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AU. Book 1 of the Stagverse series. It's Halloween 1981 and the Wizarding War is reaching its climax. The Order is betrayed and Lord Voldemort attacks Godric's Hollow. Will the Potters survive t...

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Chapter One - Halloween

James Potter was proud to be known as a brave wizard, having a vital role in the current war, his place cemented by his family's long standing history as light-sided wizards and witches. It took a lot to strike fear in the heart of Mr. Potter, especially considering he'd already had encounters with the infamous Lord Voldemort, but on this day, it only took blazing green eyes.

These eyes happened to belong to Mrs. Potter, his wife, Lily Potter, who was currently staring down James in the hallway of St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries after the incident that had occurred that night at their Godric's Hollow cottage.

"James, how can you say that?!" Lily asked incredulously, "Even though Petunia and Vernon are vile muggles, they're family and we have to take the high road... for my parents."

"Look Lily Flower, no offense meant. I didn't spill that sleeping draught into Vernon's glass," James answered, embracing Lily, "even if it's what I wish I'd done."

"Well..." Lily replied, her shoulders shaking with mirth, "at least we know Harry is yours. Only a Potter could act that innocent."

"A Marauder!" James corrected her. "He's going to be a terror at Hogwarts--"

James was interrupted by a loud crash and belligerent yelling coming from the adjacent examining room. The Potters rolled their eyes and dutifully walked towards the loud room, closing the door behind them.


Harry James Potter was a bright boy of just over a year old, and while he had the innocence of a baby, the genes of the brilliant Lily and mischievous James were already shining through. Harry was currently napping in his nursery crib; after all, he had been through an ordeal earlier that night, having to endure his aunt and uncle, who he only knew as loud people who didn't come over often or stay near him when they did. He had decided to clean off the piece of the dining room table his chair was near and unknowingly knocked his mum's sleeping draught into his uncle's glass.

Harry's grandparents, Charles and Mari Evans, were downstairs in the den listening to the Wizard Wireless while they waited for their daughters and sons-in-law to return from the wizard hospital. They had been staying with the Potters for the last month and had coerced the Dursley's into visiting for Halloween. While the times were dangerous in the wizarding world, Charles and Mari were confident in the precautions their Lily had taken and had been safe in the quiet neighborhood. Yet even they couldn't see the betrayal that had been happening for the last few months, and that it was about to culminate that very night.


A disheveled man crouched by a bush, leaning over to listen to the conversations he heard at the campsite a few feet away. He was assigned this mission a few days ago, but he knew it was a worthless cause. The werewolves were a bloodthirsty bunch. Lord Voldemort had made them promises, though no one was sure what he would do when he no longer needed them. Yet, neither the Ministry nor the Order could counter Voldemort's promises.

Remus Lupin was not an idiot; he was, after all, one of the brightest students in his year when he attended Hogwarts. The reason he was given this mission wasn't because he was a werewolf; it was because he was a suspect. Everyone knew that information was being leaked from the Order, but no matter how much his friends stood behind him he could see the questions in Albus Dumbledore's eyes every time they spoke lately. As the lights started to go out around the campsite, Remus moved away from the bushes and started walking back down the mountain. There would be no more spying tonight. He just hoped his friends were safe while he was away.


Peter Pettigrew was sorted into Gryffindor when he attended Hogwarts and had made friends with three dorm-mates, yet despite that, he never grew out of his quiet, pushover self. When he was approached by some Slytherins in his seventh year and was promised a position of power and safety if he would send information to them regarding Dumbledore's moves in the war, it hadn't taken much for Peter to quietly secure his future in what he felt was inevitably going to be led by the Dark Lord.

And while he was making the most of his Gryffindor bravery--something none of his friends thought he even possessed--it was being appreciated in an underhanded way, through betrayal. The bonds created by four eleven-year-old boys were being broken with the easiest of taps on the weakest link. Even as he stood before the most feared wizard of the era, about to reveal Dumbledore's secret, no remorse could be found as he put the final nail into the coffin and cemented his devotion to the Dark Lord.

"M-m-my lord," Pettigrew stuttered, "I've returned with great news. The Potters have made me their Secret Keeper."

"Excellent, Wormtail. Dumbledore and his band of merry men are even dumber than I imagined," replied the hooded figure.

"Not only that, but I am in the clear. Everyone believes Black to be the Secret Keeper, and they suspect the werewolf to be the spy," Wormtail added mockingly.

