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Chapter 7

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This is like the second chapter for today, I think. I'm back to school properly tomorrow so my updates may start to slow down because I won't be able to write all the chapters in advance like I'm doing now. Thanks for all the reviews and ratings again, it always makes me really super-duper happy to know that people enjoy reading this :*


Gerard’s stomach was bigger at twelve weeks, now clearly visible under tighter-fitting t-shirts. Frank liked spending his time in the evenings trying to talk to Gerard’s stomach in the vain hope that their child can hear him.

Gerard felt weird not having deadlines for the first time in a long time. He didn’t have much to do except for make sure that the baby was healthy, so he spent a lot of time in their apartment drawing, or painting, or tidying up. Frank came home one day to find that Gerard had alphabetized their entire DVD and CD collection while he was at work.

“I was bored,” Gerard said sheepishly, scuffing the carpet with his socks, “And I think I’m going to take on more work. I don’t want to overexert myself but this is ridiculous.”

Frank smiled and kissed his hair, “Okay - I mean, you could come work in the office with me, if you didn’t want to make any commitments to your comics.”

Gerard wound his hands around Frank's neck, “That sounds perfect,” He said, pecking Frank on the lips, “I’ve kind of been going crazy being by myself in the apartment all the time without having to visit Scott and draw and go to meetings.”

“I’m sure we can find something for you to do,” Frank said, drawing Gerard’s hips closer.


Gerard had visited Frank’s office plenty of times and had seen him working, and there was always something really hot about the way he had to order people around. Gerard knew he was a good boss though, he was friendly and warm and didn’t go mental if someone came in ten minutes late and didn’t particularly care about clothing regulations. Well, Gerard was going to be biased anyway. He loved Frank.

The people Frank employed were pretty cool as well, the were all really passionate about music in general, and so there was usually good conversation. Gerard was helping Frank employ more people so that he could finally start working less bizarre hours. As much as Gerard loved Frank for having a passion for his job, he new that if Frank came back at two in the morning for a week while they had a child, he would go crazy. He hadn’t had much experience hiring or firing people, but he’d helped Frank do it before and Frank had just told him to go with his gut instinct on it, though he would only be interviewing them.

He hadn’t had to do much at Frank’s company over the last week or so, and today he spent lots of time hanging around the hot drinks machine talking to various bands and he even managed to get a gig designing an album cover. They’d given him the finished CD to listen to, that wasn’t going to be released for another few months, and he wondered why he didn’t hang out in Frank’s office more often. And then he remembered that he usually had a job.

He knocked on Frank’s office door before going in, just to make sure that he wasn’t in an impromptu meeting.

“Hey Frankie,” He said, slipping through the open door. Frank looked up from his computer screen, instantly relaxing when he saw Gerard.

“Hey, Baby. How’s your day been?” He asked, tidying up his desk.

“Good, spent most of the day talking to bands,” Gerard said sheepishly, leaning against a table in his office, “But one of them, Viva La Resolution, asked me to do their album cover.”

“That’s great,” Frank said enthusiastically, his eyes glued back to the screen.

“You okay?” Gerard asked, to which Frank rubbed a hand over his face.

“Yeah, I just have this band who aren’t technically insured to travel outside of America, yet are currently in Japan. ‘S not great,” Frank muttered, clicking his mouse aggressively.

“Anything I can do?” Gerard asked, standing up straighter.

“You could be a doll and get me some coffee?” Frank suggested, smiling at him tiredly, “And find Danny downstairs and tell him that Frank wants to yell at him for a bit?”

“Sure,” Gerard smiled, going over to kiss Frank before leaving for the kitchen.

As soon as he stepped inside, he could smell fucking bacon so strongly that he knew he wan’t going to last another minute in the kitchen. He barely had enough time to get into the men’s bathroom, let alone make it to a toilet. He felt bad for the next person to use it, and the person who would have to clean it, but then he vomited, mostly into the bowl, and he only had enough pity for himself. He clutched his stomach suddenly as the pain in his stomach was so bad he felt like he was going to pass out.

“Oh my fucking-” He muttered to himself before throwing up again. He panted as he hung his head over the bowl, the smell making him want to vomit all over again. He opened his eyes to see blood mixed in with his vomit, and froze. Was that meant to happen? He was pretty sure it wasn’t meant to happen. Surely Doctor Blige would have mentioned it? He felt too weak to stand up, and so slumped against the side of the cubicle and drew his knees up to his chest, closing his eyes. His head was pounding and he tried to take a few deep, steadying breaths before he stood up and flushed the toilet.

He made his way out of the cubicle and washed his hands, leaning against the mirror and exhaling. He’d never felt this bad after an aversion, but he hadn’t had to deal with many because Frank was a vegetarian. He still couldn’t shake the image of the blood from his vomit though, and he just wanted to sit down and sleep. Maybe he should have just stayed at home - it was better that he was bored and the baby was safe than he was here and vomiting blood. He tried to not cry, because he was in a public place, but he couldn’t stop it, tears spilling down his cheeks unwillingly.

