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I would say...

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I'm back and better than ever. I hope you didn't miss me. Anyways... GERARD HAS EPIHANY!

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I was looking at the sky, smiling at the stars. The universe was amazing, and no I wasn't talking about frank's dick. Today, he told me he loved me for the first time. I'm on cloud nine, someone actually loves me. Someone real.

We walked around the park for awhile, frank constantly looking at me worried. He has nothing to worry about. I mean sure, he did just found me and my bare ass behind the fucking playground, but this... This constant 'vibe' in which we KNOW something bad is going to happen. I've gotten quite used to it. It's like, this isn't life if nothing bad happens to me.

Oh my god... I just why didn't I...?

"Gerard? Gee what's wrong?" Frank asked turning me to face him, to look into his eyes. "What are you thinking?"

"Frankie," I whispered smiling. "This is LIFE. No matter what, something bad is going to happen to me. Wether it be rape, or paralyzed from the neck down. We can't protect me from life."

"You're delusional. Life is supposed to be worth livi-"

"NO IT ISN'T FRANK! This is real life! This is what has been decided for me. This is my everyday issue I have to face!"

"Getting raped?"


I don't think Frankie is on the same boat as me. Oh well, we'll have to visit another therapist anyways.
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