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AU. Book 1 of the Stagverse series. Sirius races to Godric's Hollow and runs into an old friend. Will he find any survivors from Lord Voldemort's attack?

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Chapter Two - Aftermath

James and Lily Potter drove down a country road toward their cottage in Godric's Hollow after dropping off the obnoxious Dursleys at their hotel. He had noticed his wife's distracted look throughout the night since they left the cottage, but despite his reassurances nothing seemed to work.

"Lily, are you still worrying about your parents and Harry?" asked James. "I don't think we could've dropped off your sister and her lout of a husband any quicker at their hotel. I reckon tonight's incident has pretty much eliminated thoughts of any more get-togethers with them I hope. I don't know how your parents can stand them."

"You can't help who you love, James. Hell, I know that first hand," Lily replied wryly.

"Ouch. Hit me where it hurts, Lily Flower. I'll have you know it was my irresistible Potter charm that won you over," bragged James.

Lily reached over and kissed his cheek. "You irresistible lug, let's get back to..." She fainted and fell back on the passenger seat.

"Lily!" James quickly steered the car to the side of the road and stopped to unbuckle his wife and lay her down in the back seat.

Lily began to glow with a faint golden light. After a few minutes, the glow subsided and her eyelids fluttered open. She focused her eyes on James as he caressed her cheek.

"Sweetie, are you ok? Some odd glow..." James trailed off. He noticed a glimmer of recognition in Lily's eyes and a growing look of horror that was on her face.

"James! It's Harry! We have to get back to the cottage! Something bad has happened," Lily quickly announced, pushing her husband out of the car.

Not one to take such words lightly, especially after all the bad feelings Lily'd had that evening, James grabbed his wife in his arms and apparated to the cottage, leaving the muggle rental car behind on the side of the road.


Peter Pettigrew was someone who knew how to fade into the background. He'd done it most of his life. Even though James and Sirius included him, he always seemed to be the least important of the Marauders. Tonight he said goodbye to his persona as a Gryffindor; he could no longer live a lie after betraying his friends. His loyalty to the Dark Lord was now cemented. So when his Master told him to wait while he disposed of the Potters, he knew what he had to do. He hid in the bushes near the garden where Lily loved to work since the young family had gone into hiding.

Only he could hear the yelling and fighting coming from inside the cottage, since only he knew it existed. If not for the solemn occasion, Wormtail might've found it funny that all these muggles kept passing by, oblivious to the pain and torment inside. Suddenly he heard leaves crunching behind him and turned around. He found himself face to face with an enraged Sirius Black, no less than ten feet away.

"PETER! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!" Sirius roared as he continued towards Wormtail, his wand aimed at his former friend.

"It's too late, Sirius. The Dark Lord is inside already. You lose." Wormtail mocked, removing his wand and preparing to defend himself. "No one can defeat-"

A huge blast went off inside the cottage, throwing both wizards several yards across the lawn. Wormtail slammed into the shed and Sirius into some nearby bushes.

Sirius shook the cobwebs from his head. The explosion had taken his attention from his traitorous friend. His family inside the cottage was more important. Sirius quickly rose up and ran through the entrance of the cottage, stopping at the entranceway for a moment to send a backwards glance to the ruined shed; Wormtail had escaped.

Sirius passed through the rooms and made his way to a pile of debris by the staircase, where he spotted a body. As he got closer, he recognized it as Charles Evans, Lily's father, his eyes wide and empty. Sirius shook his head in remorse and moved past the body and up the staircase, fearing what he'd find once he got up there.

The silence did nothing to alleviate his fear as he passed the shattered door of the master bedroom, which looked as though a hurricane had hit it. Sirius stepped up to the partially open wardrobe. He saw another body lying inside and knew instantly that this was Marigold, Lily's mother. His shoulders shook with grief as he collapsed on the floor, his eyes focused on the bundle of blankets in Mari's arms--Harry. He reached out to touch the odd cut on his godson's forehead. Suddenly, a piercing wail startled Sirius, and he fell to the floor on his back.

Sirius looked at the baby in disbelief, lifting him from Mari's slack arms. Harry was in obvious discomfort and continued wailing, even as Sirius embraced him. Tears of relief streamed down the wizard's face. "Thank Merlin you're alright, Harry. I love you," Sirius said happily.

Cracks from outside alerted Sirius to visitors arriving. He stepped to the broken windowsill and looked outside to see James and Lily rushing up the path towards the cottage. Sirius exhaled deeply; he hadn't realized he was holding his breath. He started to make his way out of the demolished bedroom, little Harry snuggled safely into his chest. He thought of his own daughters and wife, safe at the Potter Estate. He dreaded having to inform them of the night's events.

