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Part Two

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California Debate 2012 - republican. 54 - 46

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Sorry for the long update. Next update will be much sooner. I don’t have a set schedule yet.

I have decided on the whole Green Day thing. They will be majorly involved, but I don’t wanna say too much with out giving it away.

Sorry it took me forever to get this up. I had MASSIVE writers block. Also my computer is having issues so I had to use my school computer to write this. That is why it is shorter than I wanted it to be. It was originally supposed to be Wayy longer… Whatever, enjoy.

Oh, by the way, I have finally decided on how to end this. Since this is supposed to be a satire of American politics – it might have a sad ending. I won’t tell you for sure. Keep y’all in suspense!

Just in case you couldn’t tell, Frank can only have the ‘Keep The Faith’ and ‘Search And Destroy’ Tattoos.

Yeah, Gerard is so creepy.

Heads of New Jersey
Part Two:


Frank moaned loudly; loud enough for the people of China to hear. The man shoved his dick far up Frank’s asshole, causing intense amounts of pleasure.

Frank couldn’t get a good look at his lover, because his face was buried deep into the pillow as he practically begged for more and harder thrusts. Frank felt like a female bunny. The man above him slid his giant cock in and out. In and out. In and out. Frank had to take breaths in between moaning like a cat.

Frank shut his eyes tightly. Too tightly.

When Frank opened his eyes again, he was no where near the cum stained sheets while he just took it. Now he was at the beach; the Jersey Shore to be exact. What was he doing there?

A man he knew way too well walked up to Frank. It was Way or Governor Way. Governor Way was dressed in the finest Italian suit, while Frank was dressed in his boxers.

Governor ‘Gerard’ Way walked closer to Frank so he was only about four feet away, and said, “I wish I were a mermaid.” Frank had no clue on how to reply. So he said the first thing that came to his mind.

“I wish I were a ghost.” Gerard didn’t fin Frank’s statement creepy at all, mainly because his was a little creepier. Gerard smirked a tad bit, and then snapped his fingers.

The next thing Frank knew, he was inside the ocean, taking Gerard’s cock up the ass. It wasn’t a pleasurable as before – but that’s because they’re inside the water with no lube. Unconsciously, Frank moaned.

Frank looked down at the bottom of the sea floor to find a school of ‘Baby Gerard Mermaids’. Frank couldn’t place why, but that turned him on even more. He moaned as Gerard’s dick thrusts into his prostate. Frank shut his eyes.

When he opened them, he was in a haunted house, wearing boxers, a crucifix, and he held onto garlic.

There stood Gerard, wearing a black females’ long dress. The dress was super tight around his curves, and had a big v-neck. It looked like Gerard was going to grow boobs any minute now. Frank found this man to look gorgeous in a females’ booberella dress.

Frank held up the crucifix to Way’s forehead – he did that for no reason at all. Frank dropped the crucifix harshly when nothing happened. Next, Frank offered the garlic to the man. Gerard didn’t accept, nor did he decline – so Frank threw that to the ground.

The next thing he threw to the ground was his boxers. Gerard got down on his knees, then placed his mouth onto Frank’s hard-wood. Frank let his head fall back a little. Just as Frank started to enjoy it, then man bit. Gerard Fucking Way chomped Frank’s penis off. Frank screamed in utter agony and shut his eyes.

When Frank woke up, he was in a dressing room. The dressing room that he shared with Bob Bryar.

The door slowly opened and Governor Way was on the other end. He was wearing a formal, but stunning suit, along with a blue – donkey pin. This time, Frank checked to see what he was wearing: the same exact outfit.

Gerard Way walked up to Frank and took the latter into a big hug and kiss. Frank blushed furiously.

“Hi, sweetheart.” Gerard smiled and Frank smiled back. Gerard gave Frank’s hair a kiss.

“Hi, baby.” Frank greeted back. Frank felt that he was just aching to be filled by this man.

“Frank! Fuck-head! Iero!” Gerard was gone now. Frank wasn’t in the dressing room either. “FRANK?!” The voice that sounded just like Bob’s greeted him oh-so lovingly.

“What, Gerard?” Frank quietly moaned. Bob was getting quite angry. Frank was still asleep.

“Frank fucking Iero, wake the fuck up before I throw you into a pit of spiders, then go kill dogs.” Bob scolded because Frank just wouldn’t wake the fuck up. Frank groaned at Bob.

“Gee.” Frank mumbled for a protest to Bob. Bob quickly yanked the bed covers off of Sleeping Beauty; he immediately regretted that because there was an ominous wet spot on the bed.

Bob fake-gagged, then walked away.

When Bob came back, he was carrying a bucket full of cold water. Without hesitation, the irritated man dumped the water onto the bed with a still sleeping Frank.

“FUCK!” Frank shot up an out of bed in a literal heart beat. “WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” He screamed to no one in particular. Bob shrugged.

“I have been trying to wake you up for the past half-hour. You, princess, wouldn’t wake up. Our plane leaves in an hour and-” The noise that Frank made could only be described as something from another universe. “and I also wanted to clean that spot on you bed.”

“WHAT!?” The young democrat shrieked. Bob jumped at the sudden outburst. “No!No!No!NoNonononononononono!”

Frank Iero jumped out of his bed and threw himself into the bathroom, all the while chanting “No.”