He didn’t want to bother Frank as he was busy, so he searched out his secretary.

“Hey, Melissa,” He greeted her. She was sat on the desk outside Frank’s office, “Could you tell Danny downstairs that Frank wants to talk to him?”

“Yes, of course,” She said, typing out an email as he spoke, “Are you alright? You look a bit pale, sweetheart.”

“Yeah. I just got a call from my brother and I need to go see him, so if Frank asks just tell him I’ve gone to see him and I’m sorry. If that’s okay, of course,” Gerard rambled, pulling out his phone.

“That’s fine. I hope your brother’s okay,” She said, smiling. Gerard gave her a tight smile before bolting out the office and jamming the down button on the elevator. He didn’t want to worry Frank with something that was probably fine.

The elevator was empty, but it felt too small. He grasped onto the side and phoned the surgery that Doctor Blige worked at.

“Hello?” He asked, “I’m Gerard Way - could I make an appointment as soon as possible? It may be an emergency. I’m not sure. It’s probably - Doctor Blige is my doctor. An hour? That’s great, that’s - thanks,” He said gratefully, shoving his hand in his pocket for his car keys. It was three in the afternoon. He should be done by the time that Frank had to leave, so he could bring the car back for then.

He drove with shaky, sweaty hands. Maybe this was normal and he was just overreacting. He should had Googled it ages ago. Why wasn’t he prepared?

It was a half-hour drive to the surgery, and an agonizing half hour wait. He was sat alone in the same room as men with their children, looking happy and content and excited. He just felt sick and horrible and anxious. Frank hadn’t called him yet, which was kind of strange, but then he guessed Frank was busy that he didn’t have time.

“Gerard?” The receptionist called. He stood up immediately and was led to a sterile white room, the same one he had found out he was officially pregnant in.

“Take a seat,” She said, gesturing to the bed. He jumped up and started to bite his nails. He sat there for a few minutes, reading the posters on the walls, when Doctor Blige entered.

“Gerard - you made an appointment an hour ago?” He asked, pulling on a new pair of rubber gloves.

“I started vomiting earlier and there was blood and I had a really bad headache and I wasn’t sure what to do. I think I may have panicked or something by calling -” Gerard rambled.

“No, you took the right decision,” Doctor Blige said calmly, “Now, can you tell me if the blood was bright red or very dark and how much there was”

Gerard’s brows furrowed, “I - I think it was red. I can’t remember. I was really scared. There was quite a bit. I felt awful afterwards.”

“Okay. I’m just going to check for ulcers in your mouth,” He explained, opening Gerard’s jaw and probing around. He frowned as he retrieved his finger, “I can’t feel anything in there, so I don’t think the blood was from an ulcer. It is most likely just from your throat becoming sore with having to vomit so frequently, but it could also be from dehydration. Have you been drinking at least a litre and a half of water a day?” He asked.

“I think so,” Gerard said nervously, wringing his hands.

“Okay, well I’m going to take a look down your throat to see if it’s just damaged,” Doctor Blige said, taking a torch and a flat metal stick, flattening down Gerard’s tongue to look down his throat.

“Do you want the good news or the bad news?” Doctor Blige asked. Gerard stared at him.


“You’re dehydrated, which is probably because you’ve been vomiting more than average, but you were right to come and see me today. If you get too dehydrated, it could seriously affect the baby, but as you are, I’m going to give you some water and go and see another patient and come back in around ten minutes,” Doctor Blige said, fetching Gerard a cup of water from the water dispenser in the corner of the room, “I’ll be back in a minute.”

Gerard sat on the bed, trying to drink the water as fast as he could. He should have known to drink more after vomiting so much. At least it wasn’t anything serious though, he thought. He fished his phone out of his pocket and saw that it was twenty past four and Frank still hadn’t noticed he had gone.

Doctor Blige entered again with a clipboard and a file.

“I’m also going to prescribe you Vitamin B pills too. I think if your morning sickness continues in such an aggressive way, we may have to start to think about medication to stop it. Dehydration can be a serious risk to a developing child. Have you noticed losing any weight?” He asked, ticking and crossing things on his clipboard.

“Not particularly. I mean, all my old clothes still fit,” Gerard trailed off, unsure as to what he should say.

“Okay. Any dizzy spells?” He asked again. Gerard nodded.


“Yes, I would definitely say that you’re mildly dehydrated. My advice would be to drink lots of water and suggest you drink around two litres of fluid a day. If you vomit blood again, I would phone me immediately on my emergency number,” He said seriously, handing Gerard his Vitamin B prescription, “It’s not your fault at all; the advice we give is modeled on the average person and can vary from person to person. There’s no permanent damage done, just stay in bed for a few days and drink plenty of fluids and you should be feeling better in no time. If not, call me.”

“Thank you so much,” Gerard said, his voice full of relief, “I was so scared.”

“It can be terrifying,” The doctor agreed, accompanying Gerard to the door, “But it usually works out fine in the end, though you should still visit me. Even if you think you’re overreacting. No one will judge you here.” He smiled, walking Gerard to the exit.

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