"Ah yes, even dark creatures as innocent as young Lupin can't escape the prejudices of the wizarding world..." The Dark Lord remarked. "Not even from his friends."

The Dark Lord rose from his dark throne and stepped right up to his faithful servants, his Death Eaters, who cowered with his nearing presence. "Tonight, my friends, shall mark the turning point of this pitiful war Dumbledore has tried to prevent. After this night, there will be no one to stop the elimination of mudbloods from our world, and the name Lord Voldemort will be forever etched into history as the most powerful wizard to ever live!

"Now run off and deliver pain and torture to filthy muggles, my Death Eaters, while I take care of those pesky Potters once and for all," Voldemort announced as he turned his back to the assembled servants of darkness and laughed menacingly, not knowing what exactly fate had in store for him.


Lucius Malfoy was an arrogant man. With his wealth and family name he did what he wanted and it made him a very important person. The Ministry of Magic was corrupt; galleons put in the right pockets made bad things go away. To have a man like Lucius running that situation made it bad for the public. Of course, no one really knew what he really did, or what his agenda was all about. There was always suspicion, usually from the Chief Mugwump Albus Dumbledore and his brats, Potter and Black, but Lucius was, after all, a Slytherin, and he knew how to cover his tracks.

One of Lucius's acquisitions happened to be his trophy wife, Narcissa. She was a Black, born to a noble pureblood family well-versed in Dark Arts, including some members who were involved with the Dark Lord. He was in his sixth year when Narcissa was sorted into Slytherin; by then he was already the ingrained leader of Slytherin house and had begun to get involved with Voldemort's movement behind the scenes, including the recruitment of Narcissa's older sister, Bellatrix Black. Using his family's power he secured a betrothal to Narcissa after her fourth year at Hogwarts, as was the Black family tradition.

Narcissa may have been a Black and she may have been a Slytherin, but she did not take after her fanatical older sister Bellatrix. She was rather more influenced by her sister Andromeda and their cousin Sirius. Though Narcissa was ambitious, cunning, and loyal to the Black family name, she also carried many attributes that Death Eaters didn't, including a lack of hatred for muggleborn wizards; with the help of her sister, Andromeda, she even befriended a muggleborn Ravenclaw named Lily Evans.

Finding favor with Walburga Black, Narcissa had been able to postpone the inevitable for a short time. The arrival of Andromeda's baby girl, Nymphadora, allowed Narcissa to offer her services taking care of her niece far away from the seedier parts of the Black family, in the safety of the Potter Estate. Unfortunately, she had to eventually obey the betrothal and move to Malfoy Manor with Lucius. The two had a son they named Draco and she had to be content under the façade of a snobbish pureblood.

'I wonder what Lucius would do if he found out I've been in contact with Ann and Lily,' Narcissa thought. A moment later, Lucius burst through the door of the mansion after one of his meetings. He was discussing something with another wizard in a hooded cloak, both so overjoyed that neither wizard noticed Narcissa lurking by the doorway of the parlor, intent on hearing what made him so happy-and fearing that it was nothing good at all.

"Get me some wine, Dobby," Lucius said, batting a tiny house elf towards the kitchen door. "It's a special occasion, after all. After the Dark Lord's victory, we will be too busy taking over to have time to celebrate. Perhaps it's an occasion to ravage some mudblood whores while those idiots at Hogwarts fail."

"Lucius, I'm all for fun and torture, but am I the only one worried about depending on something as huge as this to that bumbling fool Wormtail?!" the hooded figure retorted loudly.

"Barty... You do not question the Dark Lord's ability. Those foolhardy Gryffindors handed the secret to Pettigrew; it's already over his head and in the hands of our Lord. Voldemort will rid the world of the Potters tonight!" Lucius answered hotly, oblivious to the sharp gasp that came from the doorway hiding his wife.

Narcissa was terrified. Her friends were in deep trouble and it was up to her to try to get help before it was too late. She had been mistreated and neglected by her Death Eater husband and was isolated from her friends and family, but finally, this terrible situation had proven valuable for the prospect of her friends' lives. It was a dangerous prospect flooing her sister with two Death Eaters in close proximity, but the possible consequences of not doing anything were even unthinkable.

"Once a Black, always a Black." Narcissa commented firmly as she headed off to the back storage room to use the fireplace that Lucius believed to be broken.