Downstairs, Albus Dumbledore was gently moving Charles Evans's body from the staircase to a sheet as Sirius made his way down the steps. James and Lily burst through the front door, both of them out of breath. Lily gasped when she saw Harry in Sirius's arms. She rushed towards them, enveloping Sirius in a hug and then taking Harry into her arms.

"Oh, my baby Harry," Lily said softly, petting her baby's hair and clutching him to her chest. "I couldn't lose my baby."

James was relieved to see Harry alive and in Lily's arms. He noticed that Albus had covered Charles in a sheet and was headed upstairs, presumably to check on Marigold. He knew Lily hadn't seen her father on the floor. James quickly moved to embrace his wife and son, shielding the body from her view.

He looked at Sirius, unsure how to ask about his mother-in-law. He had come to love Lily's parents since his own parents had passed away during his sixth year at Hogwarts. Once Harry was born, Charles and Marigold had often visited the Potter Estate or invited James and Lily to visit them in their muggle home. James knew they enjoyed the time they spent with their grandson, and he was happy to share Harry with them. "Is Marigold...?" he trailed off.

"No, but I think she saved his life," Sirius answered solemnly. "I found Harry in her arms. He was quiet at first and I thought for a second..." He paused. "But then, wham! Little Harry started wailing." Sirius smiled grimly towards the Potters.

"As much as I love Marigold, I don't understand how a muggle could stop Voldemort from harming Harry," James pondered aloud, his hand stroking Lily's arm while she snuggled into his chest.

"Love," Lily said offhandedly with a faraway look, before focusing her eyes on the sleeping Harry in her arms. She caressed his cheek. "Her love, our love was what saved Harry. That was what I felt in the car, James," Lily pointed out. "Mum and Harry called on me since I am the connection to the both of them, and our love protected Harry."

"How can that-?" James was interrupted before he could ask his question by Dumbledore who had just returned from upstairs and had placed Marigold's body beside her husband while the trio were talking.

"It's true, James," Dumbledore said, entering the conversation. "It's very old magic. I'm not surprised, considering Lily's academic achievements, that she would put some protections on your son beyond the Fidelius charm we used. Marigold did what she could, embracing your son in her arms. She unknowingly activated the magic once the curse was sent. Her sacrifice and Lily's extensive preparation made Harry's presence with us possible. He's here and Voldemort is not."

"Voldemort's gone?" A quiet Sirius asked suddenly, blood draining from his face at the realization that he had forgotten all about the Dark Lord in his search for Harry.

"Yes... but let's leave that for Hogwarts," Albus answered, cutting off the trio from asking anymore questions until they got to a safe location. "I'll ask Minerva to move Charles and Marigold to a private location so you can make arrangements later," he continued as he directed the family to the fireplace. "Now, let us head to the hospital wing and get young Harry checked out before we head to my office. Also, perhaps Sirius can inform Andromeda of what happened." Sirius looked sheepish. He had forgotten about his promise to floo his wife, distracted with all that had happened since he arrived. The group quickly left the broken cottage. And no one noticed a brown rat pick up an oddly-formed stick from the backyard and scurry down the street out of sight.


Andromeda Black was known for her patience. After all, she grew up with an older sister and a younger sister. She also had a randy prankster of a husband, a metamorphmagus daughter and a very young baby. But after hearing that her extended family was in danger and seeing her husband run off into that danger, she was on edge. Luckily, Sirius and Binky had put the children to bed. Unfortunately, Binky and Twinkle, the other Potter house-elf, had come to check on her after looking over the rest of the estate, and even they could not keep her from worrying.

It seemed like forever since Sirius had gone, though it was more like an hour or two. But Andromeda was immensely relieved when the floo flared up and her husband's head popped into view.

"Sirius! Thank Merlin, I was afraid something might've happened to you if Albus hadn't gotten your message on time." Andromeda exclaimed.

"Ann, calm down, love. I'm fine. James, Lily and Harry are all doing well, and Poppy is examining them now," Sirius replied softly, eyes shining with emotions.

"That's a miracle!" Andromeda let out a sigh of relief. "I can't believe that the Death Eaters would mess up like that with Peter's insider information."

"Well... not everyone came out unscathed," Sirius said vaguely, a grim look appearing on his features. "James and Lily weren't home. That lout husband of Petunia's got a batch of sleeping draught in his drink and they took them to St. Mungo's to get him fixed up. They weren't there when Peter let Voldemort in... Charles and Marigold were."

