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Chapter 5

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They had told Mikey and Alicia down the phone that Gerard was officially pregnant and they had gone mental, yelling and whooping down the phone. Frank hadn’t been able to keep his hands off Gerard all night, feeling up him the moment they were through the door and giving him and blowjob on the couch.

“God you’re so hot,” Frank muttered, kissing up and down Gerard’s legs. Gerard moaned and tried to sit up.

“I wanna get you off,” Gerard mumbled, but Frank pushed him back down, straddling his thighs.

“I want to kiss you all over first,” Frank whispered, leaning down so he was whispering into Gerard’s ear, “Everywhere.”

Gerard moaned and squirmed as Frank kissed his ankles and then worked his way up to his thighs and his hips.

“When do you think I got you pregnant?” Frank asked, kissing Gerard’s ribcage, “Was it that night when you rode my dick in our bed? Or when I fucked you on the living room floor? Or was it when you came to my office that lunchtime and I fucked you over my desk, when you used one of my spare ties as a gag so that no one else in the office would hear you?”

“Frankie,” Gerard whined, wrapping his arms around Frank’s neck. Frank sucked a hickey onto Gerard’s neck, scraping his teeth along the skin.

As soon as Frank let Gerard sit up, he had a hand in his boxers, wrapping around his cock and pumping him. Gerard smothered his moan with a kiss, tongue and teeth clashing together as he quickened his pace.

“Gerard, fuck,” Frank moaned, busking up into Gerard’s hand, “Yeah, keep doing that.”

He came in his boxers and over Gerard’s hand, riding out his orgasm by biting into Gerard’s neck again. He lay on the couch breathing heavily for a few moments with Gerard sitting on top of him, his hands lying on his chest.

“So hot,” Frank groaned, grabbing Gerard’s ass with both hands. Gerard yelped as Frank squeezed it and then lay down on Frank, mouthing at his neck lazily.

“I’ll order pizza in a minute,” Frank said, “And we can catch up on some TV. The last few days have been kind of hectic.”

“That sounds good,” Gerard mumbled, “Just you, me and the baby.”

“Yeah,” Frank said softly, kissing him quickly before shuffling from underneath him to find a takeout menu.


Everything was normal for the next few weeks. They still hadn’t quite gotten over the fact that Gerard was pregnant, and Frank found it hard to contain himself from telling everyone when he was at work, but they were able to get on with their lives, although Gerard made sure that he had nothing big planned for the next year. He didn’t want to overexert himself by having to draw loads of panels while pregnant, or worse, having deadlines when there was a child that needed feeding and changing.

Gerard woke up slowly on a Friday morning, around five weeks pregnant, and turned over to see that Frank’s side of the bed was empty. Sometimes Frank had to leave for work early, so he wasn’t that bothered. He yawned and sat up, cringing at the feeling in his stomach. He wondered if it was the food they’d had last night, but then it dawned on him.

“Please can it not be,” He prayed as his stomach cramped. His hand flew to his mouth and he raced to the bathroom as fast as he could, throwing himself over the toilet and retching. He placed both hands on the side of the bowl and vomited, breathing heavily before his stomach contracted and he vomited again.

“Jesus,” He muttered, wiping his mouth and brushing his teeth to get the taste of yesterday’s food and acid out of his mouth. He felt drained now, and shaky, so he curled up under the covers in his and Frank’s bed again. He reached for his mobile on the bedside table and called Frank, pressing the phone to his ear.

“Hey, Baby, you okay?” Frank asked him, his voice distant and tinny.

“Yeah,” Gerard sighed, shifting in the bed, “I’ve just had my first bout of morning sickness and feel kind of shit now.”

“You okay?” Frank quickly, his tone saturated with concern.

“Yeah. It’s just kind of draining, but I guess I better get used to it,” Gerard sighed, throwing the covers over his head.

“Baby,” Frank cooed sympathetically, “I think I can get away with a half day today, so I can be back home at lunch.”

“It’s fine,” Gerard said, “You don’t have to do that.”

“I’m the boss, Gerard,” Frank reminded him, “I can give my stuff to other people to do.”

“You’re too much of a control freak for that,” Gerard laughed, feeling a little better already.

“I’ll see you later, yeah,” Frank said.

“Yeah,” Gerard agreed, hanging up and snuggling under the sheets, his eyes soon drifting shut.

When he woke again, it was to Frank shaking his shoulder lightly.

“Hey, Baby,” Frank greeted him, crouching down to meet his eye level, “You feeling any better?”

“Yeah, a bit. Underestimated how tired I was though. I slept all day,” Gerard said, stretching. Frank laughed and brushed the hair out of his eyes and pressed a kiss to his forehead.

“I’m going to take you out later, yeah?” Frank murmured, pressing his forehead to Gerard’s, “We’ll go out and eat somewhere nice.”

Gerard smiled sleepily, “I should probably go take a shower then,” He said, clasping onto Frank’s hand to get up.


Gerard continued to throw up every morning, around nine o’ clock. Frank decided to start going into work later to help Gerard in the morning, to comfort him as he vomits into the toilet bowl and to wash his clammy head afterwards. Frank had known from the second that Gerard told him he was pregnant that he would have to spend less time at work. He’d taken the time to employ new people to take on work so that he could spend more time at home, especially after the baby was born. He didn’t want to miss it’s first words or first steps because he had a meeting.

Gerard woke up one morning, when he was at five and a half weeks and felt his stomach, like he always did in the morning, but felt a slight hardness there, rising and falling. He scrambled out of bed and stood in front of their full-length mirror in only his sweats, turning around to get a full look at his stomach.

“Gerard, what are you doing?” Frank asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes.

“My baby bump!” Gerard replied, ecstatic, pushing down his sweats so that they lay low on his hips, “Look!”