Sirius Black was a handsome 21-year-old pureblood wizard, heir to the Black Family fortune, and proud to be a recently appointed Auror of the Ministry of Magic. Sirius was betrothed to his favorite cousin Andromeda during the summer after his first year at Hogwarts as a Gryffindor. The two had eventually married, and now he was spending Halloween on the playroom floor of the Potter Estate, entertaining his 6-year-old daughter, Nymphadora, in his animagus form. Sirius had met James Potter during the train ride to Hogwarts and they'd been friends since. Together with Peter Pettigrew, they learned to become animagi to help out their friend Remus Lupin, who, they had eventually discovered was, in fact, a werewolf. Black genes being what they were, Sirius had a feeling about his baby when she was born during his fourth year, and just recently, his intuition was proven correct, as young Nymphadora was beginning to display slight but noticeable metamorphmagus powers for a witch as young as she.

Having moved in with James after the birth of Nymphadora, the Blacks and Potters had become inseparable. They were family, a family that kept growing as the years went by. After graduating Hogwarts, Remus moved in with some persuasion, as did Lily since she was engaged to James and eventually married to him shortly after. Little Harry joined the mix two years later with Bonnie Aurora Black, Sirius and Andromeda's second girl, a year after that. The Potters had recently gone into hiding at their cottage in Godric's Hollow, so only the Blacks and the house-elves lived at the Potter Estate.

Andromeda, who was sitting on a nearby couch with a gently nursing four month old Bonnie, couldn't help but laugh out loud as their lime-green haired daughter grabbed Sirius's fur and rolled around on the floor with the cuddly black dog. This carefree moment was interrupted when a house-elf dressed in a pink pillowcase with the Potter family crest embroidered on the front popped into the room.

"Mistress Andromeda, excuse Binky, ma'am," the small green house-elf said politely, "but there is Mistress Narcissa in the fireplace and she sounds urgent."

"Cissy?" Andromeda remarked, looking incredulous at first, her face slowly dissolving into worry as she got up and handed a tired Bonnie to Binky. "Thank you, Binky. Please put Bonnie to sleep and then help Sirius with Dora."

"Ann," the now transformed Sirius said, "you'd better see what she wants. Cissy wouldn't risk a call if it wasn't important. Lucius better not have hurt her."

Andromeda quickly embraced her husband and started out the door and into the hallway towards the drawing room fireplace, while calling over her shoulder, "Sirius, get Dora to bed and join me as soon as you can."

"ANN, ARE YOU THERE?" Andromeda entered the dimly lit drawing room and approached the fire to see her younger sister's panicked face.

"Cissy, is everything ok?" Andromeda asked, growing more tense as the situation seemed to be even graver than she had originally thought.

"It's James and Lily! They're in danger--"

"Bloody hell, are they hurt?" Sirius interrupted having just entered the room and conversation.

"Not yet, or... I'm not sure," Narcissa replied uncertainly. "It might be too late." She paused as the Blacks winced at the thought. "All I know is that Lucius and Barty Crouch are celebrating in the other room and I overheard them saying that Voldemort was eliminating the Potters tonight."

"How could that even be...?" Sirius trailed off and slowly got up as an enraged look began to appear on his face. He grabbed his wand off the table and shot a patronus out of his wand and out of the room. Just before he left the room he turned back to kiss and embrace his wife who was still kneeling in front of her sister's head. "I just messaged Albus. It has to be Peter. He's the only one capable of revealing where they live. I just hope I'm not too late. I love you. Stay here with Nym and Bonnie. I'll get a message to you as soon as I can."


The village of Godric's Hollow was quiet and peaceful, until a loud crack rang in the air, bringing with it the most dangerous wizard in the world to this place of innocence. Two darkly-cloaked figures prowled down the dimly lit street and stopped in front of a seemingly empty lot.

"Wormtail, this is the correct location, yes?" Voldemort turned just enough to see the cowering Pettigrew nod. "Well, you sniveling traitor, deliver the Potters to me!"

"Y-yes, Master," Wormtail stuttered. "The P-Potters live at 16 Gryffin Lane, Godric's Hollow."

Suddenly, on that previously empty lot, popped up a cozy two-story cottage with lights on in the sitting room, its inhabitants unaware of the danger that was about to be upon them.


Charles Evans was reclining in his son-in-law's cushy chair, reading by the fire, waiting to hear from the Potters. His wife, Mari, was upstairs in the nursery, tending to a fussy Harry. His reading was interrupted by a loud crack from outside. Knowing that Lily and James would use the floo and arrive through the fireplace, he figured it must be that shy boy Peter. Perhaps they had asked him to check up on them. As he looked out the window he saw a cloaked figure walking up the path, so Charles went to greet the young man.

