, while Frank sat in his dressing room. He didn’t feel like watching Bob get his ass politically kicked by Toro.

A quiet knock startled Frank – interrupting him from doing nothing. He slowly got up to the door.

“Hello, Mister Iero.” Gerard. Governor Gerard Way was at the door. Frank didn’t know what to do. This has never happened to him before. Why would Gerard need to see him now?

“Uh…H-hello…Way.” Frank stammered. He honestly didn’t know what to say to him. There weren’t any cameras or press to interrogate him, so why is Way doing it?

“Frank. Can I come in and talk?” He asked sincerely. What was Frank going to say, Oh no. You can’t. I’m too busy doing nothing. Sorry.

“Uhh, sure. Yeah. Come in.” Frank stepped aside and let Gerard in. They both sat down awkwardly on the couch.

“Frank. You never did call me.” Gerard recalled. Frank was so certain that Gerard was straight. Unless he came here to have a staring contest.

“Sorry?” Frank offered. Gerard smiled.

“Can I ask, why?” Gerard started staring again. That made Frank really nervous.

“Can I ask, why do you always start your questions with ‘can I ask’?” Gerard shrugged. He never had an explanation for that.

“I dunno. But now you. Answer my question.” Frank looked at his feet. Gerard was too distracting. Why did he have to stare?

“I dunno. I guess I was just busy?” Frank offered back. He didn’t call the guy because he would just critize Frank’s views.

“You can tell me the real reason?” Gerard answered back. Frank couldn’t and wouldn’t.

“Why do you even care? It’s not even important now. I’m not Mayor anymore, so why do you care?” Frank spat.

“I dunno.” Gerard shrugged while smiling.

“Okay. Are you done talking now?” Gerard inched closer to Frank. Way closer to Frank. Uncomfortably close. Frank could smell the energy from Gerard. But, they still weren’t like, dry humping close.

“I like talking to you. I like talking to you a lot.” Gerard moved even closer; like that’s possible. He placed his hand on Frank’s knee, making the latter shudder. “Why don’t you like talking to me?”

“We have too different political view.” Frank rationalized. He was way too nervous talking to this guy.

“So, maybe if we knew each other more, then we’d have a better…more cleaner debate.” Gerard rubbed Frank’s knee.

“Uh…how-” Frank stuttered – because what was he to say to that? But Gerard interrupted Frank, so the boy didn’t have to worry about a response.

“You have such stunning eyes. What colour are they?” Gerard was staring at Frank intently.

“Ummm…brown?” Frank said as a question. He knew what colour his eye balls were.

“And your lips! You must really love talking with them! Is that why you wanna be president?” Gerard giggled. This guy is crazy. Frank stupidly thought. Frank wanted to win the election now, only so America isn’t being rule by him.

“Uhhh…no – I –”

“You’re very pretty.” Gerard said again. Frank was starting – already- getting creeped out.

“T-thank y-you.” Gerard got even closer to Frank. He placed his face so close to Frank; and smelt him. Gerard took a big sniff, and smelt Frank. A knock on the door interrupted…them.

“Sir? I…Oh. Am I inturupting?” Bob’s assiatant, Jennifer walked in.

“No. He was just leaving.” Frank stared coldly at Gerard.

“No I wasn’t.” Gerard replied, smirking.

“Yes you were.”

“Nope. I have time.”

“Well, anyways, I came here to debrief you on the Vice Debate.” Jennifer said. “Can he hear?”

“Yes I can. I’m just going to hear it later from Mister Toro…” Gerard filled in.

“…Fine.” Frank sighed loudly.

“Okay…Mister Bryar had the citizen’s attention with the terrorism issue. Mister Toro seemed more…equipped with the gun control.” Jennifer said with a frown. Gerard remained neutral. “They’re currently discussing economics and education.”

“And how’s that going?” Gerard was, again, staring too intently at Frank. His eyes burned holes thru Frank. Gerard was like a lizard of some sort, with the creepy eyes – or a fish. They just stare.

“Well.” She seemed to notice the awkwardness. “Once Bryar is done…I’m going to…” Gerard was creeping them the fuck out. “I’ll – I’ll be –”

“Where will you be?” Gerard asked just to make everything more awkward.