He came back out with a hand full of accessories and toiletries. “Come on, Bob! Help me pack!”

Bob and Frank got to work. Bob packed realistic items; like clothing and free food. Frank packed everything in his way; light bulbs, toilet paper, pillows, menus, newspapers, and free food.

Once the two had their bags packed, Bob was forced to inspect Iero’s work. Frank had never been well with packing. Never. When he was little, he packed all of his toys. Never anything productive. Now days, he packs sort of like a girl would; everything and anything. Sometimes, he’s almost like Ross Geller from Friends. Ross likes to pack everything because of the bills.

“Frank. Do you really need to pack the complimentary tampons?” Bob asked as he pulled out a small bag of feminine products. Frank flushed scarlet. He was still in his night clothing, or also known as his boxers. He hadn’t had time to get changed because he was too busy ‘packing.’ He was still dripping wet from Bob, but not as badly.

“Uh… Maybe?”

“No. Frank, the answer is no. I mean, girls can’t really have wet dreams and make stuff like that come out of their privets parts. Can they?” Frank never thought that he could blush this hard in his life. He was sure that it was physically impossible to blush this hard. He was sure of it.

“Bob. I-”

“I really don’t wanna know.” Oh thank fucking goodness. Maybe Bob thought that Frank was dreaming about a girl; and now he doesn’t have to explain how good Gerard’s dick feels.


Frank fell asleep again. He was on the late air plane. Bob –because he is just this awesome- was able to book them the next flight to California. On the bright side, Frank didn’t have any dreams. That would have been quite awkward.

The two have first class seats together. Normally, they would be on their private plane, but it had broken down in Florida. Everyone in first class were all rich and most likely famous in some way. So if Frank made a bad impression here, he could just say that fucked would be the minimum of fuck-ness.

“Hey, man. So for the debate. You don’t have one.” Bob said. He was playing with numerous papers and a binder while Frank just sat there, doing absoulutly nothing.

“What?” Frank even zoned out to prove his point of nothing.

“The next speech is all Governor Way’s. All we have to do is show up and listen. Your next speech will be in Wisconsin.” Bob said while Frank just nodded. He was actually glad that all he had to do was listen.

“M’kay.” Frank nodded to show that he was paying attention. He actually didn’t know if Bob had stopped talking or if he continued.

“Frank. You alright man? You look sort of…distant.” Bob closed up his binder full of paper. Frank looked at Bob and gave him a forced smile.

“Yeah. I’m fine…” Frank was barely interrupted by a small female with short black hair that was unevenly cut. She had many tattoos and facial piercings. Frank was honestly jealous. Running for president and all, he wasn’t allowed to have tattoos and piercings. The only ones he had were the ones on his torso.

“Excuse me. Can I have a picture?” She said. The girl looked like she didn’t even want a picture. She looked like she doesn’t even give a rat’s ass about Frank and politics. Almost like she only wants the picture just so she can say that she has a fucking picture.

“Sure. I guess so. Whatever.” Frank mumbled. He also didn’t want the picture. A year ago he loved them He loved the publicity. Now, he hates it. Frank only signed up so he could possibly make a difference in America. Unlike Governor Way.

The girl pulled the camera up to Iero’s face and snapped the button. When she was done, she said, “Thanks. I’m Miranda, by the way.”

“Nice to meet you, Miranda. I’m Frank Iero.” Frank held out his hand for the girl to shake. She didn’t shake his hand, so he pulled it back like there was something wrong with his fingers. Bob had to stifle a laugh.

“I know who you are.” Miranda said while laughing quietly. Frank forced another smile. “I am going to go. It was nice to meet you too.” The girl said and smiled for real. Frank could just tell that she was a republican. Miranda walked quietly back to her plane seat.

“Is she a republican or democrat? She didn’t look so thrilled to have a picture taken.” Frank whispered oh so quietly. Normally, when people ask for pictures, they get really, really excited.

“I think neither.” Bob grumbled. He had already packed up his giant binder, and now he is snacking on some complimentary peanuts.

They all sat in comfortable silence for about forty minutes. Then plane was due to arrive in another hour or so. Frank nudged Bob’s side when he started to fall asleep.

“Hey, Gerard. Can I ask you a question?” Frank quietly asked Bob. Bob eyed him curiously because fuck, the boy needs a damn mouth filter.

“If you stop calling me ‘Gerard’, then you can. What the fuck? Did you really call me by a republican’s name?” Bob got a little pissed off. He was actually pretty passionate about his politics. Iero his boss or not, he is going to get pissed.

“Did I – what?” Frank was going to get confused too. He always got a little bit confused when people –such as Bob- got pissy and angry.

“You just called me Gerard.” Bob replied. He was a little less angry that Frank referred to him by their ‘enemy’, but more angry that he was acting as if that never happened. Bob doesn’t like to be called a liar.

“Damn, lower you voice!” Frank whispered but shouted at the same time. “I didn’t call you… I didn. I did!? I just called you Gerard, didn’t I?” Frank shouted. Iero slapped his hand across his mouth to prevent further speaking.

“Dude. Are you okay?” Bob questioned quietly. He wasn’t angry anymore. In fact, concerned would be a little more suitable word chose. “Let’s talk about it when we land. You don’t need the press up your ass… OH!”

