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Chapter 4

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Hi again! Thank you for all the reviews and ratings and views and stuff which I am totally going to reply to after I've posted this. I really love writing this, I've wanted to write something like this for a while :* xx

Gerard had hardly slept last night because of his anticipation to see his doctor. The initial stages of male pregnancy was heavily monitored, so it was advised to visit the doctor a week after taking a home test, which Gerard had taken more of over the week. All of them were positive. Frank had originally felt upset that he wasn’t there for the first test that Gerard took, but Gerard got so emotional over every test he took that, by the end of the week, Frank felt as if he hadn’t missed much.

Gerard had tossed and turned all night, too paranoid to sleep on his stomach. He had even gotten up in the early hours of the morning and fetched a glass of water, though he had to be careful not to wake Frank or else he would insist on getting the drink for him. Gerard would have found Frank’s helpfulness irritating but Frank was sometimes so caught up in his work and so busy that Gerard spent a lot of time by himself, so Frank insisting to do everything for him was a pleasant change.

As soon as he deemed it acceptable, he got out of bed and sat in front of the TV in the living. He was absolutely terrified that he would have a complication during his pregnancy, but he couldn’t have a scan for another four or five weeks. He curled up on himself as he watched shitty morning TV. He drifted in and out of sleep and was only woken when he felt someone running their hands through his hair. He blinked sleepily and saw Frank standing over him.

“Hey, did you not sleep well?” Frank asked, crouching down to Gerard’s eye level.

“No, I’m just worried about the doctor’s and the baby,” Gerard mumbled, sitting up.

“You’re going to be fine. The baby’s going to be fine,” Frank soothed, combing hair out of Gerard’s face.

“I know...but...what if it’s not? What if-”

“Gerard, stop it,” Frank said firmly, putting a hand on his shoulder, “The stress isn’t good for the baby anyway. Calm down.”

Gerard sighed, “I guess so,” he said resignedly.

“C’mon, we need to get ready anyway, the doctor’s appointment is in an hour and a half,” Frank said, helping Gerard off the couch.

“God, was I out for that long?” He asked, yawning and stretching.

“Yeah, you looked so peaceful that I didn’t want to interrupt you...actually that’s a lie I wanted to throw water over you but that could ruin the couch,” Frank laughed. Gerard tutted and hit Frank’s shoulder.

“You’re the worst,” He muttered, even though he was grinning at him.


They had been called though to an examination room and had been siting there for a while. Gerard was dressed in a white hospital robe and was sitting on a pale blue bed, holding Frank’s hand.

“Hello,” Doctor Blige greeted, closing the door behind him and putting on a new pair of rubber gloves, “I believe we are taking a blood sample to check for pregnancy today.”

“Yeah, we are,” Gerard said through a steady exhale, squeezing Frank’s hand.

“Great. Now if I could just ask you to hold your right arm out for me,” He said, holding Gerard’s upper arm firmly, “And take a deep!”

He plunged the needle in while Gerard had his eyes clamped firmly shut and was squeezing Frank’s hand. Frank watched the needle fill up with Gerard’s blood and felt his eyes water. When the doctor had finally taken enough of Gerard’s blood, he removed and needle.

“Done,” He said, placing a piece of cotton wool over the area he had taken the blood from and taking the sample to put it into a separate tube. Gerard exhaled deeply and gave Frank his hand back.

“Holy mother of -” He muttered, shaking his hand. Gerard smirked and sat back.

“Okay, it should take twenty minutes at most,” Doctor Blige said, “You’re lucky you came in at such a quiet time.”

“Aren’t I just,” Gerard muttered darkly, pushing the cotton wool down onto his arm.

“You can wait here if you want the results today or I can phone you tomorrow to tell you then,” Doctor Blige said. Gerard turned to look at Frank.

“We’ll stay. We really want to find out as soon as possible,” Gerard said, with Frank nodding beside him. Doctor Blige smiled.

“That’s fine, I’ll be back shortly,” He said, darting out the door. Gerard let his head fall back against the wall.

“That was horrible,” He groaned, still pressing the cotton wool into his arm.

“That’s going to be nothing compared to the birth,” Frank commented chirpily, freezing when Gerard just stares at him.

“Why would you say that?” Gerard asked sharply. Frank winced.

“Nothing. You know. Just an observation,” Frank said defensively. Gerard glared at him before moodily pressing the cotton wool into his arm. They sat there in tense silence for another few minutes.

“Didn’t realise the hormones kicked in so quickly,” Frank muttered, rubbing his arm.

“What?” Gerard snapped, his eye blazing. Frank backed away.

“Nothing, nothing,” He muttered, “Jesus.”


Doctor Blige entered the room again a half hour later to a very uncomfortable atmosphere.

