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19- Love Drunk

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In the midst of everything Taylor loses Mikey, and Frank finds her instead of Gerard. It's a bit of a mess, and not a good one.

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-Don‘t be so sentimental, this love is accidental.-


(Mikey’s POV)

I could hear Frank cheering once I reached the living room. The music had been turned down, as people screamed about taking more shots. I made my way to the kitchen, pushing past the crowd and open door.

There she was.

… with alcohol dripping down her chin.

Taylor hiccupped and wiped the alcohol away with the back of her hand. Gerard had a devilish look on his face as he leaned forward, licking the alcohol from her hand. Taylor gazed at him, “Another shot?” She finally asked.

I felt my heart crumble at the tone she was using. I just didn’t understand it. Was that love? Did she love Gerard? I don’t think I’d ever bothered to even ask.

Suddenly the question was burning brightly, taking over any other thoughts. I took the bottle of Tequila from Frank and poured five shots. I filled the shot glasses to the top. Bob was the first to take the shot. I hadn’t even realized he was around. He was already drunk, and lost most of the shot down his shirt. Frank took the shot. Gerard took the shot. I took the shot, slamming it on to the counter. Taylor sniffed the shot, before shrugging and downing it. This time she didn’t miss a drop.

Gerard leaned towards Frank. He had to at least already be somewhat tipsy because he ended up falling against Frank. Frank caught him, laughing cheerily. “Whoa there buddy…” I fell out of their conversation as Taylor leaned towards me.

“My head feels fuzzy.” She informed me. “Like…” She put her two hands together and then moved them quickly. It didn’t make any sense, so I laughed. “Really fuzzy. This shit really fucks with people.”

“Then why are you drinking it?” I asked her, wondering what I’d missed. Not once did she mention wanting to get drunk tonight.

Gerard cut in for Taylor. “The objective tonight is to get Taylor totally hammered. She’s never ever ever gotten drunk before Mikes, can you believe that shit? We have to stop that tonight.”

“Do you actually want to get drunk?” I asked Taylor.

Taylor shyly smiled. “I think I’m almost there, so why the hell not?” This seemed like such a bad idea.

“Cool.” I grabbed the bottle. “Another shot then?” Everyone agreed.


(Taylor’s POV)

“That’s milk.” I pointed out, in disgust.

Mikey laughed. “It is. And this is lemonade. This is Tequila. There is also water, Jack, and Vodka and a shit ton of other liquids. You spin and whichever it points at you take straight up. Got it?”

“Got it.” I nodded.

“Spin.” Mikey softly commanded.

I glanced around in surprise. “Where did everyone go?” I hadn’t noticed anyone leave.

Mikey chuckled. “Gerard was feeling sick. Frank went outside with him to make sure he didn’t fall. Bob passed the fuck out over there.” He pointed to a guy snoring on a beanbag. “And the other people playing went for the beer instead. This is a game between the two of us. You said you wanted to get drunk, and so I’ll get you there.” He winked; I melted. Why did he have to be so fucking gorgeous? I was sinking in to his gaze and… “Taylor?” Earth to Taylor!

“Oh, oh…” I reached out, giving the spinner Mikey had put together out of cardboard a little push. “Mikey…” The groan came out sounding more like a moan and Mikey uncomfortably shuffled.

“Milk.” He chuckled, picking up the shot glass of milk that the spinner had landed on. I hated milk. And with alcohol? Sounded awful. “The shit I do for you.” Mikey teased, before downing the shot of milk.

“I lov-” The words nearly tumbled out but someone stumbled in to me, knocking me towards Mikey who caught me before I tumbled in to the table holding the shots of various liquids.

“Watch it.” Mikey snapped.

The guy said nothing, stumbling off.

I licked my lips, completely aware of the fact that I had nearly confessed something stupid. I was hoping Mikey hadn’t heard but that hope quickly died. “What were you going to say?” He gazed down at me with an intense look.

“I hate milk.” I muttered shamefully.

Mikey nodded, “My turn.” But he sounded disappointed. I’d disappointed him.

“Let me.” Instead of spinning I grabbed a shot of what looked like alcohol. It was apple juice. Damn. I took another shot. This one was bitter.

Mikey chuckled. “I don’t think you understand the game.”

But he was the one that didn’t understand.

I was too good of a player at this point.


(Gerard’s POV)

“Want to swim?” Frank asked, with a devilish grin. The fresh air wasn’t sobering at all, in fact I felt a little more hazy.

