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Taking Flight, Making Me Feel

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Chapter 6

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Thank you for all the reviews and ratings and stuff :* I really love writing this and I will reply to all the reviews soon, after I've finished the next chapter

Gerard tugged at his hair, the black fading to a dark brown. He huffed out a breath and made his hair fly out of his hair, glancing at Frank as they sped along the motorway.

“We stopping off at Mikey’s?”

“Yeah,” Frank replied, eyes steady on the road.

“We nearly there?” Gerard asked, slumping in his seat.

“You tell me,” Frank smirked, taking a left turning and stopping right outside Mikey’s house. Gerard leant over to kiss his cheek before taking his seatbelt off and grabbing a picture of the scan for Mikey and Alicia.

Before they were even at the house, Mikey and Alicia had opened the door.

“Hello!” Alicia called, “How was it? What’s the verdict?”

“Making a nice home for itself. Happy, healthy and safe,” Frank yelled, jogging up the pathway to their house and kissing Alicia on the cheek, “We have a present for you, too.”

“Gerard!” Alicia cried, throwing her arms around his neck as he stood behind Frank.

“Hi!” He chirped, “Frank’s right, we came bearing gifts.”

“Other than the miracle of life?” Mikey deadpanned, “I’ll put the kettle on - tea for you, Gerard?”

“Peppermint, if you have it,” Gerard said, following them into the living room and collapsing on the sofa, resting his hands on his stomach.

“Have you had any cravings yet?” Alicia asked, throwing herself next to him.

“Not really,” Gerard frowned, “I’ve got really keen on green apples, so I guess that’s a thing?”

“I thought craving were meant to be, like, crazy. I thought it was all, chocolate and fish. I was so disappointed when Gerard made me go out in the evening to buy him apples,” Frank sighed in mock-disappointment. He sat on the armrest, threading his hand through Gerard’s hair.

Mikey came back with three cups of coffee and a mug of tea, which he rested on the coffee table.

“You said something about presents?” Mikey asked, sitting on the edge of the coffee table. Everyone was gathered in a circle around Gerard as he unfolded the scan picture, holding it out.

“That’s our baby,” He said, pointing at a grey blob, “Apparently that’s its head, there.”

“Wow,” Alicia breathed, taking the picture off him and looking at it with Mikey.

“It’s yours to keep. Merry belated Christmas,” Frank joked, leaning down to kiss Gerard.

“Are you here for long?” Mikey asked after he was done looking at the picture, sipping his coffee.

“No, we’re on our way to see Donna and then my mom,” Frank explained, leaning over to pick up his coffee cup.

“We were planning on seeing my mom today, actually,” Mikey said, “We’ll tag along with you, if that’s alright?”

“Yeah, that’s fine,” Gerard said, “Maybe you’ll be able to calm her down.”

“Gee,” Mikey said dryly, “I don’t think anything will be able to calm her down.”


They arrived at Donna’s house around lunchtime, all piling out of Mikey’s car and Frank ringing the doorbell.

“And here I was, thinking you’d forgotten my existence,” Donna cried as she opened the door, grabbing them all for a group hug.

“Can’t breathe, Mom,” Mikey choked, wriggling out of her grip.

“Oh Michael,” She sighed, letting him wander into the house, “I hope you’ve been keeping an eye on him, Alicia.”

“As always, Mrs Way,” Alicia replied, dutifully, following Mikey inside.

“And you two,” Donna said, rounding on them, “You, Gerard Way, have not even called me for a good fortnight now. I want a good excuse for ignoring your poor old mother.”

Gerard laughed, “Okay, Mom. We do have something to tell you actually.”

Her eyes widened, “Oh, God. Come in, come in, both of you.”

She practically shoved them inside, switching on the coffee maker and opening the fridge for a pack of bacon.

“You all must be starved - I’ll make some sandwiches. Vegetarian bacon for you, Frank?” She asked, getting the pan out.

“Thanks, Donna,” They chorussed, but Gerard quietly switched the kettle on in the corner and pulled out a teabag from his pocket. He knew that as soon as he asked his Mom for tea, she would just know.

