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Patrick is a bit disinterested in Christmas, but Pete will soon change that.

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I’ve never really been that into Christmas. I mean, I give and receive gifts, but that’s about it. I don’t really enjoy spending time with family. Awkward aunts who still pinch my cheeks even though I’m over twenty now. I’m also not one of those people determined to be in a false joyful mood all of December, just because it’s around Christmas. But I am, however, looking forward to this Christmas. I’ll be spending it with Pete and his family, but mostly Pete. My mom wasn’t really thrilled about me ditching the family this year, but she and I compromised. Pete and I will visit her on Christmas Eve. Then we’ll go back to Pete’s house for the night. On Christmas, we’ll go to Pete’s mom’s house. Meaning, that on Christmas I get to avoid my grandmother’s pestering me about not having a wife, or at least a girlfriend. It’s always difficult not to tell her that I wouldn’t know what to do with a woman if my life depended on it. My mom knows I’m gay, and she knows about my “little crush” on Pete. Which is probably the only reason she agreed to a compromise. Maybe she’s hoping I’ll finally pluck up the courage to tell Pete how I feel. She even mentioned sneaking him under Mistletoe.

“Are we there yet?” Pete pokes my shoulder as I drive to my mother’s house.

I roll my eyes at him, “Yes Pete. We’re there. Why don’t you step out of the car?” I continue to drive.

“Okie dokie!” He unbuckles his seat belt and unlocks the door.

“NO!” My panic stricken expression earns a chuckle from the bassist in the passenger seat of my car.

“I wasn’t actually going to open the door, ‘Trick.”

“S-Still. Put your seat belt back on.”

He grins, “Aww, you’re worried about me!”

I roll my eyes, “I’m more worried about the car you’d damage by hitting your hard head against it.”

He pouts at me and puts the seat belt back on, “Fine, meanie.”

Five Minutes Later

“Are we there yet?” he repeats for the millionth time.

“Pete if you don’t shut up I will throw you out of the car and run you over myself.”

He laughs, “That’s the Christmas spirit, ‘Trick.”

I roll my eyes at him and pull into the driveway.

“Patrick?” he says softly.

“What?” I put the car in park.

“Are we there yet?”

I hit my head on the steering wheel.

I’m beginning to think my mom was serious about the mistletoe, with as much of it as she has around. I try to avoid it at all cost, but find myself underneath it a few times, quickly moving away. Pete notices, of course, and laughs.

“It won’t hurt you, ‘Trick.” he grins.

“Considering four out of five of the people here are related to me, yes it could.”

My mom grabs my arm and pulls me under the mistletoe with her and kisses my cheek, causing me to blush and rub my cheek.


She laughs and walks into the kitchen with my grandmother. Another place I’ve been avoiding. I sit beside Pete on the couch, grumbling to myself.

“You alright?” he nudges me.

“I’m fine.”

“Huh.. I was going to pick the word ‘irritated’, but okay.” He looks to me.

I shrug, “Irritated works.”

“Why?” he frowns and gently places his hand on my shoulder, “You’ve been in a mood since we got in the car.”

I sigh, “I just don’t... I don’t really want to be here.”

“Why?” he asks again, “Your mom’s awesome.”

“She’s not the problem... it’s the homophobic grandmother, weird aunts, uncles, and cousins, being around my brother, and being asked by everyone why I haven’t settled down with a nice girl yet.”

He nods and rests his head on my shoulder, “I get that too. And the worst part of it is, they all know I’m gay.”

“They still ask why you haven’t got a wife?”

He nods, “Most of them. The rest of them ask why I don’t have a steady boyfriend yet.”

I nod, “How do you even answer that question? First, thank them for pointing out your loneliness, like it isn’t always on your mind anyways...”

He looks up to me, “I usually just tell them I do have a special guy, but he’s with his family.”

I nod, “So.. So I should lie?”

He shrugs, “If it is a lie, then yes. As far as my response’s true.”

“When did you get a boyfriend?” I raise an eyebrow, “You usually don’t keep quiet about that sort of thing.”

“No boyfriend, Patrick.” he smiles, “Just a really special guy.”

“Oh. Okay, I get it.” I nod, not getting it at all.

He smiles and sits up, “Plus, at least you get a present from your mom.”

“I’m about eighty percent sure it’s a hat, not that I mind.”

“How could you mind someone feeding your obsession? My mom gets me eyeliner and a hoodie.”

“While I get you something random and useless.”

“Useless? Those earphones last year saved my life!”

“..Saved your life?”

“Of course! My earphones died, and I was having iPod withdraws.”

I nod, “Oh. Well I liked your present for me last year too.” I smile and pull on the hoodie I’m wearing.

He grins, “I know, you hardly ever take it off. I hope you’ll like this year’s gift too.”

I smile, “I hope you like yours too.”

“It’s from you, I already love it.” he gives me a genuine smile.

A smile, that makes me blush. A smile that seems to light up the room, as well as his eyes. Because this isn’t Pete’s usually smirk, or playful grin he always puts on. This is a real Pete Wentz smile, and I’m thrilled to be one of the few people that ever gets to see it.
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