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AU. Book 1 of the Stagverse series. The fallout from Halloween. Will the Potters and Blacks get the peace and quiet they expect on their trip? And how is Narcissa doing with a lord-less Lucius ...

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Author's Note: Just as a warning, there is an abuse scene in the last half of the chapter.

Chapter Three - Consequences

The Potters and Blacks kept to their plans and after a week of packing their things, they and Remus Lupin, the other resident of the Potter Estate and their best friend, left for their extended traveling trip. One thing that became evident once they were out on the road, something they should've expected, was the fame and popularity that was brewing up for their son after his defeat of the Dark Lord.

It didn't hit them until weeks after they had left on their trip and were staying in Rome, Italy. They had just spent the day exploring the Pantheon amongst the muggles. It had been a challenge in itself, with random muggles mysteriously having their hair turn odd, vibrant colors or their clothes shifting, making them look like cross dressers. All of these victims had the poor luck of having just passed into the line of sight of Sirius Black and James Potter.

Needing to get ready for the next leg of their journey--a few months in Spain--the girls sent the Marauders off to the local magical marketplace to buy supplies. A few hours later, they decided to get a drink at the café that was across the street from the hotel where they'd been staying.

"Now this is a vacation," Andromeda said, relaxing back into her chair. "I'm glad we were able to talk the boys into taking Dora with them. She's just a bundle of energy, and if she stayed here helping with the babies I doubt she'd be easy to get to bed tonight."

"As much as I love this place, I can't wait until we move on to Madrid." Lily sighed, lowering her gaze to the carriage between them. The two babies, seventeen-month-old Harry and six-month-old Bonnie, were sleeping soundly. "They're still too young to appreciate where we are, and two months in one city can't be much fun for Nym."

"Nonsense, Lily," Andromeda replied, waving her hand dismissingly. "With her dad, James and even Remus being around her, she's having the time of her life. She missed that the most when you guys had to go into hiding and Dumbledore sent Remus on that ridiculous mission."

"It was beautiful here during Christmas, wasn't it?" Lily reminisced, changing the topic from the war they'd just been through.

Andromeda sighed, not at all oblivious to Lily's avoidance. "And we have the pictures to prove it!" She waved her hand idly in the direction of Lily's bag sitting on the table. "I'm so glad James convinced you to get that camera before we left Diagon Alley. Sirius left ours behind. I don't know how you've lived so long in this world, content with just a muggle camera. It's just not the same."

"So many memories. I can't wait until Harry and Bonnie are old enough to comprehend them," Lily gushed. "And weren't those albums Narcissa sent simply adorable? I hope she got our presents."

"I'm sure she did. When I was wondering how we were going to get them to her since we've been traveling, I talked to Sirius's mum and she lent me Kreacher. He knows how to handle himself in dark houses; he's been to Malfoy Manor a few times, sneaking packages to Cissy. Walburga's grown a soft spot for my sister and me since we're so close to Sirius. She wanted to help out my sister during the betrothal proceedings but there was nothing she could do. Malfoy had plenty of money and Regulus was too young and twisted to help out."

"She's tough, Ann. It might not be the dream situation but I'm sure she'll make do as long as we stay strong and support her," Lily said confidently.

"I agree, but with her loneliness can be extremely tough to handle, the way Lucius keeps his heir apart from his mother. I wish we could take her away from that mess." Andromeda replied, tears coming to her eyes.

"We will. Someday, Ann. We will." Lily reached over and patted Andromeda's arm. She looked at the setting sun and a new subject came to her mind. "Um Ann, why aren't the boys back yet? It's nearly dark and it shouldn't have taken this long." A hint of panic crept into her voice.

"You're right. Even those three prats couldn't get themselves lost this close to the hotel. They better not be doing anything stupid with Dora there." Andromeda grimaced at the images coming into her head.

"No, Remus wouldn't let them do anything with Nym around," Lily answered, her gaze moving towards a group of people running down the street a few blocks away. "Is that--?"

"LILY! ANN! GO INSIDE!!" roared the voice of the lead runner. The girls were quick into action, flicking their wands this way and that, packing their bags and taking the children with them across the street and back to the safety of their hotel rooms.

From their windows a few stories up, the women could see the pack nearing the hotel, and the faces of the lead runners came into focus. It was James, Remus and Sirius-with little Nymphadora on his shoulders. And they weren't leading the group, they were being chased. James quickly whipped out his wand and a torrid stream of water splashed between the Marauders and their pursuers. Sirius contributed a few stabs of his wand causing the water to rise up in waves preventing the crowd from getting through. Remus took the opportunity to disillusion himself and the others so they could escape.

A few minutes later the exhausted group joined up in their hotel room. Sirius collapsed onto one of the beds with an exhausted Nymphadora still in his arms. Remus trudged into the bathroom while James joined Lily and Andromeda by the window.

Lily quickly rounded on him. "Just what exactly was that, James? Those didn't look like muggles. What did you three do?"