Frank clamped a hand over Bob’s mouth to keep from spilling.


“Bob. I’m going to go use the bathroom. I’ll be right back. Can you check us in?” Frank asked once they entered the hotel that they’re staying in. Frank Iero had been holding in his bladder ever since the plane first took off. He could’ve gone in the plane or the air port, but Frank refused to use those bathrooms. He also couldn’t hold it any longer, or else he would go in their room.

“Who else is going to check us in? Of course, go.” Bob muttered back in Frank’s favorite attitude. Frank ran off towards some random hall way. He doesn’t know where he’s going; he just knows that there’s a hall way and possibly a bathroom.

Finally, Frank found a bathroom. Oddly enough, it was right next to the lobby. He walked in random hall corridors for no damn reason.

There were no stalls or anything to separate the urinals, but that’s okay. The Secret Service is right outside.

Frank walked, to the first urinal. The one closest to the sink and doors. He unzipped his and whipped his dick out, and just let all of the yellow slim out.

Frank Iero instantly froze when he heard the chuckle of a well known voice. How had he not seen him standing right there!?

“Hello, Frankie.” Governor Gerard Way walked right up to Frank. He placed a hand on Frank’s waist and stared at the awkward democrat. Frank had to hurry the fuck up. Gerard was staring at Frank’s face, but every couple seconds he’d steal a glance at the Iero’s party place.

“H-h-h-hi. Gov-governor.” Frank stuttered. He was terrified for no reason. He felt like he will literally die. This situation for him is embarrassing and creepy and awkward. Gerard took another look at Frank’s still-going crotch; but he accidentally let his eyes linger for a second longer.

“How are ya’?” Gerard asked back, though his eyes did most of the talking.

Frank finally stopped. Fucking finally. He shoved it back in his pants but Gerard seemed to distract him before zipping the pants up.

“Frank, are you going to come and watch my speech? I really, really want you too.” Gerard had moved his hand ‘unconsciously’ over to Frank’s arm. As a friendly gesture or greeting.

“Umm. I guess so. Sure.” The look that Gerard gave Frank. It was so excited and his smile just beamed through out the whole room. All in all, Gerard almost looked like a child going to Disney Land for the first time.

“YAY!” Gerard squealed. Flame much, Gerard? Frank took a step to leave but Gerard’s hand was still on him. He was still grinning like an idiot.

Frank shook Gerard’s hand off of him. Gerard obeyed. Frank –irritated and more awkward than ever- grabbed his fly zipper and yanked it up harshly, earning a satisfying rippp.

“Mmmmmmm.” Frank whined. That is one of the many pains that no man should ever feel. It hurt so bad. A burning sensation that was hotter than fire itself. It was either the pain or embarrassment that would kill Iero first.

“F-Frank? Are you…okay?” Gerard asked. Sure, he was concerned, but he was more scared of how Frank will react – so far Frank is just standing their, eyes budged, struck frozen with his hand over his not-so-fun-anymore place.

“Oh, I’m super. Just. Dandy.” Frank whined, sarcasm clearly intact. He was very quiet and his voice cracked from the pain in the southern region.

“Frank, I’m sorry?” Gerard had all the reason to be sorry. Frank nodded his head. The injured just slowly, oh so slowly walked out of the bathroom without another word. He groaned quietly when he had to remove his hand in a public place. Yeah, that hurt.


“Ray. I think I may or may not have made Frank Iero tear his dick off.” Gerard greeted his vice in their hotel room.

“Oh no. How are you going to bang him now? The world is over.” Ray Toro sighed tragically. Gerard rolled his eyes as he took a seat on a chair. “So, what the fuck happened?”

“I was in the bathroom. He came in to piss. He didn’t see me. So he yanked it on his zipper. Ouch.” Gerard and Ray both winced. Sure, republicans dislike democrats and normally they would be laughing their asses off right now. But doing that to the manhood isn’t something men would laugh at. They both shared some bit of pity for Iero. If only Frank had hurt somewhere else, they would laugh till their lungs burst.

“Ouch with a capital “O”. He must be dying.” Ray looked like someone had just died. Gerard looked like he just killed ten-thousand bunny rabbits.


“You know, dicks are meant to stay on, right? If you really wanted to bang him, you should have asked. Because I don’t think you can bang with out a dick.” Ray smirked. Gerard groaned.

“Yeah, yeah.”

“Let’s watch TV.”


“So, BJ, tell me –” A blond lady by the name of, Tiffany Price was interrupted by none other than Billie Joe Armstrong.

“Call me Mister Armstrong. I don’t know you well enough for you to give me that ridiculous nickname. In fact, nobody ever calls me that. Why the hell you just referred to me by oral sex or double letters is beyond me. Please, lady, for you and your companies sake, just don’t call me that again. Don’t humiliate yourself any further.”

Tre Cool barked, literally barked.

Today, the Californian rock band, Green Day was being held for a live interview. Everybody was watching the show. Green Day.

“I am sorry, Mister Armstrong. I thought that –” Tiffany was interrupted once again. The crowd were rippling with laughter.

“Well, you thought wrong, my friend.” Billie Joe Armstrong did take his public interviews seriously – he just never found the host serious. They all thought because they were on television that they and the band were all great friends.

“Um. Okay. Well. I wanna know – I think we all wanna know – who are you going to vote –” Price –again- was interrupted by, yes, Billie Joe Armstrong. Again.

