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Chapter Seven

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Engagement in secret, and more congrats for Squall and Rinoa.

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Tragedy Belies the Sacrifice

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Chapter Seven: Squall and Rinoa's Engagement Party


Aerith and Tifa had been working all day the next day on the engagement party for Rinoa and Squall, of course Rinoa didn't know about it at all. Squall was panicking a bit at work and Snow made him sit down.

"Yo man, chill. If you worry about it too much you won't even be able to make it there tonight." he said.

Cloud looked over at Squall and then back to Snow. "We have a customer." he said.

Snow nodded. "You take him home, he's useless in the shop today." said Snow.

"When's the last time you actually made us do any work?" asked Cloud.

"Quiet don't remind me, be glad you're getting away with it." said Snow.

Cloud smirked and helped Squall back to his place, Laguna of course was setting up something when Lightning walked in and almost knocked him over, luckily he managed to stay upright.

"Watch it." he said in annoyance.

"Cloud, I investigated those letters. Garnet is a princess." she said.

Cloud looked shocked. "What?" he asked.

"She's the current princess of Thailand." she said.

They all stopped what they were doing for a moment. "And what about here? How did she get here?" asked Cloud.

"The letters said she was lost as a child and they've managed to track her down and are wishing for her to return to them." said Lightning.

Aerith got out her cell phone and called Garnet, Tifa took over decorating while Aerith asked for Garnet to come over. Once Garnet got there, Lightning explained everything to her, but Garnet really didn't look too happy as she sighed a little and looked out a window.

"I don't's a good idea if I return, after all I'm married and have a life here, what if they separated me and Zidane?" she asked.

"I'm sure they would understand..." said Tifa.

"Maybe, or maybe not." she said with a sigh.

Garnet looked to Lightning. "Thank you for telling me, I'm glad to know what they are now." she said.

Lightning nodded handing Garnet the letter back. Cloud looked to Aerith and they moved back to work on the engagement party. Garnet looked a little troubled and she called Zidane, soon he was there and he looked at her with concern.

"What is it?" he asked.

Garnet explained everything to Zidane who sighed and thought for a moment. "This really isn't good, I mean what if they come to take you by force or something." he said.

"They haven't so far." said Garnet.

"Maybe so what if temporarily we changed your name and all of our information so they couldn't track us? Just to be sure." said Zidane.

"If they do come then we'll be ready." said Lightning.

Garnet looked over at Lightning who smirked and took the phone. "I don't think a name change is necessary, not when you have me and my connections." she said.

Zidane gave a 'hmph' but then spoke. "Alright if you're sure." he said.

They went back to work but soon Zidane had shown up anyway, he seemed like he was making sure that Garnet wasn't going anywhere. She of course punched his shoulder and smiled at him before she hugged him tightly. Aerith was hanging a decoration near the entrance while Cloud watched the ladder to make sure she didn't fall.

"You know Cloud, you've changed." said Snow.

Cloud looked at Snow confused. "You've become lighter." Snow said.

Cloud thought for a moment, ever since Zack's death he'd carried around so much weight on himself. He'd carried around his past, the problems, everything had weighed on him for so long.

"I remember Tifa telling you 'dilly dally, shilly shally,' That was it, right?" said Snow.

Cloud nodded, Tifa had always been a good friend, looking out for him, she understood him. But the past between them however complicated wasn't romantic, she had loved him but he hadn't loved her back. When he was a kid he remembered having a crush on her, but that had changed, he had changed.

"Look Cloud, it's a snowflake." said Aerith pointing to a decoration that accidently got ripped.

He smiled a little. "It is." he said.

Aerith had brought out everything good in him, he had fallen for her, and he had fallen hard. So...if Squall took so long to propose, maybe...maybe it was time for Cloud to propose too. Maybe he should. He'd have to make it a surprise of course but he was definitely floating around the idea in his own head.

"Maybe I've been dilly-dallying a long time now." said Cloud.

Snow nodded and smirked, of course Aerith climbed down then they went over to Tifa who was having some difficulty with the gifts for the party and setting them up, soon the place was ready though once everyone had worked together in perfect sync.

"This is great, Rinoa will be so surprised." said Aerith.

"I hope she says yes..." said Squall.

"I highly doubt she wouldn't." said Lightning.

Of course soon everyone had shown up: Cloud, Aerith, Tifa, Vincent, Snow, Serah, Lightning, Laguna, and Seifer. Garnet and Zidane headed home with Lightning's promise of protection. The others waited in anticipation for Rinoa to come back, the party hidden well enough for Squall to pop the question before they'd reveal themselves and the party.

Rinoa of course came home shortly after they had all hid and upon turning on the lights she saw Squall standing there.

