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Chapter Six

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In which wallmarket type scenarios ensue

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Tragedy Belies the Sacrifice

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Chapter Six: The Second Date


Lightning looked at Cloud like he was crazy. "Royalty? You want me to investigate a letter about royalty?" she asked.

"You're more experienced in the area of foreign affairs." explained Cloud.

Lightning sighed and nodded. "Yeah I guess that would be alright." she said.

Squally walked in with Seifer about then and looked over at Cloud and Aerith. "Hey." he said.

"Hey there." said Cloud.

"Aerith, I have a favor to ask of you." said Squall.

"What is it?" she asked.

"Can you help Tifa and my father make a surprise engagement party?" he asked.

"Whoa, you're asking her!?" asked Cloud in shock.

Squall nodded and looked away embarrassed. "Yeah I am." he said.

"Sure thing I can! I'd love to!" exclaimed Aerith.

"Make it for tomorrow night?" asked Squall.

"Gotcha." said Aerith as she looked to Cloud who nodded, Aerith ran to help Tifa and Laguna, Lightning and Cloud decided to go with them to watch the things progress.

Tifa was of course talking with Aerith, they seemed to be getting along swimmingly.

"You know what's funny, he's so awkward but it's so adorable." said Aerith to Tifa.

"Oh I know, you know what else? He used to trip over his own feet a lot." said Tifa.

"Really!?" exclaimed Aerith.

Cloud groaned and Lightning smirked. "They're talking about you." she said.

Cloud nodded and walked over. "You know, I'm right here." he said.

The two girls giggled. "Oh we know." they both said.

Tifa looked to Aerith. "So do you remember that creep in down town? Don Corneo?" she said.

"I do! But he was gone for a while." said Aerith.

"Wait? A while? I thought they put him in jail?" said Tifa.

"No he's back, and he's been causing a lot of problems." said Aerith.

"Great, just what we need, more thugs like him around." said Tifa.

"If only someone could get some dirt on him." said Aerith.

Laguna looked at the two of them. "If you're both so concerned, why don't you do it?" he asked.

"No, Aerith's not going near danger." spoke Cloud immediately.

Aerith looked to Cloud as he spoke more. "I mean...I know you're strong and you've grown up in the slums, I just really want you to be safe." he said.

Aerith frowned but nodded. "Well at least Tifa can't go alone." said Lightning.

"You could go Lightning." said Laguna.

"She'd have to dress different." said Tifa.

Lightning's eye twitched. "I am not wearing a dress." she said.

"We could ask Rinoa, or Garnet or Yuna." said Aerith.

"I don't think any of them are strong enough to handle this." said Cloud.

"Oh I know!" exclaimed Aerith.

They all looked at her. "Cloud could dress like a girl!" she exclaimed.

Cloud paled and Laguna promptly fell over laughing with no shame while Lightning pinched her forehead.

"That's actually not a terrible idea." said Tifa trying to hold back her laughter at the idea.

"I don't know..." said Lightning.

"Tell you what, tomorrow, the three of us will handle him." said Aerith.

"Wait three?" asked Cloud looking at Aerith.

"Yes I'm going with you." she said.

Cloud looked down. "I don't think that's a good idea." he said.

Aerith sighed and folded her arms, soon the party preparations were underway and the place was set up perfectly for it, it was at Laguna's mansion of course which Squall would be telling Rinoa they were going to have dinner with his father at.

Soon they all packed up and Cloud drove Aerith home, it was the middle of the night when he got a phone call.

"Hello?" he asked groggily.

"Cloud, it's Tifa, she called me panicked." said Snow.

"What?!" exclaimed Cloud as he shop up out of bed.

"She went ahead to Don Corneo's. I'm not sure what crazy plan you guys got going on, but she's in big trouble, he's got her held captive." said Snow.

Cloud sighed and got up, he dressed himself fully, he glanced at his phone. "Did you tell Aerith?" asked Cloud.

"Yeah of course I did." said Snow.

"Damn it! I didn't want her to get..." he began.

"Cloud, listen I get it. I'm the same way with Serah, I don't want her in danger either. But there was this one time...remember in the fight clubs? I got myself in too deep? Serah...she saved me, she ran in and managed to defeat them all. Of course I thought Lightning might have trained her at the time, but she didn't. Serah learned it all for me. You gotta let Aerith charge ahead by your side, not being guarded by you while you're far ahead, because otherwise she and you won't be equals." said Snow.

Cloud shut his mouth and sighed, he nodded and hung up, he soon ran to Aerith and she looked at Cloud. "Don't tell me to go home." she said.

Cloud shook his head. "I won't." he said.