“Lemme stop you again. Who the fuck do you think I am going to vote for?” Simultaneously, seventy-five percent of the eye balls in the roll all rolled. Mike could tell that the lady was uncomfortable with them.

“You’re right. You don’t vote, you like, totally are anti-politics. Sorry for asking.” All three band members rolled their eyes again and laughed. Tre giggled because he was that cool.

“No, no. I was pro Obama when he was first elected in ’08. Mainly because he was going to be the first half black president in American history – second, because I liked where he stood on the “war issue.” Have you ever listened to the lyrics to our songs? Yeah, war. I am thinking I’d probably go for Mister Iero this year. First openly gay president and he stands for something’s that I stand for.”

“So, what do you think of Governor Way?” Missus Price actually seemed more interested than before. Billie Joe rolled his eyes – what an actor he thought to the lady.

“Oh, he’s cute. But he is also a tool. I think he just argues from the sake of arguing. He likes to listen to his voice way too much. He’s like a singer that way – egoooo.” The lady cackled – she only does that when she wants attention.

“So, tell me about your new albums.” She asked, clearly not interested.

“We got three new ones. Uno, Dos, Tre.” Billie stated proudly. He was beaming with it. The lady looked confused though.

“Uno, Dos, Tre?” One of the most common misconceptions. Tre Cool laughed, because he loved this part of the interviews.

“Yeah, our drummer’s name is Tre.” Billie obviously got that question too much – singers want the attention.

“I see. So you’ve changed your style?” Tiffany Price asked oh so clueless. The worst question ever. Mike, Tre, and Billie were both ready to strangle the bitch.

”No.” Mike stated too aggressively. “We are not changing our motherfucking style. I think that every musician plays their music, and then they evolve into something much better. It shows maturity, rather than style.”

“I see.” She didn’t get it. She so didn’t understand. “You know, I hear that both, Mister Iero and Governor Way are Green Day fans. What do you think of that?”

“I could care less. They’re both tools. It’s no surprise that they like us though. Green Day is motherfucking AWESOME.” Billie shouted. The crowd ate it up, they were laughing, cheering, and clapping.


Oww.” Frank moaned. He sat on his hotel bed with a pack of ice over his crotch. Bob Bryar was silently laughing at him. Why did Frank have to be so nervous and clumsy? Oh great, Frank just knew that Governor Gerard fucking Way was going to tell people, and he was going to tell the press. Frank groaned at the thought of billions of people learn about how equipped he was down there.

“My dick hurts.” Frank felt like crying. His dick really, really hurt.

“Oh, don’t be such a baby. At least you still have one.” Bob laughed as he sat on a chair and flicked the television set on. The Green Day interview was playing, and Frank loved Green Day. He was such a fan girl over Green Day. He would totally suck B –

“Like you would know. How would you like if I cut your dick off and see how you feel, huh?” Frank threatened, snapping out of his Billie-Joe-Armstrong-Is-Totally-Hot-And-I-Would-Suck-His-Dick fantasy.

“Have fun with that, Iero. My dick would be too big for you to handle, anyway.” Bob smirked.

“Yeah, but too bad know one would ever find out.” Frank spat back with sass. Frank could have –he did- squealed with joy when Armstrong mentioned his name on TV.

“Nice, Missus Iero. Girl much? Need a tampon? Sorry, I am all out, on the fact that I have a salami sized dick, where yours is…yanno.” Bob retaliated. Frank shrieked some more when Billie kept on talking. Such a fan girl, Bob thought.

“Shut up, Bobbart! Billie is talking.” Frank stared at the screen in a love-like trance. He stared as if Billie Joe Armstrong was the most important human alive walking – like he was some kind of Roman God of music. “He’s so pretty.”

“You’re so … fuck you! I need to find a female, and maybe go smash up some dry wall, while drinking mountains of beer. Yeah! Manly!” Bob fist pumped. Frank was being such a girl –drooling practically- so Bob needs some masculinity. Now.

“Yeahyeah.” Frank flapped his hand in the air to tell Bob to ‘shut it.’ “I bet he could make my dick pain go away…”

“I bet he made your dick go away regardless.” Frank rolled his eyes. Bob did have a point.

After the show was over, it was dinner time. Frank, Bob, and the Secret Service all went down to the hotel’s restaurant to eat. What Frank –he totally knew that was going to happen- didn’t know that Gerard and his crew were also eating dinner one table away.

Frank ordered spaghetti. Gerard was staring at Frank as if Iero was Billie Joe Armstrong himself. Gerard ordered spaghetti right away.

By the time the tables were both half way into their meal, Gerard noticed that Frank had sauce all over his face. How badly he wanted to lick that off. Later, Gerard, later.

Frank had caught Gerard’s eye several times. That was quite awkward for both men, because of the whole dick thing. After a few tries, Gerard decided, fuck it all, he was going to stare at Frank; whether Frank would notice or not, he was going to stare.

Frank was very annoyed and bothered by Gerard’s eyes. Way made it more weird and awkward for Iero to eat his food. And they were going to leave women’s babies in the hands of this man! Frank was just glad that they weren’t talking at all. More so, he was glad that nobody brought up the whole dick conversation. That would need a whole new definition of awkward.

