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I find it hard to stay, with the words you say...

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Franks POV

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"Dance with me," I said reaching my arms out to him. "C'mon baby!"

Gerard chuckled, grabbing my hands and standing up. My arms flew up behind his neck, and his around my waist, us swaying at the moonlit meadow. We always have tender moments like this, and these are what makes me love him even more. 

I pulled back to look at him, brushing a strand of his ebony hair out of his face. 

"I love you Frankie," he said pecking my lips. "So so so much!"

I giggled my horrific giggle, "How many times do you say that to me?"

He pondered that for a moment before kissing me again. This kiss was full of passion, and it was a kiss I never wanted to end. 

I pulled up at a park, and looked at my weak boyfriend. 

"Look at me," I pleaded, reaching out my hand. "C'mon baby."

He shook his head, greasy raven hair covering his dull hazel eyes. There was absolutely no life in him, not in a while at least. It made me worried, so worried that I've gotten to the point if being worried sick. I'm to conceded about Gerard's health that I barely take care if my own, he comes first. He always does. 

Maybe he needs his space, maybe he doesn't want me around. But I need him, more than anything. 

"Gerard," I tried again. "Look at me, please."

"No," he croaked before looking out the passenger side window. 

I followed his gaze, looking right at Brendon Urie. Ray's best friend. I'm not sure if I should be disgusted, by the fact he's friends with a sick person, or excited, by the fact his dad is a policeman. 

"Don't," Gerard sighed, finally looking at me. "He was there too, he didn't touch me, but he made remarks."
"They need to be punished for what they did to you! But you won't let me call the cops!"

"I don't want this to go to extremes, I just want it to blow over!"

"BLOW OVER? GERARD ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED?! THEY MENTALLY, PHYSICALLY, AND EMOTIONALLY HURT YOU! CAN'T THEY SEE WHAT THEY DID TO YOU? TO ME? To us? I can't hold you anymore, can't hug you, can't love you, without you thinking of them! Gerard, you NEED to get help. The last therapist didn't go over so well, but we need to find someone."

"Fuck you Frank Iero," he yelled before getting out of my car and slamming the door. I followed suit, chasing after him.

"Gerard Arthur Way get your ass back here right now!"

"Why do you care? You think I'm retarded!"

"Youre not baby! I swear I didn't mean that, I was just mad! You know I don't mean things when im mad."

"Shut the fuck up," he mumbled, walking towards the path that goes through the woods. "I don't need you to baby me."

I was in complete and utter shock. Did he just say I BABY him? I do not baby him, no way Jose. Groaning, and throwing my hands up in frustration, I followed him into the woods. 

It was dark and scary, I've seen like six spiders, but I tried not to scream. I've been walking around for who knows how long, looking for that black haired beauty. The trees started to clear up when I realised I made it to the heart of it all, the clearing where Gerard and I shared our first kiss, our first dance, and our first official date. There was a small whimper coming from my right, and it was a whimper I knew all too well. 

"Gerard," I said walking over to the trees. "Gerard is that you behind there?"

I looked and I wish I could un-see what I saw. Gerard's been raped again. 

Crouching down next to him, I held his head in my lap, kissing his forehead repeatedly and instinctively. There is no way in fucking hell I'm going to let this happen again. 

"I'm sorry," the broken boy whispered. "For everything."

"You have no reason to be sorry Gee, I was the one who got mad."

"But I got you mad."

"No you didn't. A lot of things have gotten me mad these past few years, and you weren't one of them, ever."

"What did get you mad?"

I chuckled, "Those teenage girls who work at Starbucks and won't get my order right, mom, dad, and anyone who caused you to hurt."

Gerard gave me a soft smile, before sleeping on my lap. This boy truly was perfect, but it sucks that I'm the only one who sees that.
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