“I’ll be with you in a minute, but you can all settle yourselves in the front room,” Donna called as they traipsed into the front room, mugs clasped to their chests.

“When are you going to tell her?” Mikey asked in hushed tones, sitting crossed legged on the couch. Gerard shrugged.

“When she’s away from something that can’t burn her,” Gerard muttered, sipping his tea.


Donna entered a few minutes later, carrying plates of bacon sandwiches, all piled up on top of each other. Gerard felt his stomach contract as he breathed in the smell of the freshly cooked bacon, and prayed that he wasn’t having an aversion. He tried breathing deeply as he felt his skin clam up - they didn’t have bacon in their house because of Frank’s vegetarianism, so he hadn’t had to confront this yet - and when his mom turned around to pass a plate to him, he knew instantly that: one, he was not hungry and two -

He jumped up and bolted to the bathroom next to the kitchen, bending over the toilet bowl and vomiting, hard, sinking down to his knees to steady himself. He was vomiting for a second time, his stomach heaving and contracting, when Frank came in, crouching down next to him and rubbing his back.

“Is he okay? His news isn’t that he’s ill, is it?” Donna asked loudly.

“No, Mom,” Mikey said, “Give him a few minutes.”

“I can’t go back in there with all that bacon,” Gerard muttered before retching loudly into the bowl, “The smell literally makes me sick.”

“It’s okay, we’ll just get you cleaned up,” Frank said gently, fetching a washcloth and wiping it over Gerard’s face and helping him stand up, “Did you want some mouthwash.”

“Please,” Gerard replied fervently.

Donna was talking in hushed tones when they went back to the living room, but they hung around under the doorframe.”

“Sorry,” Gerard said from outside the room, pale and shaky, “I can’t go back inside - I, um, can’t really deal with the smell of bacon right now.”

Frank smiled sympathetically and drew Gerard into his side. Donna’s expression went from confused to ecstatic in less than a second.

“Gerard?” She asked, standing up hesitantly.

“We were hoping to tell you in a more civilized manner,” Gerard explained, “But I’m six weeks pregnant.”

“Oh my God!” Donna shrieked, coming at him and digging her fake nails into his cheeks, “Oh, my baby boy! A grandmother! A grandchild!”

“We have some scan photos,” Frank offered, digging it out his pocket. Donna snatched it off him, staring at it intently.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?” She cried, clutching the photo to her chest. Mikey and Alicia looked both parts fond and amused.

“We just wanted to make sure everything was alright before we told you - which it is. I am currently home to one healthy baby,” Gerard smiled, guiding his mom’s hands to his stomach.

“How long were you trying for? When did you decide to start? Are you seeing all the right people?” Gerard’s mom barraged them with questions.

“We were trying for about two-ish weeks,” Frank said, his arm around Gerard’s waist, “So we were really lucky.”

“And we’re seeing all the right people,” Gerard added, “I’ve had Doctor Blige for years now. He knows what he’s doing.”

“Are you sure?” Donna asked quickly, “Because Louise’s daughter across the road had her baby and her doctor was brilliant. I have his number, if you need it. I still have your old pediatrician's number as well!”

“It’s fine, Mom,” Gerard said quickly, trying to calm her down, “We’ve got it all sorted, really.”

His mom looks at him suspiciously, “Are you sure, sweetie? Are you eating properly? Do you know what vitamins you need to be taking?”

“Yes!” Gerard said, exasperated, “We know what we’re doing. I’m taking my fucking folic acid and everything and I’ve visited the nutritionist. Your grandchild is going to be fine, Mom.”

She smiled at him, embracing both him and Frank in turn again, “I’m happy for you two. Really happy.”

“Same with us,” Mikey called from the sofa, sharing Gerard’s bacon sandwich with Alicia.

Donna patted Frank’s shoulder and took some plates through to the kitchen. Frank kissed the side of Gerard’s head.

“One down, one to go,” Gerard muttered, making Frank laugh.

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