She smiled. "I'm stronger then I look Cloud." she said.

Cloud nodded and looked ahead. "So um...what are we going to do about this?" he asked.

"I already talked to Snow, Serah's too indisposed at the moment to help, she's been resting since the birth." said Aerith.

"And what about the others?" asked Cloud.

"Squall said Rinoa probably shouldn't since their party is tomorrow. I asked Garnet and Zidane, but they're exhausted with their little kid and have no one to baby sit her. Yuna and Tidus said they'd be here, Lightning said no way but that she's going to keep a look out in case he tries to escape this area, she has some old military buddies that will be helping her." said Aerith.

"So basically we're on our own?" asked Cloud.

Aerith nodded. "Come on Cloud, let's go get you dressed up." said Aerith with a giggle.

Cloud groaned and Aerith dragged him by his hand. "Tell you what Cloud, let's make it a date." she said.

Cloud perked up a little. "Dressing me up is a date?" he asked.

Aerith giggled and nodded. "But of course it is." she said.

Cloud sighed and Aerith went to a local dress shop, standing there was none other then Kuja.

"Kuja!?" exclaimed Aerith.

"Aerith!?" he exclaimed and ran over.

"It's been so long! What are you doing out here hun?" he asked her.

"What are YOU doing here mr. huge and famous!?" exclaimed Aerith.

Cloud really couldn't help but notice that Kuja was gorgeous, and frankly it was scary that a man could be that pretty, prettier in person then in his ads even.

"I'm on an underground project with my friend Mateus, though a friend he may be, no one messes with me even when I come here alone." he said poetically.

Though the term friend held a certain connotation to it, Cloud was not willing to ask at all.

"Mateus?" asked Aerith.

He came out regal dressed with a certain demure to him that made Cloud step away a little.

"Wait...he's the emperor of a country, isn't he?!" exclaimed Aerith.

"That I am, of China actually." he said.

"They still have an emperor?" asked Cloud.

"They didn't until I arrived." spoke Mateus with a smirk.

"Yes anyway, we're here to show him where I came from." said Kuja.

Mateus stepped next to Kuja and placed a hand on his shoulder, Aerith giggled a little.

"Well it's good to see you Kuja." she said.

Kuja shrugged. "Yes of course this is the dress shop where it all started after all, my times, my body on camera, it all began here." he said poetically.

"Such a pitiful building." said the Emperor.

"Perhaps, but tell me little dove, why are you here?" asked Kuja.

Aerith explained what was going on and Kuja smirked flipping his hair back. "So this is your boyfriend? I see but of course. Well why not allow me to help in this endeavor that you have put yourself on the path of?" he spoke.

Kuja turned to the Emperor and smirked a knowing smirk. "Wait for me at the hotel?" he asked.

Emperor Mateus nodded. "Indeed." he said simply and walked away with his regal stance.

Aerith looked at Kuja. "Is he...your?.." she asked.

Kuja smirked. "Indeed he is that little dove." he said.

She squealed and hugged Kuja, Cloud really had a feeling he didn't need to know.

"Why doesn't he just cross dress instead of me?" asked Cloud.

"Because even cross dressed I am too recognizable." said Kuja.

Cloud sighed, that was true, some of his best ads were of him cross dressed, though he usually just dressed in well...a thong? It was hard to pinpoint his fashion standards personally.

Kuja looked at Aerith's pink dress and sighed. "Darling we'll need to dress you up as well, I'm sure Tifa your friend was dressed up to get into the place." he said.

Aerith nodded. "And what about Cloud?" she asked.

Kuja smirked. "Well but of course shouldn't be too hard to dress him up." he said flipping his hair.

Cloud sighed, he really didn't want to know Kuja all the more then he'd already gotten to know him, Zidane's brother was...well he was weird.

Suddenly the Emperor walked back in and put a hat on Kuja's head, it was black, it also seemed to hold some special value because Kuja smirked at it.

"I'm guessing you won't say it...but what you mean to say is be careful upon this troublesome night?" spoke Kuja.

The Emperor nodded and Kuja smirked a little, he then walked out and Kuja began to measure Aerith.

"I have the perfect dress for you." he said.

She smiled and Kuja moved to the back, when he came out with a red dress, it was very gorgeous, it had long red lace on the bell of the dress while the top of it was lace on top of a red satin. He of course escorted her to put it on. When she came out, Kuja undid her long braid, her brown locks of hair flowing down and Cloud was astonished, his mouth hung open, she looked so amazing, her feet in red high heels. Kuja smirked. "Well your man is easy to please." he said.

Cloud blushed and rubbed the back of his head. "Go on give her the compliment she deserves." said Kuja.