“Umm…I lift the sink on…I’ll be in...the sink. I’ll be in the sink.” She said and left right away.

“Now, where was I?” Gerard said as if nothing happened.

“You were scaring my assistant. Then, you were leaving.” Frank stated firmly. Gerard looked disappointed.

“Ehh.” Gerard shrugged. “I’m fine right here.”

“Why’r you even here? What do you want?” Frank questions almost concerning.

“I like talking to you. I like talking to you a lot.” Gerard grinned. “What would you say?” There was a very long pause before Frank answered,

“What would I say to what?” How did Gerard even become Governor in the first place? He can’t even finish his sentences!

“If I kissed you.” Gerard said as if it was normal to kiss a democrat.

“Uh…” Frank looked at Gerard to see if he was serious; he was. Gerard scared Frank, because why would he want to kiss him!? “P-please don’t.”

“Why not? Nobody would know. You wouldn’t tell. I certainly wouldn’t tell.” The two sat there, continuing their staring contest. An un-subtle knock on the door cause Frank to jump a gazillion feet into the air.

“Yes?” Frank called. Bob Bryar and two Secret Service men entered the room. The Secret Service men were both wearing black suits and sunglasses.

“Mister Toro needs to speak with you.” A Secret Service man with a fake reptilic accent pointed to Gerard. Gerard stood up and on his way out to the door, he said,

“Think about it.” Then he winked at Frank. Frank felt so uneasy with him. If they weren’t politicians, he wouldn’t even think. The door closed, Gerard was gone, and Bob was there.

“What did he want?” Bob didn’t sound nice at all.

“…I dunno.” Frank lied. Gerard was so right about Frank. Frank would never tell. “How’d it go?”

“You didn’t watch?” Bob was slightly disappointed; like a child gets when they learn their parents didn’t watch their concert for school.

“No. Sorry. He was here.” Frank sighed again.

“Oh, it was about the same as yesterday.”


Later that night, Frank couldn’t sleep. At all. He tried. He just couldn’t sleep. Frank spent all night thinking; thinking about Gerard. Gerard was literally taking over his head. Frank still couldn’t figure out what Gerard meant by, “Think about it.”

“By now, it was morning. Frank was particularly mad with him self. He had an interview in the morning – it was morning. Another reason was, he was force to see Gerard soon.

Frank stumbled out of bed, almost falling to the floor. He walked to his en suite bathroom for a shower.

In the shower, (Yes, he’s naked.) Frank almost fell asleep. He couldn’t stop thinking about Gerard – a republican. Frank was fucking reaming about a republican. He kept thinking of Gerard, and thinking of Gerard leads to in the shower-…

“Ah, fuck!” Frank yelled. He grabbed his throbbing hard dick and started stroking. He never thought about jacking off to a republican. After five more minutes, he came a huge, hot, heavy load.

I’ll give you a few minutes to imagine Frank jerking off in the shower………

Frank felt much better after the shower. He felt like much pressure has just been relived. He put on his black suit and dress shoes, combed his hair, then waited.


Frank greeted by Bob, in the dressing room of Fox 26 News.

“Hey man, you look tired as fuck.” Bob was correct. Frank had purple-ish bags under his eyeballs, and his skin was paler than a ghost’s.

“Yeah. Couldn’t sleep. Frank explained. He shut his eyes very tightly when Governor Way and Mister Toro walked inside. There were a lot of people, so maybe he’ll go unnoticed.

“We should get you into makeup.” Jennifer said. She pulled Frank on to a black chair, with a large lighted up mirror on the wall. She applied pasty gooey stuff to Frank’s face to make him paler.

“I wanna wear eyeliner.” Frank asked. Eyeliner always made him look sexier, scarier, and slightly different. That’s why he likes it so much.

“No…Frank, no. You’re running for President of the United States. You cannot wear eyeliner.” Jennifer sighed as she applied powder to his face.

“But I’ll look good. Better.” Frank tried to reason.

“No you won’t Frank. You look well enough right now. You don’t need silly makeup to look better.” Jennifer said as more powder was slammed onto Frank’s cheeks.

“But, you’re doing my makeup, now.” Frank grinned. Luckily Jennifer was finished with his makeup, so no more arguing.

