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Chapter 2

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Harry and the Delacour sisters meet.

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Chapter 2

It was time for the Tri-Wizard Tournament; sure enough Sakura Maho was invited and guess who the leader of their team was? The Headmaster had opened the portal to Hogwarts and the team had walked through it, as they did they found out they were the last team to had showed up. "Sorry we're late," said the headmaster. Who was around 5 foot 4, nicely dressed woman with graying red hair tied up in to a bun and grey eyes behind glasses.

Harry's teammates were a blonde girl with her hair tied in pigtails and blue eyes, she had a nice build and was a petite 5 foot 2, and the entire team was dressed in robes so no one knows what they were wearing underneath them. Next was a 6 foot tall male, with long black hair and blue eyes, he was basically the pretty boy of the team, not to say that Harry wasn't handsome either. "No, you're right on time." Said Headmaster Dumbledore, "Please sign in over there." So the Sakura Maho team had gone over to sign up for the tournament. The girl was first: Usagi Tsukino, next was the guy: Marron Glace and lastly: Harry Potter-Saotome. This had started to freak out the officials.

"HARRY POTTER?" Everyone started to look around, especially 2 young women. One of them had long red hair, green eyes, and a very nice figure and was in a robe and boots. The other had long curly brown hair and brown eyes, she also wasn't lacking in the figure department and had a cute face. She was also dressed in a robe and boots. They were looking for Harry when they laid their eyes on a tall, handsome young man with sapphire-emerald (1) eyes, brown hair with golden streaks in it, was nicely tanned and looked to be well built.

"There he is Hermione." Said the first girl.

"Are you sure?" Said Hermione.

"There is only one way to find out." So they planned to catch up to him during the tournament. That was until something strange had happened during the second test.
Harry had just dived underwater to rescue Usagi from mer-people when all of the sudden he looked to his left and saw a very gorgeous woman. 'Holy cow!' He thought, 'she looks like Aunt 'Dite.' She looked over to him and smiled, he was only in a pair of 'Rock star' slacks and chaps. He was also strapped with his guns, loaded with stunning bullets. She was dressed in a bathing suit with mesh at her cleavage, she had beautiful pale skin, platinum blonde hair and blue eyes. He motioned behind her and she looked and saw the Hogwarts' champion.

They were all headed for the same place, the mer-people started to attack, Harry motioned for Hogwarts' champion and the goddess to position. They cut the hostages loose as Harry fought of the mer-people. They started to take off but one of the hostages was slowing down the goddess looked scared for her and Harry dove down to rescue the hostage. She was a mini version of the goddess and he was in shock. He grabbed the girl and started to take off, the elder goddess looked relived and waited for him but she was running out of air and he grabbed her as well then he acted like a torpedo and zoomed to the surface.

Meanwhile, the other hostages and champions made it out of the lake and waited on the last hostage and champions. Just then Harry came flying out with the goddesses as if he was a missile coming from the sea. Then he landed lightly on his feet on to the dock, he handed the girls over to medical personnel as he collapsed. His body was wrapped in a blanket and he warmed up. Just then the goddesses had walked into his tent and raced over to him. "Zank you for saving our lives." Said the elder goddess, Harry looked at her in shock. Then she strattled him, "Je vais aller première Gabrielle (2)." She said, "I, Fleur Delacour, promise my 'eart and soul to you 'Arry Potter-Saotome. Forever and ever," with that she kissed him passionately on the lips.

Then she got off of him and Gabrielle got on to his lap. "I, Gabrielle Delacour, promise my 'eart and soul to you 'Arry Potter-Saotome. Forever and ever," with that she kissed him passionately on the lips. Harry's cheeks turned red and he started to warm up, the heart on his choker started to glow. He slightly smirked.

"Now that was a kiss," he said and slowly passed out.
Harry had some really vivid dreams about being with goddesses and trying to enjoy life. He remembered the one thing Ranma had told him about women. 'Women will always be nice to those who they truly love.' Harry smiled at that feeling, he relaxed deeper under his covers as he felt something on his chest. There was a light smell of roses and mint, he didn't know where the smell had come from. Then he started to awaken. His sight was a little blurry and as it started to come back around he had seen a goddess on his chest, sleeping. 'Huh? Who is she?' as if she could read his mind she said.

"I am Fleur Delacour," his eyes widen.

"You and your sister bonded with me?" She was socked, he knew about the Veela bond?

"Oui," she said.

"What does this mean? We're married or something?"

"Non, not yet at least. But I wish you would agree to ze bond."

"But, I…"

"I know you are a little intimidated by us."

"Well sure, why would you want to be bonded to someone lowly worm like me?" He never saw himself as worthy of love from a woman and especially from a goddess like her. She glared at him because he just insulted the man she loved.

"Why would I bond myself wiz a 'ow you say a 'lowly worm' like you?" Then she wrapped her arms around his neck and softly kissed him. "Because I love zat lowly worm." Harry lowered his head, " 'Arry, I love you and I want ze bond. He looked at the French goddess seeing she was serious about him, he saw true, real and pure love in eyes for him and was shocked.

"Y-You really love me," he said stunned. She raised an eyebrow at him.

"Why ees zat so shocking?"

"Well, yeah if you consider yourself never to feel the love of a woman other than your female relatives."

"I see, why do you zink zat?"

"Sigh, because I am extremely shy and when I do talk to a girl, I would make a fool of myself."

"I don't see zat happening right now."

"But you a freaking '12', waaaayyy out of my league. I'm a 7, 8 on a good day. I shouldn't even be looking at you and talking to you."

" 'Arry, zis ees not 'igh school and I am not ze 'ead cheerleader or ze gorgeous yet snobbish exchange student. I love you we are Soul bonded." He quickly snapped his head to her with wide eyes and hugged her tightly. She could feel the love he has for her.

"Oh thankyou thankyou thankyou!" Then he pulled off and grasped.

"What ees it 'Arry?"

"Gabrielle, oh my god."

"Do not worry, she ees bonded to us as well." He sighed in relief. "You are relieved?"

"After what you told me and what I know about bonds, I know without a shadow of a doubt that you really like me, I mean love me. The curse is lifted!" Just then his body started to glow and he softly grabbed her and kissed her. The energy started to fade from his body and he looked different. You can still tell who he was but now, his hair has streaks of gold in it, his eyes had turned in to jewels and his body was buffed. Fleur was amazed about how well built he was.

"My clothes are little tight, since we have a break, would you two mind 'dressing' me up?" That was went Gabrielle woke up, she was now a little older looking and just as beautiful as her elder sister.

"I wouldn't mind 'Arry." She said, "I know Fleur would love to as well. Right Fleur?" Fleur slightly chuckled and hugged her younger sister.


1. Brighter blue-green
2. 'I shall go first, Gabrielle'.
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