“So...” He said jovially. Frank sprung from his chair when he saw the doctor had entered and Gerard’s head snapped up.

“What is it?” Gerard exclaimed, jumping off the bed and scrabbling for Frank’s hand, holding it tight.

“I am very pleased to confirm what you already know. You’re two and a half weeks pregnant, Mr Way. Congratulations,” Doctor Blige said warmly. Gerard’s face was frozen in a picture of relief and excitement.

“Frank!” He gasped, turning his head around to look at Frank’s expression, mirroring his own, “We’re having a baby!”

“I’ll give you a few minutes to yourselves, but if you want we can have a quick chat about pregnancy and I’ve give you a few packs,” He said, lingering by the door.

“Yeah, thanks,” Gerard said. He blinked back the tears welling in his eyes, but unsuccessfully. As soon as the doctor left the room tears spilled down his cheeks, which were flushed with excitement.

“We’re going to be parents!” He exclaimed. Frank grabbed him by the waist planted a loud kiss on his lips. Gerard continued crying and buried his head in Frank’s neck.

“Oh my God,” Frank whispered. He was confident before the doctor’s appointment, because Gerard had ended up taking 15 tests in total, but hearing it from the doctor made everything so much more real.

“We’re going to have to start thinking of names and getting furniture and painting - sorry,” Gerard sobbed, lifting his face out of the juncture of Frank’s neck and wiping his face with his sleeve.

“Happy tears?” Frank asked, handing Gerard a tissue.

“Of course they’re fucking happy tears,” Gerard bitched, wiping at his face furiously and taking deep, heaving breaths, “And I can’t stop them.”

“You don’t have to,” Frank laughed, wrapping him up in his arms.


When Doctor Blige came back, he led them to a small room down the hospital corridor with a desk and two chair in front of it.

“Take a seat,” He offered, gesturing to the chairs and walking around his desk. As he sat he dug through some papers.

“Okay,” He said, taking his glasses off and looking at them, “I know it’s not nice to think about these things so soon after such brilliant news, but as you probably already know for the first six weeks you’ll be very heavily monitored in case of complications. Before you get anxious, I just want to tell you that although you may have heard all these horror stories about male pregnancy, the majority of pregnancies are smooth from start to finish. However, we do have to think about these things on the off chance that they do occur - so, in the next few weeks, if you notice any irregular anal bleeding or extreme stomach pains, I would advise you to visit us immediately. After the first six weeks you should be clear of most dangers and after your first scan we’ll know how and where baby is planning to grow.”

He broke off to smile at them, noticing Gerard’s taut face, “Now that we have all of that out the way, I’ll tell you what to expect. It will be perfectly normal to experience morning sickness anytime around now, though I’ve found it most common to start from 4 to 6 weeks. The time when you stop having morning sickness varies from person to person, with some only experiencing it until 10 weeks and some for the whole 9 months, so don’t be alarmed if you’re still vomiting well into your third trimester or during the day instead of the morning - I’d only start to become worried if you become extremely dehydrated or begin to lose too much weight. In that case come right back and see me. If you do want to take medication to stop the sickness, use the ones recommended by the clinic as some others could have unfortunate side effects, though I would avoid using any just in case. I have some leaflets for you about that, and some others about eating healthily and making sure you get all the correct vitamins during the pregnancy, but I would also advice that you make an appointment later with the nutritionist so you can sit down and talk about what you’ll be needing to eat and avoid so that the baby isn’t delivered underweight or miscarried, and I’m sure you know that smoking and alcohol is definitely on the don’t list.”

Gerard nodded his head intently, glancing at Frank who squeezed his hand.

The doctor carried on, “It’s advisable to do some non-strenuous activity such as walking, but, concerning weight, it’s just important to not become underweight as that can affect the weight of the baby and it’s longterm health. There’s also a leaflet about infections which could affect your baby,” He said, handing it to Frank, “Which you will probably already have shots for, but I would stay away from anyone who has them, if I were you. I think that’s about it for now as you’ll probably get more information when you go for your first scan, which I can book for you on the...” He flicked through a folder, “On the 30th of January. It’ll be much clearer then what you’ll need to do and how your baby is progressing, but for now, do what you can and book an appointment with the nutritionist.”

Gerard stood up, looking a little pale, “Thank you for your help,” He said, clutching onto the leaflets.

“Mr Way, I’m sure this baby will be fine. You just need to take all the necessary procedures, which I’m sure you will,” Doctor Blige said warmly, shaking both his and Frank’s hands in turn.

“Thank you,” Frank said fervently, picking up his leaflets and following Gerard out.

“I’m just going to make an appointment with the nutritionist,” Gerard said softly, kissing Frank’s cheek, “You go warm up the car.”

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