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Chapter 1

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I'm going 10 years later so; in 1991 Ranma Saotome; owner of 'Guardian of Eden' Entertainment, finds a baby on a door step crying after a Halloween concert that baby was Harry Potter.

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Harry Potter and the Demon God Clan

Chapter 1

It was a dark night and an old man had dropped off a baby off on a door step. The baby started to cry and a note was left with him. Then he disappeared, it was an hour later and a young man was walking down the street minding his own business. He was in a white T-shirt, jeans, boots, jacket and a red baseball cap with a white 'B' on it. He had long blond hair in a ponytail, sky blue eyes and lightly tanned skin. He was buffed and solid.

Ranma Saotome; owner of Garden of Eden entertainment, was taking a breather and was relaxing by taking a walk through Privet drive when he heard a baby's cry. 'Huh?' he thought. He went over to where he heard the baby cry. He saw a baby and picked it up; there was a note with him. 'His name is Harry Potter.' He read, 'Harry huh? Well come on Harry, I'm going to take you with me.' He thought, so he took the baby and started to leave. He was in London to finish his tour and headed home to Saotome Manor.
Once he got back in Japan, he took the baby to a doctor to give him a checkup and gave the baby a clean bill of health. Then he went to the store and got baby food, diapers, wipes, bottles, milk and clothes. After he went home, he walked in carrying the baby. "I'M HOME!" He said, just then a beautiful woman had walked up to him. She had long green hair and blue eyes; she was dressed in a white shirt and black slacks.

"Welcome home, dear." She said she had seen Harry, "who is this?" She took him from Ranma's arms.

"This is Harry Potter-Saotome," said Ranma.

"You're going to adopt him?"

"Yep, even do more than that. I am going to use a blood bond with him."

"So he'd be a 'True' Saotome."

"Yep, all I need is mom to show up though."

"What do you need me for?" She was a beautiful woman with red hair and blue eyes, dressed in a kimono, tabi socks and sandals. "Who is this?" She took the child from Morrigan and held him.

"His name's Harry, I want to adopt him."

"Well, I can help you."

"Can you mom?"

"Of course honey." She said, "It'll be a piece of cake." So within two days, Harry Potter became Harry Potter-Saotome.

Everyone had met Harry and was playing with him; he had 3 grandmothers, 2 grandfathers, 11 mothers and an aunt. That was when he came up with the idea of giving Harry his blood, "WHAT?" They said.

"Yeah, I want him to be a true member of our clan." He said.

"Well I guess that would be alright," said Nodoka so Ranma had set it up and Ranma had drew his blood and injected it in to his son.

Of course he screamed in pain, "Oh its ok. Daddy's a mean man isn't he?" Said Brianna

"That was a low blow Brianna!" He said.

Through the years, Harry had grew up know he was a twin and his biological mother was alive. But he couldn't figure out how he knows this. He had started to figure out that he could use magic so he told Ranma and Ranma taught him how to wield it properly. He went through the training of his own personal magic, magical warrior, hentai angel, snow cheetah abilities, martial arts and finally his demon god powers.

Ranma and Ranko were talking about it. "So he has it?" She said he nodded. "Sigh, so what now?'

"We are going to teach him we're going to have to."

"I understand," she said.

"Sigh, here we go." So they started to train Harry in using his Demon God powers.
Afterwards Harry had told Ranma about his dreams about a twin sister and his mother. He was 15 now and his 16th birthday was the next day. He now owned a part of the entertainment company and a couple of sport cars, had perfect control of his powers and was ready. "I would like to go to Sakura Maho as a student." He said Ranma looked at him.

"You know, you'd be a 5th year." He said Harry nodded. "Okay, I'll set it up. This wouldn't be because Hogwarts is hosting this year’s Tri-wizard tourney is it?"

"Guilty," he said.

"Harry," he said about to scold him but change his mind. "Be safe."

"Yes sir," he said. Harry now buffed, lightly tanned, and had brown hair with streaks of blond in it. He was dressed in a shirt, jeans and sandals. During the time he had wrote a pen pal named Hermione Granger, found out his godfather was in trouble and helped him and knew the one who took him away from his family was named Albus Dumbledore. He was going to get his vengeance on him and soon.
So Harry went to Sakura Maho as a 5th year. He was a good student and was voted as their champion of the school. He was ready to go to Hogwarts to participate in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. 'Watch out Hogwarts, Chaos is coming!'


Before anyone asks, I know Ranma does not look like that, this story is part of another story where he got the blond hair and all. Ranma is also an owner of an entertainment company.
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