Before James could open his mouth, Andromeda continued the impromptu interrogation. "We just asked you to get supplies for us to use until we reached Spain. How could that go wrong?"

"Look," James started, anxiously running his hand through his hair, "it's not our fault." At the girls' looks of indignation, he quickly elaborated. "We went into the marketplace, to get the supplies." He pointed over at the bags Remus had thrown onto one of the beds. "I told Sirius to grab some newspapers so we could catch up on what's been happening when he yelled my name." James stopped, a serious look growing on his face. "It's Harry. He's all over the papers, being hailed as the 'Boy-Who-Lived'."

Remus, rejoining the group, continued where James left off. "It was unbelievable. We didn't notice it until it was almost too late. People overheard Sirius calling James over and they put two and two together. Soon enough, we were overrun with fanatics--wizards and witches trying to thank us, get us to sign things, and ask us where Harry is. We kept trying to get away without using magic in the open, but it soon became the only option."

"He's a bloody icon, and he can barely talk!" Sirius exclaimed from his spot on the bed. "I don't think we have to look hard to guess who leaked what happened on Halloween to the press."

"Dumbledore," Lily spat, scowling at the thought of their former headmaster putting Harry in the spotlight.

"I don't think it's that bad," Remus spoke up, trying to ignore the intense glares from the two witches. "Look, he had to say something. I mean a dark lord doesn't just disappear. Despite his faults, Albus isn't one to take credit for something he didn't do, not to mention that considering his age, he just can't be the sole savior for the wizarding world anymore. He won't be around forever."

"And at least he left your parents out of the explanation, Lily," James reasoned.

"It wouldn't have made sense to include them, James. Two muggles being partly responsible for the demise of Voldemort? Imagine how that would've taken away from the credibility of the story. Fear of his whereabouts would be rampant right now," Sirius interjected, his hand lazily brushing his sleeping daughter's blue hair.

"Well, what do we do?" James asked the group. "I'm not talking about this trip, because we'll be fine, now that we know what's going on and can take precautions. But what about Harry? He's going to have so much on his shoulders if this fame holds up. We'll have to appease the public somehow if we're going to give Harry and the girls a normal childhood and not have to seclude them for their safety."

As if his ears were burning, Harry woke up and began to cry, waking up the dozing Bonnie who was lying right next to him. Lily and Andromeda quickly picked up their fussy children and spent a few minutes rocking them. Once the kids were calm enough to be put back down, Lily turned to the group, an idea in her mind.

"I think I might have a way for us to take advantage of this opportunity we've been given." Lily took a deep breath, taking the time to make sure she had the attention of everyone, especially that of James and Sirius. "Now, we're well off. With James's inheritance and Sirius having the support of his mum, we have plenty of financial support at our disposal to do what we want and live comfortably. If we pool our resources, we could form a company to support family ventures and deal with public demand."

"Talk about ambitious," remarked Remus, his brow crinkled in thought. "It could work. That way, we'd be able to control what gets printed about Harry and how he's portrayed to the public. Plus, we could get other businesses involved so we could support ourselves and continue to increase what we already have."

"We'll have to start pounding out the details and begin setting it up while we're in Rome. We can't have the press saying what they will about Harry. It's for our future," James said, his gaze on the sleeping children on the bed.

"What should we call it? After the Marauders?" Sirius questioned aloud.

"As fun as that would be, Padfoot, I think that we should stick to your surnames. Both you and James come from old families and it'll be important to carry that power with us." Remus countered.

"So Potter Black?" James looked at Sirius for confirmation.

"Black Potter?" Sirius said with a smirk, shaking his hand.

"Potter Black," Andromeda chimed in, putting her hand on top of theirs. "After all, this is because of Harry."

"Yes, and it's for the girls too. Potter Black," Lily added, smiling, placing her hand on top of Andromeda's.

"You too, Moony. Get in here, you're family," James said, pulling Remus with his free hand into the group circle. "To Potter Black, Incorporated!" The whole group said softly trying not to wake the children, taking a big step for their future.


A few months later, at the dark and gloomy Malfoy Manor, Narcissa Malfoy smiled to herself. She'd just had a floo conversation with Andromeda and little Harry, who James had thrust into the floo so Narcissa could coo over him. Just a few months shy of two years old, little Harry was looking more and more like his dad apart from those lovely green eyes of Lily's.

Narcissa loved the opportunities she had to see the children--the energetic Nymphadora, such a prankster, Harry, and Bonnie, who was cute as a button from the pictures she had seen. Caught up in her thoughts, Narcissa didn't notice Lucius enter the study, nor did she see the sneer on his face.

"Narcissa, darling," Lucius said with contempt. "Did you not think I would notice? If not for my previous commitments, I would've noticed your odd behavior before now."

Narcissa jumped in surprise, then winced at not noticing her husband's intrusion sooner. Her beautiful face froze. "What are you talking about this time, Lucius? Ministry buffoons not rolling over for you anymore? Decided to take out your frustrations on your wife?" she retorted.