“So, Ray, you say Cali is blue?” Gerard asked Ray. Ray was devouring a steak currently. By the word blue, he meant “liberal” or “democrat.”

“Yeah. That’s why Frank won’t be giving a speech here. They want you here because – offense- you have no chance against Frank.” Gerard grinned. He caught Frank glaring at him with an angry or evil look. Perfect.

Frank and Gerard were now having a stare-down-contest. Frank had lost. He gestured with his head towards the bathroom. He got up, along with three body guards. Gerard –the tool he is- stood up with his guards, and followed Frank to the bathroom.

“So, you miss me already?” Gerard smirked. Frank cheaked under the stalls to see if any one was there. Luckily they were empty – Frank locked the door to help that.

Next, Frank Iero did something that no one had seen coming: he slapped Gerard sharply across the face. He knew that was a stupid move. It could hurt him in the election. He didn’t really care though; Gerard needed to be hit.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Mister Iero spat viciously. He had caught Gerard off guard. Way knew that Frank was pissed, (by the way the boy was limping. And that limp wasn’t from gay sex either.) but he didn’t think that he was that pissed.

“Um… Standing here talking to you?” Gerard said as a question. He didn’t know how to respond – nobody ever really talks to him like that again – so Gerard doesn’t really know how to handle anybody else’s’ anger but his.

“What’s up with the whole staring thing, huh? Why do you keep staring at me?” Frank shouted again. Gerard honestly thought that he was being yelled at because of the whole ‘bathroom incident.’ “You’re creeping me the fuck out!”

Gerard had to resist the massive urge to smirk at Frank.

“I’m sorry.” Gerard is so not sorry. “I just can’t help it. You’re too damn pretty. You’re too damn cute for your own good.” If Frank was anything like the regular liberals Gerard has met, then he would crack. Frank would think that Gerard is the sweetest man alive. Gerard somewhat doesn’t want Frank to be that kind of liberal. In fact, Gerard wants Frank to be a republican with him. Then every problem solved. Can never go wrong with republicans, right?

“Oh, shut the hell up, Way! You can’t keep doing… doing… that. You’re… You do know that we are supposed to be enemies. We’re not supposed to be talking like this, and you’re defiantly not allowed to call me “pretty.” Gerard smirked even harder. Gerard does what Gerard wants to do.

“But you are pretty. Hey – Frank? Can I ask you a question?” Gerard asked. Every time people ask to ask questions, it makes Frank nervous. And now, Gerard could totally see that Frank is extremely nervous.

“Uh, sure?”

“Super. If we… If we weren’t… ya’ know. If we weren’t both running against each other, would you and I ever have a chance together?” Yeah – Frank was even more nervous now. He is running for the motherfucking president of the United States of America. And Frank is more nervous alone with Gerard, than in public.

“I dunno. I honestly don’t know. And you shouldn’t worry, because there isn’t a way to find out.” Frank stated truthfully and stubbornly.

That hurt. That hurt Gerard hard.

Just as Frank was about to turn around and walk out, Gerard stopped him, “Frank?” Frank turned to look at a pale man with a broken heart. “Will you still go and watch my debate? Please?” How could Frank say no to that? Gerard was begging him to watch him speak – like a child would beg their mother to watch their school band concert. Gerard was wearing that motherfucking puppy dog face.

“Yeah. I will.” Frank said. He offered Gerard a reassuring smile to seal his promise.

Frank walked out of the bathroom. Gerard waited till Frank sat down to leave – he didn’t want to make anything look obvious.

“What was that about?” Bob whispered to Frank so nobody else at the table could here.

“What was what about, Bryar?” Frank took a giant bite of his food to look inconspicuous. He wasn’t fooling any one. Across the table, Gerard sat with sad eyes still trained on Frank. At least Gerard is being ten time more subtle about his staring habits.

“You know. You just went to the bathroom with Governor Way. What was that about?” Then it dawned on him. “Oh no… Oh no, no, no, no, nonononono. No. You did not just fuck Governor Way in the bathroom!?” Bob shouted way too loud for Frank liking. Gerard obviously caught Frank’s eye, smirked, and then winked. No…

“No! Of course not! Eww no!” Frank blushed so hard. Gerard was still smirking. From the way Frank reacted to Bob’s comments, he earned themselves stares from the table.

“Then what the hell?” Bob had his straight answer face. Frank was blushing so hard that he almost started to giggle just to diffuse the tension. Frank looked across to Gerard. He looked almost scared or worried that Frank would tattle on him.

If Frank were to tell on Gerard… then all hell would politically break lose. He would probably get blamed for it and lose –probably get kicked out- the election. Gerard might get blamed the most though. A lot of people voted for Frank because he looks cute and or innocent. Gerard would probably be blamed for “breaking his innocents.” Even though Frank is openly gay…

Time to lie. Politicians are excellent at that!

“I…” A sigh. “You remember what happened to… yanno…” Bob nodded. “Yeah, I wanted to go check on that. I was in a bathroom stall, so don’t worry!” Frank added in a rush. “Then he came in to apologize for that.”

“Ah.” Bob smiled and clicked is tongue. “Did you get revenge?”

Well that would have been a great idea. Way to go, Frank, way to go.

“I wanted to, but I thought that I should get revenge in a different way. A more… evil way.” Frank smirked.

