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Patrick and Pete celebrate Christmas with Pete's family.

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As if the jumping on the bed hadn’t already woken me. I grumble and pull the covers over my head.

“PATRICK!” Pete straddles my waist, “Don’t make me tickle you.”

I uncover my head to see the evil grin adorning the bassist’s face, “No.”

“But Patrick.” he pouts, “It’s Christmas!”

“But Pete...” I glance over at the clock, “It’s five in the morning.”

“Well we have to leave at seven! C’mon wake up.” he pokes his lower lip out more.

I groan, “Five minutes.” I cover my head again.”

“That’s it! I’m tickling!” he begins tickling my sides, making me squeal and desperately try to get out of his grasp, “Ready to wake up?”

“Never!” I finally manage to roll on top of him and tickle his stomach. He screams in laughter.

“Gonna let me sleep?”

He grins up at me, his eyes sparkling with glee, “Never.”

I groan and roll off of him, “Seriously, just five minutes.”

He cuddles into my side, “Okay, five minutes.”

An hour and a half later


I nod, “But really, just five more this time.”

He pouts, “Please wake up and open your present from me?”

“You just want to open yours.” I yawn.

“No!” he shakes his head, “I’m really excited about your present if you’d just get up...” he pouts.

“Fiiiiine.” I sit up and rub my eyes before squinting at the bedside table, looking for my glasses.
Pete leans over me and gets them, sliding them onto my face gently. I blush lightly and mumble out a thanks, before yawning once more and getting out of bed. We walk into the living room where Pete has a small tree sitting on a table. There are a few presents sitting around the tree, one being a wrapped dog toy for Hemingway. He skips over to the tree and tosses Hemingway’s over in his direction, then picks up two presents. Mine from him, and his from me. He smiles and hands me mine, sitting beside me on the couch.

“Open it!” he grins.

“You first.” I yawn.

He pouts, “Same time?”

I nod, “Okay.”

We both begin unwrapping our presents, while I internally beg that my gift to him was sufficient. I open the box and smile softly, pulling out Pete’s favorite hoodie. The hoodie I’ve worn on many occasions, borrowed many times, just to feel like Pete’s hugging me. Even when he wasn’t around, it’s made me feel safe. I look to him and smile.

“This one’s your favorite...”

He smiles and shakes his head, holding up the hoodie I bought for him, “This one is now. That one,” he points to the hoodie in my hands, “Is now yours.”

I blush lightly, “Y-You don’t have to give it to me.”

“Yes I do.” he nods, “You always look happy when you wear it...” he smiles at me, “And I want to you wear it as often as possible.”

I blush more, “Th-Thank you.”

He grins and puts on the hoodie I got for him, “It’s so comfy.” he smiles and kisses my cheek, “Thank you, ‘Trick.”

I blush, “No problem.”

“There they are!” Pete’s mom pulls us both into a tight hug.

“Mom, air, oxygen needed in the lungs.” Pete gasps at the tight hug.

“Sorry!” she lets go and smiles at us, “Merry Christmas.”

“Merry Christmas, mom.” Pete smiles.

“Merry..” I yawn, “Christmas...”

She laughs softly, “Pete keep you up late?”

I shake my head, “Woke me up early.”

“No, I tried to wake you up early, but six thirty isn’t early.”

His mom smiles, “Go say hi to your grandma.” she looks to Pete.

He nods and grabs my arm, pulling me along. He drags me to the living room where his grandmother is sitting on the couch, talking to one of his uncles.

“Hey Grandma!” he smiles and hugs her.

She smiles and hugs back, “How’ve you been, dear?”

He grins, “Great! This is Patrick.” he smiles at me.

“H-Hi..” I fidget shyly, not really knowing what to say.

His grandmother’s eyes widen, and she grins along with Pete, “I finally meet the “special guy” Pete’s always telling me about.”

I blush, “Wh-What?”

Pete blushes too, “G-Grandma!”

I look to Pete, confused as his uncle joins in, “So this is the boyfriend who’s always with his family.”

My eyes widen, “B-Boyfriend?”

Pete blushes and grabs my hand, pulling me into his old bedroom, “P-Patrick I..” he looks down, “I-In my defense I never said you were my boyfriend, they just decided that...”

“O-Okay... told me you told them you had a special guy...did they ever ask for a name?”

He nods, “Y-Yeah..”

“Wh-What did you say.”

He looks up into my eyes, “Patrick.”

I blush, “ did lie.”

“Only a’re special as fuck...just not mine.”

“S-So you’re...”

“I’m in love with you, ‘Trick...” he sighs, “And I’m sorry you had to find out that way...or at all.”

“P-Pete I-”

“I know. Still friends. You’re too nice to ditch me for it. So thanks.” He smiles sadly and walks out of hsi bedroom before I can say another word. Before I can tell him how wrong he is about my feelings for him. But I can’t just tell him in front of everyone, but maybe I can find another way. I walk out of the room and find Pete in the kitchen with his mom. He blushes when he notices me and looks down at the food he’s helping his mother with. I looks across the room for someway I can help, when I notice mistletoe above the kitchen doorway. Maybe instead of blurting out my feeling in front of everyone, I can show Pete how I feel. I’ll just have to catch him in the doorway.

“Could you open the fridge for me, Patrick?” his mom asks, holding a few pies.

I nod and open it for her.

“Thank you sweetie.”

“No problem.” I smile.

I help them in the kitchen until I see my opportunity.

“Can you go ask your grandma if she wants anything to drink?’

“Okay, mom.”

He walks out of the kitchen, and I wait by the door way. When he returns I pull him into a hug and gently kiss his cheek. He blushes and looks to me. I glance up at the mistletoe, then back to him.

“That isn’t a real kiss.” he whispers before kissing my lips softly. I kiss back without hesitation and almost frown when he pulls back, “We should move...nargles.”

I smile softly and nod as we move from under the mistletoe.
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