“Hello, Frankie.” Gerard spooked behind them. Frank saw him coming in the mirror, why did he jump? Gerard said Frankie. So unprofessional…

“What?” Frank spat in response. He could just smell Gerard’s crappy cologne.

“Frankie. How are you doing, today?”

“Hello, Governor Way. I’m doing fine.” Frank stated. He tried to mock Gerard, but he couldn’t think start with all the cologne in the air.

“I’ll give you guy’s a few minutes.” Jennifer left the room. Frank prayed for her to stay. Every one in the room was gone. Everyone – except him and Gerard.

“What are you doing? Shouldn’t you be getting ready?” Gerard stood way too fucking close to Frank…again. His dick was literally in Frank’s face. (Gerard is wearing clothing)

“Nope. No need to.” Gerard said. Frank had to admit, Gerard was looking stunning; damn! He wore a black, pin strip suit. In suits, he just glides across the room; he was that slick. And Gerard was tall, so suits made him look even better.

”Oh…” Frank never tore his eyes away from Gerard’s crotch.

“Yeah.” Gerard’s voice changed from professional, to drop dead sexy. Frank may need a dozen cold showers. The latter jumped out of his chair in a jiff, to avoid the ’awkwardness.’

Oh no, Gerard wouldn’t let Frank get away that easily. He pushed Frank painfully against the wall. He pressed his body up against Frank’s and pressed his growing up on Frank’s. Their lips were centimeters away, but not touching.

“You smell good.” Gerard breathed. Gerard smells like cigarettes, coffee, baby powder, and cheap perfume disguised as cologne. It wasn’t that good.

Frank closed his eye lids. Gerard pressed deeper into Frank’s thigh – Frank could just feel it.
“Can I?” Gerard asked. Frank nodded. He didn’t know what Gerard was asking, but he nodded anyways. Frank looked into Gerard’s eyes because, damn, Gerard’s eyes were beautiful.

Gerard pressed his greasy lips on to Frank’s. (Oh my gosh. Can’t spell to save my life today! I forgot how to spell greasy!) Frank didn’t know how to react, so he kissed back. Gerard opened his mouth for Frank to explore with his tongue. Their tongues fought for dominance, as they ground their hips together. Gerard was a good kisser, to Frank.

After their little make out session, Gerard pulled away, leaving Frank hungrier for more. He should a’ had a V8, thunk, Then, Gerard just walked out of the room with out a word. That’s a little rude…’


“So, Mister Iero, what do you think of your opponent, Governor Way?” The female talk show host asked, placing the microphone to Frank’s lips. That was probably going to be the most difficult question of the day.

“Umm…” Frank stammered. That question seemed to be harder than ‘the cure for breast cancer’, or ‘how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a tootsie pop’, or even ‘simple math.’

“I think…I think.” Frank continued to stammer. Gerard was doing that little side smirk that just made Frank’s knees melt. Gerard had a stupid face…damn it!

“What do you think?”

“Uh. I think Way wears too much perfume and that’s gross.” Frank’s answer on the spot. The small crowd burst out laughing. Frank got a little more confident.

“Really? HAHAHAH!” The annoying female talk show host cackled. She was annoying with a horse face, and a horse laugh. “And what about you, Governor Way?”

“Well, Frank has good intentions, but in the wrong ways and point of view… But, he’s a good kisser.” Frank visibly tensed up. He hadn’t expected Gerard to actually kiss and tell – that’s a little middle school. Frank hated Gerard so much! But the crowd loved him; because they were laughing way too hard – at him. Frank could’ve sworn he saw some one piss their pants. Frank almost pissed his pants…

“WOW, Governor Way! You’re so funny! I see you have a sense of humor!” The stupid, annoying, female, talk show host giggled. Frank visibly turned awkward again. The crow must have thought it was a joke. Perfect, because Frank was blushing so hard, t physically hurt. He thinks I’m a good kisser!


The rest of the interview was total shit. All Frank did was blush every time he made eye contact with Gerard, or when Gerard spoke. And the other times, he stuttered his questions because Gerard was on his mind.

Frank was sitting in the studio dressing room alone, because he has nothing else better to do. A subtle knock on the door tells him, he’s not alone.