Andromeda let out a horrified gasp as she realized that Lily's parents had been visiting for the last month and how under-matched they would've been against Voldemort. "They're gone, aren't they?"

"They didn't make it," Sirius answered. "But their struggles made it possible for Harry to still be with us." At Andromeda's puzzled look he continued, "Lily had prepared some old magic protections around Harry, and Marigold's sacrifice, along with their love, helped Harry survive the killing curse with just a mark."

Andromeda gaped in horror at the thought of Harry possibly not being around without this miracle. "Oh, poor Lily. How is she handling this?" she asked thinking of the trauma her friend was going through.

"I don't think it's hit her yet. She, like James, is just glad to still have Harry. I think you should head over here to Hogwarts, though. She could use your support," Sirius said, his eyes focusing on his beautiful wife.

"What about Dora and Bonnie?" asked Andromeda worriedly. "I don't like the idea of leaving them with just Binky and Twinkle especially with all that's gone on tonight."

"You're right, of course," agreed Sirius. After thinking for a few minutes, he came up with an idea. "I know just the thing, Ann. Floo Molly Weasley over at the Burrow. You know, Fabian and Gideon's sister? She has a whole brood of Weasleys, so I'm sure she'd be willing to watch ours for a few hours. Not to mention I'm sure she'd be glad to hear we're okay," he pointed out.

"You're absolutely brilliant sometimes, Sirius," Andromeda complimented him. "They're loyal to Dumbledore and they have kids around the ages of ours so it'll be a perfect situation. I'll help Binky with the girls and go with them to the Burrow and explain things before heading over to Hogwarts, sweetie. Ask Lily to send over Harry if he's fine too, and then we'll pick them back up in the morning."

As soon as Sirius said goodbye and his head disappeared from the fires, Andromeda quickly told Binky and Twinkle to floo Molly and let her know that she and the girls were dropping by. Then she was off towards the bedrooms on the second floor to wake up her daughters for their little trip.


"I've asked Alastor to stop by the cottage and move your parents, Lily." Albus said, officially starting the impromptu meeting of some members of the Order of the Phoenix, a group focused on the fight against Voldemort.

"Thank you, Albus. Lily and I appreciate your help in these matters. It's definitely been a rough day," James replied, leaning back into his chair.

"My condolences for your losses. They were great people to have raised a daughter like you, Lily. They'll be remembered always for their contribution to Voldemort's demise." Albus said solemnly. Minerva McGonagall leaned over and patted Lily's arm, her eyes full of compassion for their loss.

"I'm sure they're happy in knowing that they saved Harry's life. He has his whole life ahead of him, and it's despicable what Voldemort tried to do. For someone so cynical, to have faith in prophecies..." Lily trailed off, a disgruntled look on her face.

"Unfortunately for us, that scar Harry received may very well be the 'mark' the prophecy said the Chosen One would get from the Dark Lord. If Voldemort truly isn't gone, I'm afraid this will just increase his determination. Let us pray this is not the case."

"I was distracted, Albus...but I didn't see a sign of Voldemort outside of that traitor, Peter. Is he gone?" Sirius questioned the headmaster.

"From my brief inspection, I haven't found a trace of Voldemort, and if he survived that curse backlash, he would be nothing more than a wisp of his former self. I'm confident that we've heard the last of him for awhile, if not forever," Albus continued in a serious tone to those in his office.

"With him gone, I imagine all the Death Eater scum will scatter, making the Ministry's job tougher, but also lessen the probability of mass attacks," Lily rationalized, her mind only focusing on the now and not on the deaths of her parents or what Harry's survival meant in the long scope of things.

"What about Peter?!" Sirius demanded of Albus. "He's one of them...and probably has been for quite awhile. He must pay for Charles and Marigold's deaths." He pounded on the Headmaster's oak desk.

Minerva gasped at his outburst. "Little Peter did this?" she asked incredulously. Sirius nodded.

"A manhunt for Mr. Pettigrew will be issued shortly, Sirius," Albus reassured the agitated wizard. "He will have no where to hide, once his loyalty is revealed into the media."

"I think we'll leave the rest of the planning to you, Albus. I think we've done all we can. My family just wants to recover," James said, standing up with Lily, intending to leave the office.