"Peter, is that you?" Charles greeted the cloaked figure. "Did Lily and James ask you to stop by-?" He stopped suddenly as the cloaked figure stepped into the light, revealing a sinister face.

"Who are you?" Charles demanded, slowly backing towards the door.

"Filthy muggle, I'm the end of the road," Voldemort spat, an evil glint shining in his eye as he stalked the older man.

Charles left subtleness behind and ran through the doorway and attempted to barricade the front door. "MARIGOLD! IT'S HIM! TAKE HARRY AND RUN! I'LL HOLD--"

Charles was interrupted as the front door exploded in front of him, banishing him at an alarming speed through the sitting room and into the staircase, his body sprawled along the steps. Voldemort stepped into the cottage and surveyed the damage of his blasting curse. He sneered at the fallen muggle and went to step over him towards the sounds of a crying baby when he felt a tug on his boot.

"You'll have to go through me, you bastard." A bloody Charles Evans used the piece of the side table he'd landed on earlier as a weapon, spiking the scrap of wood into the calf of the intruder.

Voldemort yelped in surprise at the stubborn muggle's actions, grimacing in pain at the wood sticking into his leg. Magic began to roll visibly off his body as his anger built up. He stabbed his wand at the muggle on the floor. "AVADA KEDAVRA!" As the green light enveloped the muggle, Charles Evans was no more.


Marigold had been in her grandson's nursery for the last half hour, trying to sooth the incredibly fussy Harry, when her husband's shouts sent the coldest chills through her body. As calmly as one could, Mari carried Harry over to his bassinet. Then she placed a bear in Harry's crib, covering it with a blanket and then slowly, she and her grandson made their way to Lily's bedroom where Mari closed and locked the door behind them. She hid in the bedroom cupboard, tears streaming down her cheeks. She held Harry protectively in her arms, trying to quiet his cries all while wishing for this nightmare to not be real.

It steadily became real as the bedroom door crashed open to reveal an enraged and bloody intruder, better known throughout the wizarding world as Lord Voldemort.

"Another silly muggle," Voldemort remarked. "I must say, this is far easier than I imagined. Now step away, woman! The death of the light is at hand, and it starts with that boy!"

"N-never. You won't get away with this. Lily and James will save Harry," Marigold retorted.

"The Potters were said to be impossible to find, yet here I stand. No one can stop Lord Voldemort! Avada Kedavra!" Green light from Voldemort's wand enveloped Marigold Evans and her body fell to the floor, eyes wide but empty. Little Harry climbed onto his grandmother's body, not realizing the direness of the situation, being barely a year old.

"So this is young Harry. I must say, for the hero of the wizarding world, you're quite useless. Now die, half-blood! Avada Kedavra!" Voldemort launched the killing curse once again, this time towards young Harry Potter crying in the arms of his dead grandmother. As the curse encompassed the baby, it did not steal the light from his eyes or leave him dead to the world; instead, it dissolved into a golden light that covered the baby boy and his dead grandmother.

The sinister smirk on the Dark Lord's face quickly faded to absolute horror, as the glowing golden light surrounding the child and his fallen grandmother gradually grew into a blinding light. It filled the room, creating a magical shockwave that shook the small cottage to its roots. Windows shattered, furniture exploded, walls cracked and crumbled and the evil wizard known as Voldemort knew no more.


Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, was a hero of the wizarding world, and the only wizard the Dark Lord Voldemort had ever feared. This night, he was sitting quietly at his desk at Hogwarts going over some reports he'd received about village attacks. His students and staff were in their rooms recovering from another hectic Halloween feast.

Albus was sucking on a lemon drop when he noticed an incandescent light streaking towards his office from the grounds. As the light entered his office, he discerned the shape to be a patronus from young Sirius Black. Albus readily accepted it and received the urgent message. After hearing the message, the grim-faced Headmaster placed a floo-network call to his Deputy.

"Minerva," Albus greeted the tartan-clad, bespectacled woman who answered his call. "I'm off to Godric's Hollow; there's been a breach in security for the Potters. Alert Madam Pomfrey. Let us pray it's not too late."

"Of course, Albus... Do be careful," the humbled Minerva McGonagall replied right before Albus turned from the fire and headed out of the castle to apparate away.
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