“I agree with you, but, aren’t you like… a pacifist? You don’t really believe in violence?” Bob did have a point. Frank never and he never will condone violence. Luckily, he’s a politician. They are excellent at lying.

“Yeah. I am. But maybe, not necessarily violence has to be involved. I could use psychology on him. You know what I am saying?” Frank looked over towards Way; he wasn’t paying attention anymore. He could be, he is probably getting more sneaky at his stalking.

“Ahh, great plan. I always knew that you had evil in you.” Bob smirked. Frank just continued to stare at Gerard. Way was just eating his food and talking innocently to some kid with straightened hair and framed glasses. Innocently.


At the California Debate, 2012

“Governor Way. Tell us what you would plan to do about this states economy.”

Gerard searched his eyes in the audience for any signs of Frank. He was nowhere. Frank, no promised he’d be here to watch Gerard. Frank knew that it means a lot to Gerard. Why would he fill him with false hope? Gerard sighed sadly.

“I plan to create jobs.” Gerard replied sadly. He knew that California was democrat state, so he had no chance of winning there. Plus, nobody watches debates in California.

“How do you plan to do that?” Gerard stared at the man asking the questions. He was just as anxious to watch Way crumble and fail as anybody else here. Gerard scowled. Still no signs of Frank.

“Just like Franklin Roosevelt did. He pulled America out of the Great Depression and led us into World War II.” Gerard shrugged. Isn’t it obvious? Originally, to win Frank over, he was going to bomb the debate. But Frank isn’t here.

“So, are you saying that, to get America’s economy going well, you will shove us into war?” Fucking prick. That is NOT what Way said. Gerard is going to start another stare down – except this time it’s with the man who keeps asking ridiculous questions.

The guy is standing at the corner of the stage, by the curtains. He’s wearing an ugly grey suit. Gerard scoffed, because it was that grey. The kind of grey that turns into a puke green in the sunlight. Just hideous. But Gerard is determined to make this guy uncomfortable by staring at him.

Gerard’s eyes nearly bug out when he sees a man in a black suit. The suit was only made by the finest, for the finest. The suit looked expensive. It was a hot suit – hot enough to make a girl or guy so wet that they’ll have too steam clean the seats when they’re done.

But the suit is not what Gerard is concerned about. It was the guy in the suit. It was Frank. Frank was here! He was just standing there, smiling brightly at Gerard! FRANK IERO WAS THERE! Gerard smiled brightly back at Frank. Frank caught his eye and winked. Gerard winked back to say, oh yeah, baby, I wanna do dirty things because you’re here for me even though you’re the total opposite. Yeah, Gerard is sure that Frank got that.

“Yes. War is the answer. I think that people should be willing to fight for the ones that they love.” Gerard rambled. He totally forgot the question. He continued to watch Frank. By now, Iero was blushing so hard that he was staring at the floor. Gerard’s ego just boosted by forty percent.

“And who is the one that you love?” Fuck, Gerard still can’t remember the original question. Now he is nervous – fuck people in ugly grey suits. Wait, why would Gerard do that? – Gerard is nervous because if he does say the wrong thing, he could even get Frank in trouble. He doesn’t want that now.

“Well, that’s a little personal, don’t you think?” Gerard chuckled. A few people in the crowd also chuckled. Republicans. Gerard winked back at Frank again.

“Yes, sorry, Governor Way.” Gerard smirked. He had officially made the guy in the ugliest suit ever nervous. But, if he’s in an ugly suit, shouldn’t he already be nervous?

“No problem. The only thing I fear is fear itself.” Gerard quoted. Oh how original.

“What are you saying? What do you mean by that?” Ugly Suit Guy commented. Gerard rolled his eyes. This debate or interview is going great.

“I mean that the old presidents were great. People should be more like them.” Gerard rolled off his tongue. He knew. He knew that this is the worst argument ever. But he’s in California, so it doesn’t matter.

“Okay then.” Luckily, the ugly suit talking guy is nervous. He doesn’t know how to handle answer and how Way was acting. If only he knew what really went on in his mind… “You’ve talked about re-backing up the Second Amendment. Tell us how and why you support it. You wanna elaborate on that?”

“Sure. The Second Amendment gives the American citizens protection and gun rights. I kind of figured that you would know your amendments, seeing how you work in the politics business.” Gerard retorted sassily, trying to divert the conversation somewhere else.

“I know what the amendments are, Governor Way. I mean, I want to know what your opinion is on the Second Amendment.” This guy is smarter than the suit lets on. But then again, he is wearing an ugly suit.

“Okay. I think Americans should carry a lot of guns. I want to protect that. People use guns for hunting, protection, police, suicide, bank-” Gerard was annoyingly interrupted by the guy in the ugly ass suit.

“Suicide? Governor Way, did you just say that people use guns for suicide?” Ugly Suit Guy asked, completely stunned. Maybe Way took that a little too far; considering that is in a state full of liberals.

“I said that the police use guns to stop suicides. Maybe you need to listen a little more carefully.” Good cover, Way, good cover. Gerard looked over to Frank again – he was leaning against the wall, laughing his ass off. Bob was on the other side of the wall, wearing Mikey’s poker face.

“How would the police stop suicides with a fatal weapon?” Gerard could hear a very high pitched noise coming from back stage – it was still just Frank. He was laughing even harder. He was wiping off the tears because this was all too funny. Bob was now whispering stuff to his assistant. They both didn’t look happy.