"Ah, James, I've also taken the initiative to ask some of the house-elves here at Hogwarts to go to the cottage and start packing your things. I imagine you wouldn't be staying there even if it was safe, which it isn't now that the security has been breached... I could prepare guest rooms for you while we discuss your family's housing," Albus added, causing the Potters and Black's to stop their departure. Sirius turned back to answer the professor.

"No offense, Albus, but there's no discussion needed," Sirius countered. "We were talking about traveling before James and Lily had to go into hiding with that prophecy nonsense. After everything that's happened tonight, I think that's exactly what we need, to get away from everything. Just us, the kids and Remus."

"We tried your way, and it got us exposed eventually. I think we'll just rely on ourselves," James contributed, bringing Lily closer in his embrace. "It's time for family. We'll leave the clean-up of the wizarding world in your good hands, Albus. Could you let Remus know we'd appreciate his company?" He turned towards his former Transfiguration teacher. "Minerva, we'll owl you. We could never forget you."

And with that, the Potters and Blacks left the Headmaster's office. Albus Dumbledore was very disconcerted. He realized now that while Peter, their friend, had betrayed them, it was his protections that weren't secure enough. And that was reason enough for the Potters to be more private in their decisions.


Returning to the Potter Estate, the two couples tried valiantly to get some rest, but after a few hours of tossing and turning proved that there would be no sleep for them that night. They decided to freshen up and pick up the kids from the Burrow. The exhausted group apparated into the Weasley's garden just as the morning sun peeked over the trees overlooking the Burrow. They walked up to the kitchen door.

A beaming Molly Weasley opened up the door and quickly grabbed James and Lily into a warm embrace.

"Oh, you two are in one piece, aren't you?" Molly asked quickly. "When Ann brought the girls and Harry, she said you were okay but it's just not the same until you can see it for yourself, you know." She smiled at Lily and pinched James's cheek before moving to embrace Sirius and Andromeda. "Harry was an angel and the girls were lovely. Nymphadora is playing with Bill and Charlie in the sitting room. Harry's with Ron in the playpen, and of course," Molly pointed at the dining room table where two bassinets sat. "Ginny and Bonnie are enjoying spending time with me in the kitchen."

Lily and Andromeda quickly joined Molly by the bassinets. The baby girls blinked up at them in wonder. Sirius and James quietly retired to see what the other kids were up to.

"Ginny looks lovely, Molly. She's what, two months old?" Lily asked, her finger caressing the youngest Weasley's rosy cheek.

"She'll be three months in a little over a week, dear," Molly answered proudly, her gaze on her daughter. "She was such a welcome surprise after all these boys. To have another girl in the house was something I always wanted."

Andromeda giggled. "Sirius has been wanting a boy and he's gotten two girls. He loves them to death, but I know in his heart he wants a little prankster to mold like James has."

"Just wait, Ann. Nymphadora already seems to be getting up to mischief like her father. With Bonnie near Harry's age, I'm sure she'll be up to no good shortly as well," Lily said, letting out a laugh.

"Our kids get along so well, I just know they'll be friends," Molly declared confidently.

"I'm sure they will, Molly, although we might not be around much for awhile," Andromeda continued at Molly's questioning glance. "With the attack last night, and him gone, we've decided to get away and travel the world."

"We'll make sure to keep in touch, and we're only traveling until Nym gets her letter," Lily added, seeing the light flicker in Molly's eyes. "That's less than five years from now. I'm sure you'll have your hands full with your brood during that time. We'll always stay friends. I'm confident of that."

"Now though, I think we should pick up our husbands and leave before they give your kids any ideas," Andromeda said, holding Bonnie in her bassinet while they walked towards the sitting room.

The three women entered the sitting room to greet chaos--kids jumping around in different colors, little Harry and Ron floating around the room in bubbles, and of course, James and Sirius laughing it up with two little three-year-old twins on their lap.

All three women shouted at their respective troublemakers.




The Marauders had the decency to look ashamed, and after a few stern looks and sharp retorts, the wizards put the room back together.

After several pictures and promises to stay in touch, the Potters and Blacks made sure to hug Molly and thank her before they left for watching their kids at the last minute.

"I'm sorry you missed Arthur. He wanted to say hello," Molly said as they were leaving. "With You-Know-Who gone, the Ministry is in quite the tizzy. He just had to go in. Do you know where you will be going?"

"No, we'll be seeing a bit of everything. I don't like to have everything planned," James replied, winking at her. "I'm sure we'll see you and Arthur soon, Molly. Take care."

And with that, the Potters and Blacks apparated away to the Potter Estate to prepare for the next phase of their life: travel.
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