“Yeah?” Frank calls out. The door opens and Gerard –Gerard of all people- walks in, locking the door behind him. “What do you want?” Gerard doesn’t speak. He glares evilly at Frank. “What!?” Still no response. “Stop fuckin’ staring!”

Gerard walks up to Frank and lifts him up by the collar, forcing him to stand. Gerard changed his face from ‘angry and evil’ to ‘sweet, sexy, and side smirk’!

“You were much nicer this morning.” Gerard stated and let go of Frank’s collar.

“So were. You?” Frank really didn’t know how to answer. Gerard giggled silently.

“Yeah. I just came here to apologize.” Gerard admitted. He placed his hands on Frank’s shoulders, bringing them closer together.

“Apologize for – for what?” Frank’s eyes bore into Gerard’s.

“For this.” Gerard said. He demonstrated it with another kiss. It was not nearly as passionate, but still good. Frank pressed back, trying to bring in more romance.

“You don’t really need to apologize. What’s done is done.” Frank shrugged. He was never going to admit that he actually liked the kiss and he wanted more.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. You kissed back too! I was just being polite here! I’m not actually sorry for anything.” Gerard scolded. Frank felt like a douche. “Maybe you owe me an apology.”

Oh yes he did.

“You’re right. Lemme repay you.” Frank smirked. Gerard was also still smirking, because damn. Frank kissed Gerard again; this time, less passion, and more lust. Thank goodness, the door is locked.

Gerard, again, pulled back from the kiss. He gave Frank the death glare again, but yet still smirking.

Next, Gerard slapped Frank across the face. Frank grabbed his stinging painful cheek.

“What was that for?” Frank yelled, a little bit mad. Gerard pulled Frank up against his body roughly. He kissed Frank again – because Gerard’s always the one to end it.

Frank, as usual, pressed more lust and passion back into their sloppy kiss. They had a nuclear war inside their mouths.

Gerard, again, pulled away. Frank was seriously getting angry. He hasn’t gotten laid in like, five months.

“So, I really, really fucking like you. Even though you’re a democrat and got it all wrong.” Gerard panted into Frank’s ear. Gerard held Frank close, so they were hugging.

“What is that suppose to mean?” Frank tried to pull away from Gerard, but to no avail. Gerard was still holding Frank.

“I mean.” Frank stopped the attempted escape. “I meant was, I really like you. A lot. And I think. Well I thought. I think we could’ve made things work.” Gerard sighed sadly. Frank softened.

“What do you mean by ‘could’ve’?”

“Because you’re running, and I’m running…” Gerard sighed again. Frank felt his heart melt into hot lava. He didn’t know how much Gerard actually liked him. Frank is such a sap…

“Well…well…” Frank didn’t know what to say. He couldn’t say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ per se. But he also couldn’t turn him down, because Frank hates seeing people in pain…Well maybe a dying Justin Beiber…

“I guess it’s too late now…” Gerard falsely sighed again in pain. Every time he did that, Frank could feel his bones breaking.

“Gerard…” Frank tried to interrupt Gerard’s ‘woe is me’ speech.

“Frankie.” Frank just loves it when Gerard says Frankie. It just rolls naturally of his tongue.

“Gerard.” Frank stated his name again.

“You can stop saying my name.” Gerard said again. “Frankie.” Frank’s heart just fluttered and his stomach just exploded. “Maybe we can like, continue this, but keep t on the down low?”

“Gerard.” Frank said.

“I know. I know. I’m so stupid. I’m sorry. Just don’t tell anyone I asked, okay?” Gerard sighed again for the umpteenth time.

“Gerard!” Frank yelled. Gerard unlatched from Frank and walked to the door.

“Bye, Mister Iero.” Gerard said, and then he left. Frank felt like he was the one being rejected, not Gerard. Frank felt lonely with out Gerard rolling Frankie. Frank actually missed a republican man…Now Frank sad.

So, what ya think? Spoiler alert: next part will have more politics, Green Day, more sexiness, more UST, and more ‘action.’ Not sex; sex come later…

More auditions will be featured too. Also, this was not edited, so, I will have to do that later. ‘Cause I don’t know if I like this chapter yet… I think I will name all the parts Green Day songs! Except for the overall title. I talk too much, huh?

Next Part: ”Don’t wanna be an American Idiot!
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