Gerard fake sighed in annoyance. “I mean, the police would carry guns. That way, if someone committing suicide tries to kill the police from stopping them, they all have protection.” Gerard looked back over; Frank was now talking to Bob and their assistant. He caught eye contact with Mikey; he was slowly shaking his head. Mikey was also standing with a female he recognized – Callie, Mikey’s assistant.

“What do you want to do about the teen suicide rates in America?” That guy can change topics quick, much to Gerard’s luck. Now it’s time for Part Two of Gerard’s plan to catch Frank. He is going to get all sweet to show that he still (really?) has morals.

“I want to create a program that will be school funded. It will be where teens with trouble can go in and get help and mingle with others who need help. Then the teens could also help each other get better.” Gerard stated. That was a real thing that he wanted to do – he isn’t just making this up.

This interview/debate went on for thirty more minutes.


Gerard walked into the dressing room back stage. He was sweating slightly, the lights on that stage thing were freaking hot. He sat down at a chair by a mirror and took off his tie.
Gerard sighed loudly. That whole thing blew. And not literally. Frank was probably laughing at him. Now he will probably lose the whole erection. Frank is going to win because Bob is so efficient. Bob knows exactly what Gerard’s plans are. Gerard is totally fucked.

A subtle knock on the door awoke him from his self-doubt day dreams.

“Come in… Wait… Who is it?” Gerard always had a problem with letting random people in. Last time that happened, a democrat came in. Democrats are never good signs. She ended up getting a lot of information on him. Fucking liberal spying assholes.

Nobody replied to Gerard’s question, they just burst inside the door.

“Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing just busting inside without giving your name!? You – oh.” Gerard stopped when he realized that it was the kid with sexy as fuck black suit, (that hugged him in all the right places.) other wise known as, Frank.

“In my defense, you did tell me to come in first.” Frank smoothly replied. His hair was slicked back and his suit. His suit… Gerard Way has developed a suit fetish.

“Yeah, yeah. Um.” Gerard cleared his throat. Frank slowly glided over to where Gerard was sitting. Gerard suddenly found himself to be quite nervous. That was weird because, normally it’s the other way around.

“You did great out there.” Frank smiled. He was mocking Gerard. He wasn’t being patronizing to Gerard. He was being sincere to Gerard. That gave Gerard less courage to go along with his plan.

“Thank you. You look stunning by the way… C’mere.” Gerard gestured for Frank to come even closer. Frank walked up to Gerard, but not close enough. Gerard wanted to hold on to Frank’s waist, but Iero wasn’t born yesterday. Frank awkwardly stood about three feet away from where Gerard sat.

“Thanks. New suit.” Frank rubbed on his suit jacket. Gerard crossed his legs in lady-like fashion to hide his stick. Suits. Frank smirked.

“It looks.” Gerard found himself gaping and drooling over Frank and his suit. “Divine. I totally bombed the thing because you’re in a suit.” Gerard said in a trance. Frank’s fucking suit is fucking distracting.

“Because I am wearing a suit, you bombed your interview?” Frank said, a bit confused. Gerard shook his head and snapped out of it.

“No. I mean. I. This is really hard to explain. I failed it on purpose. For you. Like I said, you would think I am really creepy, it’s hard to explain.” Gerard rambled. Frank raised his eyebrow. Flattered, but nonetheless, confused as fuck.

Another knock on the door. This time it isn’t as subtle.

“Come – who is it?” Gerard shouted. Frank chuckled.

“It’s me, you fucktard. Open the damned door, you little shit.” Frank bugged his eyes out. Nobody has ever referred to Gerard by that. Gerard rolled his eyes. He knew who was at the door. If he opened the door, all hell would break loose – especially with Frank here. And when Gerard bombed that interview thing. The shits in the crapper now.

“Uh – nobody is home.” Gerard shouted back. Frank rolled his eyes so hard. That was a stupid excuse.

“Damn it, shit head, open the motherfucking door right now!” The voice on the other side shouted. Gerard pouted.

“Fine. The door is already open.” Gerard continued to pout like a teenage girl. Frank felt very awkward.

The door was slammed open by none other than, Mikey Way. Gerard’s brother, Mikey Way. Frank vaguely recognized the kid. He was taller than Gerard. Mikey also seemed to be a bit more of a drama queen. Or he just knew the difference between right and wrong, and he didn’t have some sort of mental illness, unlike his brother, Gerard.

“Gerard, what the hell was – oh. Hello, Mister Iero.” Mikey screamed. He stopped to stare at Frank and his suit. He didn’t, and never really did like Frank at all. But his suit. Not the point. Mikey knew how to act in public, so he wasn’t going to act like an animal towards Frank.

“Uh, Governor Way. Should I go?” Frank whispered to Gerard. He used his title around Mikey, because Iero didn’t know what Gerard’s brother would say. Would he yell at him, or just think if him as really good friends?

“No, Frank, it’s fine. I want you to meet my brother, Mikey.” Gerard gestured towards his brother as he stood up. “Mikey, this is Frank.” He spat out venomously. “You know Frank.”

Frank held out a tender hand to shake. Mikey shook his hand warmly. Well, this kid is nice,Frank thought. “Nice to meet you, Mikey.”