Cloud stepped forward. " look..." he stuttered.

She giggled. "Thank you Cloud." she said.

He smiled a little and took her hand in his. "You look amazing, you're always beautiful but now you're truly amazing." he said.

She smiled and blushed, Kuja walked over then and began to measure Cloud.

"Well Cloud you'll need to wash up at the old bath houses first." said Kuja.

Cloud paled. "What?" he asked.

Kuja smirked. "Just trust me, will you?" he said.

Cloud shook his head and Aerith giggled. "Meanwhile I'll go find the bra inserts, the bra, the tiara, the wig, the shoes, and Kuja you find the dress ok?" she said.

Kuja smirked and nodded, Cloud sighed with disdain as he went to the bath houses, once there he took a bath with several other men, some of which...touched him in places. He wasn't too thrilled but by the end of it he had managed to get some lacy underwear and definitely smelled like a woman. It definitely didn't strike him as odd that Kuja knew about that place. He got back but Aerith wasn't there, just Kuja who was working on a purple dress.

"So tell me...why are you and different looking?" asked Cloud.

"Experiments honestly, no other explanation. Garland did many things to us, he did more to me then the others actually, though our sister perished. I meant to perish." said Kuja.

"Perish as in die?" asked Cloud.

"Indeed, but since meeting Mateus, a man with much power, I have become in a power a bit myself in those lands with him. He has developed an antidote for the sickness Garland caused me." said Kuja.

Cloud sighed. "I'm guessing Garland had a true goal?" he asked.

Kuja nodded. "He did and on his death bed he apologized for everything...but it wasn't enough, not for me." spoke Kuja, his tone suddenly dark.

"What do you mean?" asked Cloud.

"I killed Garland." said Kuja.

Cloud's eyes went wide and Kuja smirked. "Did Zidane not tell you that part?" he spoke.

"No he didn't..." said Cloud.

Kuja nodded. "Alas though, I only did it because of what he had done to me."spoke Kuja.

"You're definitely an odd one." said Cloud.

Kuja shrugged. "Perhaps, but it's better then being boring or dead." he said flipping his hair.

Cloud shrugged and sighed. "Reminds me of someone I used to know...his name was Sephiroth. He was experimented on by the military and went nuts eventually." spoke Cloud.

Kuja's smirk only went darker. "Oh yes I knew him." he said.

Cloud looked at Kuja. "What do you mean?" he asked.

Kuja shook his head and sighed. "Sephiroth was a dear friend of mine at some point, you can infer what that might or might not mean, I prefer to keep those kinds of matters private as they do not define me, I myself am a narcissist more then anything and enjoy the company of others who share similar personalities to mine. Sephiroth shared a past like mine, I was around him for quite some time. But one day he allowed it to consume him, while I myself have been at that point many times my brother has always bailed me out. I tried to bail Sephiroth out of his, but in the end it did not matter even a little. No unlike Zidane, I am not skilled in helping others like myself, Zidane has a caring that I seem not to possess, I only possess a sanity because of him." spoke Kuja.

The words hit Cloud like a ton of bricks, it didn't surprise him actually that Sephiroth would have been one to be around someone like Kuja, but to hear of their pain, at the same time the death of Zack weighed on his mind and he couldn't help but feel the anger rising.

"I still cannot forgive him, I pity him, he didn't get it at all. There's so much in life to cherish and he didn't. You at least...seem to cherish people. You have more then he did." said Cloud.

Kuja smirked and nodded. "You're a good man Cloud, I'm glad the little dove has you." he said.

"You know the Emperor doesn't seem that bad." said Cloud.

"Well I don't know if you'll be saying that when he decides to rule the world." said Kuja with a smirk.

"How many countries does he own?" asked Cloud.

"Well with Rufus the President of the United States as a friend of his, I'd say that he owns at least half the world now, though he rules with his own set of rules." said Kuja.

Cloud shook his head. "Well it's not like it matters, does it?" he asked.

Kuja chuckled. "It's hard to tell, is it not?" he spoke.

Cloud shrugged and Kuja worked on the dress more when Aerith walked in and looked at them both.

"Well looks like you two are actually getting along." she said with a giggle.

Cloud sighed. "Somewhat, he's not as bad as I thought he might be." he said with arms folded.

Aerith walked over and began to strip Cloud completely, he blushed of course and soon he was fully crossdressed with the panties and all. She giggled and kissed his cheek. He sighed in exasperation.

"Well actually you look rather convincing." said Kuja with a chuckle.

"Thanks." said Cloud sarcastically.

Kuja walked over and placed a hand on Cloud's shoulder. "Stay safe, I need you to protect the little flower, I wish to see you again someday after all." he said with a smirk.