"Oh hey Squall, why're you in a tux?" she asked.

Squall hated the tux but he tugged at the collar of it nervously before he got down on one knee.

"To ask you something." he said.

Rinoa's eyes had gone wide and Squall pulled out the ring in the box.

"Rinoa...I'm not good with words but you always understand, you never give up on me even when I forget sometimes important things, I can't buy gifts, so obviously I had help getting this ring. But damn it I love you. I always wanted to be everything you could want, but even if I can't...I'm glad an angel like you is with someone like me. Which is why I'm asking this. Rinoa, will you marry me?" asked Squall.

It was the most Cloud had ever heard Squall say his feelings, Squall was blushing and awkward down on one knee, and he wasn't able to look at Rinoa because he was so embarrassed. But she squealed happily and hugged Squall knocking them over as her purse flew into a chair.

"Yes of course! Of course I will!" she exclaimed happily as she hugged Squall tightly.

"Surprise!" shouted all the rest of them as they came out of hiding and revealed the decorations and party.

"Wha!? Oh my!" shouted Rinoa in surprise.

"Congratulations you two!" exclaimed Serah as she stood near Snow.

"Yes congratulation." said Vincent.

Laguna walked over and smirked. "I get to have a daughter in law." he said.

She blushed and smiled. "That you do." she said looking at the ring which Squall put onto her finger.

"It's a perfect fit." she said with a smile.

Squall smiled back at her, not one to usually smile, he simply couldn't help it when she looked at him like that. The party went on of course without a problem. They all had a good time, even with the surprise gifts which of course had a lot of household items, but Laguna's was the biggest surprise.

"I bought you both a house." he said.

Squall's jaw dropped as the deed to the house was handed to him. "But dad...what about Cloud's rent?" he asked.

Cloud smirked and just punched Squall's shoulder. "Don't worry about it." he said.

Aerith nodded. "Yes don't worry, you and Rinoa deserve a place of your own." she said.

Squall looked at the address. "Hey it's two blocks away from the bike shop." he said.

Snow looked at it. "Well of course man, this way you don't have to quit your job." he said with a grin.

Squall smirked. "Good considering I like my job." he said.

"What job, you haven't done work for a few weeks." said Lightning.

"Maybe that's why I like it." said Squall sarcastically.

The others laughed but Cloud had separated from the group, he walked outside and looked at the sky. "Things are...changing." he said to himself.

"Cloud?" asked Aerith as she walked outside looking at him curiously.

He looked at Aerith. "Yeah?" he said.

"You alright?" she asked concerned.

He nodded. "Yeah I'll be alright." he said.

"You know, things have been odd lately, new discoveries and new beginnings." she said.

Cloud nodded. "Yeah." he said.

Aerith smiled at Cloud and put her hand over his. "Cloud, I want to tell you something." she said.

Cloud looked at her curiously.

"When I first met you, you reminded me of someone. An old boyfriend, at first...I was searching for you. I knew you weren't the same, just some mannerisms here and there. Cloud I've found you I think, I know you, and I love you." said Aerith.

Cloud thought about her words but he smiled at her, a real smile. Of course as he gave that smile, Tifa walked up and peered at the two of them, she knew she shouldn't have peaked but she was curious.

"Aerith, I love you. You're different, you've always been different." said Cloud awkwardly.

He looked at the ground away from Aerith. "I think that's why I liked you. You're gorgeous...amazing, you have those...those eyes. And your way about things, the way you make magic happen. I don't care about whatever curse or anything, or that ex-boyfriend, I don't..." he said.

Cloud moved in and put his hand on Aerith's shoulder and he pulled her close, she was surprised but she hugged him back and they stayed that way for what seemed like eternity before they pulled back and Cloud rubbed the back of his head.

"Aerith...I know it's kinda sudden and I don't really have the ring yet...but would you maybe...marry me?" he asked.

Aerith giggled and leaned in looking at Cloud. "Yes." she said.

Cloud smiled awkwardly before he hugged her. "I'll get the ring soon." he said.

And with those words every jealous fiber in Tifa's blood had been lit, it wasn't like she wasn't happy for them but her fist clenched, her own heart had shattered on the floor. She walked back to her room.

What about the promise he made? What about the bonding they had done as kids? Was it all really in the past? What about...Aerith's past? Who was her ex-boyfriend? What was this curse exactly? Tifa put a clenched fist over her chest and breathed a sigh.

"It doesn't matter...does it? I can't do this." she said to herself.

But even after she said that, she pulled up a computer and began to search some things, she had to get to the bottom of this, which was when she called her friend Reeve.

"Hey Reeve? Yeah I need a favor." said Tifa on the phone.


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