“Nice to meet you too, Frank.” Mikey’s reply wasn’t nearly as friendly as Frank’s. Frank smiled warmly at Mikey. We’re going to get along greatly. He thought. “Gerard, can I talk to you.” Nothing warm about Mikey.

“Talk. I bet Frank would love to hear your input.” Gerard spat back. Frank could literally feel the tension between the Ways. It was way too thick. Mikey sighed louder than a race car.

“Fine. I think that you made a… poor presentation today, and it needs improvement for next time if you want to… yanno.” That was code words for, you fucking suck, loser, Frank is beating your ass.

“I am aware. I have everything under control.” Gerard said slyly. Frank just stood there, feeling more awkward than the time he wet his pants at the school talent show. That had happened in high school. But this, this was a new kind of awkward.

“Damn it, Gerard! … I mean.” Mikey cleared his throat. “I really think you should just stick to … your game. Not his. Don’t do what you … just don’t.” Mikey said. Even though Frank could hear them loud and clear, he still had to strain his ears to hear. What did Mikey mean by that?

“Mikey. I have this under control. I promise you.” Gerard replied. He was sounding a little more sad or guilty. Probably because he let his brother down.

“Gerard. I don’t want what happened last time.” Mikey said. Frank shot his eyes open wide at that; he kept his head facing the ground so nobody could tell.

“Hey, Frank. Could you give us a minute, please?” Gerard asked ever so politely. Frank almost wanted to decline – Gerard never gives Frank privacy… Frank nodded and walked out the door.

“Why would you say that in front of Frank? He doesn’t need to know what happened last time!” Gerard scolded. His voice was still in a whisper, but it was still as harsh as ever.

“Gerard. He probably should know. It’s not fair what you are doing to him. You could ruin his career just because you have an ego bigger than a rock stars’. It is not fair to him.” Mikey replied. He was speaking with a neutral or normal voice.

“I know what happened last time, and I totally regret it. It’s just that, Frank is different. I really, really like him. More than someone in our position should. And I know that he will never like me back, because… come on. I’m too awesome. I know for a fact that he won’t like me the same way I do. But, I am going to try. Maybe when this whole shindig is over, we could maybe have a chance together. But for now, I will at least try to back off.” Gerard said with sadness. Let’s just hope that he won’t over do his speech. He’s not like how it was when I ran for governor.”

“Damn, Gerard. You had me moving right until that last sentence. Just know that if you fuck this up, I will fuck you up. You better play fair too.” Mikey scolded.

“Fine. Can I bring Frank back here?” Gerard fake grinned.

“Whatever. FRANK!” Mikey screamed. Frank walked back inside, feeling a little less awkward.

“Hey, Frank.” Gerard put on his best lovey-dovey smile. Frank half smiled back.

“Hey.” He waved. Out of nowhere, the song American Idiot by Green Day started playing loudly. “What’s that?” He was running for the fucking president, he had to keep the inner fan-girl to a down low.

“Oh! That’s my ringtone!” Mikey pointed. The music had stopped playing, meaning he missed the call. “Ah well. I’ll call ‘em back later.”

“You like Green Day?” Frank asked. He had to hide his emotions (totally in love and would probably do anything) for Green Day. He found it extremely hard not to squeal or scream or suck a dick.

“Yeah. I love Green Day. I’ve only seen them twice in concert.” Mikey shrugged. Frank then did something that he should NEVER do: he clapped his hands together, and created a loud, high pitched voice that was only made by women. He ran over to Mikey and gave him the tightest hug ever. “Um… thank you?” Mikey hugged back.

“I am in love with Green Day! AHHHH! I can’t believe that you’ve seen them twice! I have never seen them. I bet they smelled so good. I bet Billie wore tight pants with his red tie thingy. I bet he looked like sex. I bet –” Frank let his inner girl out. He stopped when he realized that he grew a vagina. Frank let go of Mikey, and cleared his voice. “Yeah, man. Green Day fucking rules.”

Mikey chuckled at Frank and his awkward expression. He was flushing a new color that was brighter than red. Gerard looked a bit jealous – Frank was hugging his brother, but not him. I’m going to start dressing like Billie Joe Armstrong. Gerard thought.

“Really? You’ve never seen Green Day? I would have to take you sometime. I’m going again next month after the election.” Mikey shrugged. Frank grinned back at him. “I would have never have pegged you to be the type in Green Day.”

“I love Green Day. I grew up with them. My best friend used to write fan fictions about them.” Frank said. He was still beaming like a red rocket.

“Really? Are you sure it was your ‘friend’?” Mikey giggled with Frank.

“Yes. Now, I should get going. It is pretty late. It was a pleasure to meet you, Mister Way. Good bye.” Frank waved.

“It was nice to meet you too, Frank. I’d love to chat with you about Green Day and other awesome bands again.” Mikey waved back.

“Yes! Good night, Mikey!” Frank walked out of the door with a giant grin on his face. He never thought that, Mikey, Gerard’s brother, would be that cool and nice.

Mikey looked at Gerard as to say, what ya’ gonna do?

“I hate you, MikeyWay.” Gerard scowled. Jealousy is the nastiest trait.

“Uh huh. Don’t fuck him up. I like him. He’s cool.” Mikey smirked. Gerard rolled his eyes.

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