Cloud nodded and smirked. "No problem, I'd have to say this has been...well enlightening, thank you for telling me more about Sephiroth." he said.

Kuja nodded and left then, a flip of his hair and he smirked back at the both before he was gone. Cloud looked at Aerith and put his hand in hers.

"Sephiroth?" she asked.

Cloud shook his head. "I'll tell you about it some other time, alright?" he said.

Aerith nodded and they left for Don Corneo's. Once they got there, they convinced the guard to let them in and they were taken down to Tifa and the other women there, it was after all a whore house. She instantly recognized Aerith.

"Aerith!?" exclaimed Tifa.

Aerith nodded. "We came to rescue you." she said.

"We?" asked Tifa.

Aerith stepped to the side of Cloud and Tifa leaned in looking at him, her eyes went wide.

"Cloud!?" she exclaimed in shock.

Cloud groaned and looked away embarrassed.

"Wow I can't believe you cross dressed." she said with a small laugh.

Cloud sighed. "So now what? We have to get out of here." he said.

Aerith thought for a moment. "I'm not sure actually." she said.

Cloud sighed. "We can always fight our way out but it might leave things plenty bloody enough for the police." he said.

"We came to stop this place, didn't we?" said Tifa.

"We did." said Aerith.

"Look that doesn't make it any easier." said Cloud.

"We can do this Cloud." said Tifa.

Cloud looked to Aerith. "Alright, but we need a plan." he said.

Aerith thought for a moment. "Well it depends on who the Don picks for the night, that person has to handle him while the other two of us have to handle his lackeys." she said.

"I doubt he'll pick me." said Cloud.

"I don't know about that, you make a pretty convincing woman." said Aerith.

Cloud sighed and pinched his forehead, but they were called up then, no real plan they simply stood in front of the Don.

"Hmmm.." spoke the disgusting man.

He leaned in smelling Aerith who cringed internally, he looked at Tifa's chest of course before he checked out Cloud, and he turned around after he had looked them over and smirked.

"The middle one." he said.

Cloud was shocked, Don had picked...him. Cloud followed him slowly, he was almost sweating at the idea of the other two having to deal with the other perverts there, he hoped they could handle themselves, well he knew Tifa could but he wasn't sure about Aerith, still she had braved so much with them already, perhaps she'd be alright, she was his girlfriend though and he wasn't entirely sure.

"So come closer cutie." said the Don.

Cloud moved closer and Don moved in, getting closer to him, Cloud moved away of course disgusted by the man, repulsed entirely.

"What's the matter? Have a boyfriend?" asked the man.

Cloud smirked and decided to play along in his most effeminate voice possible he said. "Yes his name is Squall." Cloud said with a smirk.

"Ah come on baby, just for tonight." he said rubbing his hand up Cloud's leg.

"I don't know..." said Cloud again in the voice.

He wondered how the other two were doing that was until Don leaned in and kissed him, he felt the vile coming up his throat but he bit it back and Don broke the kiss, he was pale of course and he stood up.

"If you'll excuse me..." he said in the voice.

"Wait." said Don.

He locked the door then, "Where do you think you're going?" asked the Don.

Cloud began to sweat, this was bad, as he looked around the room he saw guns for security, he then heard shots fired and the Don looked surprised. "What in the?..." he asked.

Cloud heard two fists pounding on the door. "Cloud!" exclaimed Aerith.

"Aerith!?" he exclaimed.

"What was that?" asked the Don.

Suddenly the door went down, Tifa had kicked it in and she and Aerith ran in, Cloud quickly ran to their side.

"Now that we've taken care of your lackeys." said Aerith.

"Let go of Cloud." said Tifa.

Cloud looked away as the Don looked confused. "Cloud? What kind of name is that for a girl?" he asked.

"I'm not a girl." said Cloud.

The Don paled and they all leaned in looking at him. "Get out of town, never return, all the problems you've been causing around these parts, all of the poverty you've taken advantage of, leave." said Aerith.

The Don moved back to grab a gun but Tifa was faster and grabbed his arm, she pulled back his arms and they marched out of there, soon they managed to make it to Lightning's old military buddies, once they did and the Don was safely being put into jail, they made it back home where Squall looked at Cloud.

"What are you...what the fuck man?" he asked.

Cloud looked down at himself and realized he was still in drag, Rinoa came out and began to laugh so hard, she took a picture and sent it to everyone, Cloud blushed while Aerith hung onto his arm and giggled, he'd never live it down.


Author: Please Review, yes Emperor Mateus x Kuja was implied but I'm not going to make them a front couple, just going to keep them implied.
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