I think that was just the effect Frank had on me though.

“No one else is swimming Frank.” I commented softly, gazing at the blue of the water. Suddenly I really did want to swim, with Frank.

Frank swiftly pulled his shirt off. I was stunned for a moment, and then I was just staring. Yeah, quite shamelessly. “So?” There was a challenge in that one word, spoken so effortlessly. He was so daring, while I was the quiet artist. Together we were an explosion of passion, and that’s how we’d gotten this far but I wanted more than a friendship. I wanted more than Frank would ever give me.

Taylor had known immediately that I wanted Frank, and so I let myself hope that she was right about him wanting me but she couldn’t be. Life couldn’t be that perfect. That was a happy ending with too much happy in it.

“I want to.” I admitted.

Frank laughed. “Going in fully clothed?”

“No.” I choked out.

Frank fought with the zipper on his jeans. “It’s fucking stuck again. These jeans are almost trash.”

I couldn’t help myself. Taylor’s tips had definitely helped. I reached forward, pushing Frank’s hands away. They fell to his side uselessly. I brushed my fingers roughly against his bulge. He twitched. I chuckled. “You just aren’t good at this.” The words flowed out effortlessly, and I was absolutely sure that it was the alcohol and not me. I drew the action out as partygoers whistled and watched. Most of them were used to this from our stage antics. No one knew what was really happening. No one knew that I was putting my heart on the line here with my dirty gestures. I pulled the zipper down.

Frank breathed out. “I’ll have to keep these now.”

“Why’s that?” I asked, glancing up at him.

“Because it giv-” We were cut off by a loud yell. I couldn’t make out what the person said but then there was a splash.

People suddenly wanted to swim.


(Mikey’s POV)

The table was now surrounded by six people. A guy whose name I couldn’t remember was standing next to Taylor, cheering her on as she chugged a beer.

I was pretty sure she was already drunk.

She kept glancing over at me, winking with both eyes- though I knew that wasn’t her intention. At one point she even held one of her eyes down while she opened the other one. She was kind of obvious when she was drunk, but who wasn’t?

“Your spin Mikey!” Taylor declared, slamming the empty bottle of beer on to the table. It was cute because she was proudly smiling as if she’d been able to guzzle it all at once. It had taken her about six ‘chugs’ though.

“If I opt out can I get you to come with me outside?” I asked, wanting to end the game. Alcohol was nice, but I could see the not so pretty end already. Taylor was going to crash really soon, and that wouldn’t be pretty- nor would the morning after. Hangovers sucked.

“Mikey!” I turned as someone yelled my name.


“What’s up?” I called over the music, since it had been turned back up at some point. I hadn’t really noticed. We’d all been drinking, not talking.

“Can I talk to you?”

Damn it. “Stay here.” I told Taylor.

She smiled widely, but said nothing.

I didn’t feel all that comfortable leaving her, but Lauren looked really desperate to talk and I wasn’t a complete jackass.


“I’m sorry.” Lauren breathed out, seconds after the bedroom door closed behind us. I awkwardly shuffled my weight from one foot to the other. Wasn’t I the one that was supposed to apologize? I had cheated on her.

“Me too.” I murmured, not wanting to move things in the wrong direction, or really any direction. I figured if I just agreed then… things would stay at a stand still. It was a nice attempt at calm, but parties were never calm and I should have seen that coming.

“I know I’ve been kind of well, a bitch…” Lauren’s blush was obvious in the dark of the room as her face lit up.

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t exactly the nicest guy.” Once again I agreed.

“Do you think maybe if we tried again, that we could do better?” Lauren gave me a shy smile, which normally would have been appealing but…

“Yeah, I’m sure. Maybe if what hadn’t already happened… but it did.” I shortened what I’d been about to say, hoping she’d get it.

“We could try again.” Uh oh. I got it. A second too late.

“I’m kind of already involved.” I awkwardly informed her, since she apparently hadn’t gotten it before.

“Yeah, I talked to Gerard…” Lauren’s gaze hardened. “It’s his girlfriend you’re with, so technically you’re free to date.”

“I’m not with her.” I lied, finding that the truth wouldn’t help me at all in this sticky situation. “And even if I was, blackmailing me to date you wouldn’t work.”

Lauren sighed. “That’s not what I want. Look, I might be a little drunk… I just wanted to see… wanted to try.”