Frank sat up instantly, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Sure enough, there was a tiny, almost hardly noticeable bump, on his slim stomach.

“Oh my God,” Frank exclaimed, throwing off the covers and standing next to Gerard, rubbing his hands all over the bump before standing behind Gerard and wrapping his hands arm his stomach, staring at them in the mirror.

“You look so beautiful,” Frank whispered against his neck. He did. He had gained a few pounds from pregnancy, but it just made his face look fuller and healthier. His cheeks seemed to have a constant pink tinge to them, making him look fresh faced. His eyes were constantly bright and he seemed more at ease with himself. Gerard sighed in content and kissed Frank, placing a hand on his cheek to deepen the it.


On the day of his scan, Gerard got up at seven, taking his vitamins as soon as he was out of bed. When Frank woke up, he found Gerard on the sofa, looking awake and alert, watching the news.

“Hey, Frankie,” He said, leaning up for a kiss.

“Have you been sick yet?” Frank asked, switching on the coffee maker for him and the kettle for Gerard’s peppermint tea.

“No, but I probably will be in a few hours. It’s awful,” Gerard whined. Frank laughed and brought him over a mug of tea.

“You excited for the scan?” Frank asked. Gerard shrugged.

“Yeah. I mean, I’m petrified of the baby not growing right but I’m excited to see it,” Gerard said. Frank made a face.

“Same,” He agreed, sitting down beside Gerard and throwing his arm around his shoulders.


“Doctor Blige will be with you in just a second,” The nurse said, slipping out the door.

“This feels weird,” Gerard muttered, lying down on a hospital bed with a white hospital paper gown on instead of his top, which was rucked up to above his ribs.

“In just a few minutes, we’ll be able to see our child,” Frank said excitedly, holding Gerard’s hand.

“Hello!” Doctor Blige greeted, entering the room staring at his clipboard, “It’s good to see you two again. Has everything been okay so far with the pregnancy?”

Gerard nodded eagerly, “Yeah. I started my morning sickness about a week or so ago. It’s about every morning at nine-ish, but otherwise everything’s fine, I think.”

“Brilliant,” The doctor said, snapping on his rubber gloves, “Now, I’m going to have to put some gel on your abdomen, which could be cold. Did you have lots of water before you came?”

“Yes,” Gerard replied, craning his neck up to look at the blue gel.

“Good, it’ll give us a better picture. Right, I’m putting the gel on now,” Doctor Blige warned, slathering the gel on his stomach and rubbing it around with his gloved hands. Gerard hissed uncomfortably as the cold gel shocked his skin.

“That should be it, I’m going to get the sonographer and I’ll explain what the picture means when it shows up,” Doctor Blige said, grabbing a vaguely stick-like object and lowering it onto the gel on Gerard’s stomach. He moved it around experimentally, images flashing on the screen next to him.

“Here we go!” He cried, inspecting the picture on the screen and picking up a stethoscope to press to Gerard’s lower stomach to listen to the child’s heartbeat. Gerard held his breath, praying that the child was okay, and closed his eyes.

“How is it?” Frank asked breathlessly, looking at the image on the screen intently

“It’s good news! Very good news!” The doctor said triumphantly, “If you look at this picture, you can see your baby, which has given itself enough room to grow, and is developing normally,” He pointed at a strange blue blob on the picture, “And that’s its head. The fluid around its spine is healthy and the placenta looks like its in a safe place. Congratulations. There’ll be two more scans, one at sixteen weeks and another at twenty five, but your baby’s heartbeat is strong and it is looking very good. I don’t think you should expect many complications in your pregnancy, Mr Way.”

“Oh thank God,” Gerard muttered, letting Frank kiss the back of his hand.

“From this, it looks like your due date will be in September, but I’ll be able to be more accurate in you sixteen week scan, and I should be able to tell the sex of the child by then. But until then, keep doing what you’re doing, keep taking your vitamins and eating well, and I’ll see you in another ten weeks,” The doctor said, wiping the gel off Gerard’s stomach, “Did you want prints?”

“Yes please,” Gerard said gratefully, putting his top back on and getting off the bed.

“How many?” The doctor asked.

“Four?” Gerard asked. The doctor nodded and printed them off in the corner of the room.

“Everything’s okay,” Frank whispered fervently. Gerard sagged against him in relief, “Our happy, healthy baby.”

“We’re going to have to tell our parents though, now,” Gerard muttered, grimacing, “Ah, thank you!”

He took the prints from the doctor and felt himself tearing up again.

“We’ll stop by Mikey’s on the way and give him a scan. I have a feeling my mom’s going to be even more excited than we are,” Gerard said, wiping his eyes.

“Well, then, I’ll see you in another ten weeks,” The doctor exclaimed, leading them to the door.

“Thank you so much,” Gerard said, with Frank echoing, “Thanks,” next to him.

As they sat in the car, Gerard fully relaxed, placing both hands on his stomach.

“Our baby’s healthy. God, I’m so happy, Frank,” Gerard whispered, tilting his head back and closing his eyes, tears still leaking out.

“I got you some flowers,” Frank said sheepishly, turning round and pulling the flowers out from the back seat, “I had a feeling that - well, you know. I love you.”

“Oh, Frankie,” Gerard whispered, taking the bunch of yellow roses, “That’s -” Gerard began crying more heavily.

“Gerard,” Frank sounded panicked, “Were they not the right ones?”

“No, it’s not that,” Gerard said, flapping his hands, “I’m just - it’s so sweet of you. And I’m pregnant and hormonal.”

Frank laughed and kissed him sweetly, putting a hand on the side of his neck.

“You ready to face your mom?” Frank asked, starting the engine and reversing.

“Not at all,” Gerard sniffed, looking at the flowers and bursting into tears again.
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