“I get it.” I stopped her, giving her a reassuring smile. “You’ll find a great guy. You know what, I actually happen to know that Bob is in to you.” I hoped Bob wouldn’t hate me for the set up. “And he’s a little drunk out in the kitchen.” Where he was passed out.

Lauren’s eyes lit up. “Really?” To her I was just another musician. As nice of a girl as she was… it still all boiled down to that.

“Yeah, go get him before someone else does!” She was out the door before I’d finished my sentence.

She had to be drunk.

That was too fucking easy.

And fuck. I’d sent her to the kitchen, where Taylor supposedly was.


(Taylor’s POV)

The lights seemed to be blinking back at me, on and off, on and off. It made my head ache, and my body dizzy.

One wrong step and… “Whoa there.” Frank’s voice was familiar, and I was grateful for that. I was looking for some familiarity, though I was hoping for Mikey. I wasn’t used to being drunk, since I’d never done it before… and I was smart enough to know that bad things happened when people were under the influence of alcohol. I needed to glue myself to Mikey’s side.

Wait, Gerard’s side.

Or Mikey? Gerard, Mikey? Their names blended together as one. “Mikard.” I slurred the weird word out, as it bounced around in my head.

Frank grabbed me as I nearly fell again. My body was pulled back against his and it honestly felt good. His body was solid, and he smelled like soap. Frank laughed, it was a deep throaty laugh. “Nah, it’s me. Frank.” As if I didn’t know. Then again I had just called him by a made up name consisting of Mikey and Gerard’s names.

“What are you doing?” Our bodies were moving, together. It felt together anyway. I was following, and he was leading. His hips swayed dangerously, and I was nearly off balance again but then his hands returned to my hips.

“Dancing.” Frank chuckled. “This is the dance floor sweetheart.”

“Mmm.” I made a noise. That’s all it was; a noise. “Have you seen Mikey?”

“No, but Gerard is outside.” Frank commented.

Gerard? Right. My Gerard. “Well, I think I’m going to stay right here.”

“Why’s that?” I leaned a little closer. Frank didn’t disagree in any way that I could make out.

“Because the world is spinning.” I informed him. “And if I let go of you then I’m going to go tumbling.”

“Fair enough.” Frank chuckled. “You’re alright, you know? When you’re drunk anyway.”

“I should get drunk more.” I joked.

“You should.” Frank agreed.

“Whoa, whoa.” We were moving way too fast, and I was starting to feel sick. “Wait, can you just slow down… to like a, stop?”

Frank laughed, “Sure thing.” He stopped, but I still felt like I was swaying. Oh, maybe because I was. Frank’s hands stopped me abruptly and a rush went to my head, causing me to close my eyes.

“Are you okay?” I thought of the way Mikey asked that, and temporarily I was lost.

“No.” It was the truth. I wasn’t okay. None of us were going to be okay after this. None of this was okay… none of it. Gerard and I were messing with everyone, and it wouldn’t end the way we wanted it to end. I could be drunk to the point of death and I’d still know that.

“No?” Frank frowned. I think. “Do you want to sit?”

“No.” I repeated. From there I have no idea who made the first move or how we even ended up connecting lips, or who decided it was a good idea to start grinding hips together… I just knew it all happened, and I was thinking of Mikey… and I was about 90 % sure that Frank was gay and not thinking of me but still…

We were kissing.

I found out first hand why alcohol was such a bad idea. Why did people ever, ever subject themselves to it? Frank’s lips felt warm and cool at the same time, and his hands were rough and calloused from work, or so I would assume… and I could feel this because his hands had slipped underneath my shirt, and we were still kissing… and kissing, and I wanted to stop but I didn’t. It felt so good, and despite it being wrong I really didn’t care.

Except for the fact that I wanted it to be Mikey that I was kissing blissfully, with not a single care in the world. Where was he? Where was Gerard? Oh Gerard. I was making out with his man. And I was his girl.

Uh oh.

Maybe I should stop.

But I didn’t.


(So tonight one thing became crystal clear… I suck at writing people drunk. Eh, I’ll have to try again in some other story if the occasion ever arises. Please bear with me? Thanks! I really do appreciate all of the reviews guys, this is probably the story which I get the most reviews for… and so it’s pretty much become top priority. Also, I’ll be starting a short story soon enough for Atomickilljoy. Probably next weekend. I’m still working on it… as well as a few other things but I’m not sure they are ever to be posted. I’m just having trouble updating decently for my current stories.)
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