"Wife... Yes, you are my wife, aren't you? Mother of my heir, lady on my arm, caring...and loyal," Lucius said, idly running his fingers along the arm of Narcissa's chair. "Loyalty is required to be on the arm of a Malfoy, Narcissa, and I know you haven't been loyal to me or my Lord."

"Lucius, you are being ridiculous. I'm loyal to my family," Narcissa sneered back at the agitated wizard. Her mind was racing, trying to think of any way that Lucius might've seen her communicate with her true family.

Lucius moved his hands and gripped Narcissa's arms, pinning them to the chair. "Yes, you are loyal to your family... But as you say, 'once a Black, always a Black,' eh?" he sneered, pulling his hand back and slapping Narcissa across the face. She fell back against her chair, her arms flying above her head.

Narcissa's eyes grew wide with fear; she knew well how vicious a Death Eater Lucius was from his boastings when they were entertaining guests. Lucius reached over and ripped open Narcissa's bodice, revealing her bare chest. She shuddered involuntarily from the cold breath on her neck as Lucius continued his assault, grabbing her breasts roughly while his body pinned her to the chair.

"A witch, yet no better than a mudblood whore," Lucius commented, grabbing Narcissa's shoulders and throwing her roughly to the ground. She grunted as she collided with the cold floor, knocking the breath out of her. Narcissa crawled towards the door but Lucius stopped her progress with a swift kick to her stomach, sending her into the wall.

"I've had you watched for the last few months, Black," Lucius spat her family name. "You talked to someone on Halloween night. Everyone of importance was busy, so I came to the conclusion that you helped warn the Potters that night. Do you deny it?" Lucius shouted, grabbing a hand full of Narcissa's hair, pulling her slightly bruised and bloody face towards him.

Narcissa took her last remaining strength to look defiantly at Lucius and spit in his face, causing the wizard to drop her hard to the floor as he recoiled. Enraged, Lucius whipped out his wand. "I hate to break it to you, Narcissa but I'm afraid we've reached an impasse with this marriage. It's a shame, that Black fortune is wasted on you blood traitors." Lucius reverted to his cold, indifferent mask and stabbed his wand at Narcissa. "CRUCIO!"

After being held under the torture curse for a few minutes, Narcissa's screams soon died out. Lucius was tired of the scene and left the room.

"Clean up that mess!" he ordered the nearest house-elf. Narcissa looked around fearfully as she heard soft footsteps nearing her. She calmed a bit when she recognized the compassionate eyes of her favorite Malfoy house-elf, Dobby, looking down at her sadly.

"Don't worry Mistr-Miss," Dobby stuttered, struggling with the sudden disseverment of the Malfoy marriage. "Master said to clean up this mess, and Dobby shall!" With a gleam in his eye, Dobby smiled at Narcissa, gently grasping her wrist and with a snap of his fingers they were in her bedroom.

Dobby quickly set forth completing tasks for Narcissa. He gently left her on her bed, and ran the bath for her. Dobby quickly emptied her wardrobe into bags, shrinking them as they filled. Once the bath was ready, the house-elf levitated Narcissa to it, stripping her of her bloody and torn up dress before putting her in to soothe her wounds.

Once he finished all the packing, Narcissa limped out of the bathroom, a towel hastily wrapped around her. Dobby helped her put on a loose fitting dress robe that would not pressure her injuries.

"Is Miss sure Dobby does not heal her fully?" Dobby asked worriedly, his hands wringing his ears.

"Nonsense, Dobby." Narcissa paused to take a breath. "Walburga needs to see what happened. She'll help me heal afterwards." Narcissa looked into Dobby's large eyes. "I want to say thank you, Dobby. You've risked a lot and I may never be able to repay you."

"Oh Miss is so kind," Dobby cried softly, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "Dobby will punish himself for disobeying Master, but Dobby would do it every time for you. Now let Dobby take Miss to the kitchens." Snapping his fingers, Dobby took Narcissa and her luggage into the dark kitchen of Malfoy Manor. Dobby led Narcissa over to the corner of the room, the eyes of the other house-elves following their progress from the shadows.

"This spot be ward-free, Miss!" Dobby said happily. "This is how Kreacher be coming here to give you things from his mistress. Now hold on, it'll be a tight squeeze." With a smirk on the house-elf's face, Dobby grabbed Narcissa and they popped out of the Malfoy kitchen, only to reappear in another dark room.

As Narcissa tried to perceive where they were, Dobby hustled around to turn on the lights. Dimly lit, she could plainly recognize the room now as a kitchen, her aunt's kitchen, she guessed.

"You be in Grimmauld Place now, Miss. Dobby will be missing you." The now crying house-elf grabbed Narcissa around her legs in a hug.

Narcissa smiled as best she could painlessly, and gently patted the house-elf on its back. "Thank you, Dobby. I will miss you too." And with that, Dobby pulled away and smiled, snapping his fingers and disappearing from the room.

Narcissa slowly made her way up the staircase, pausing for breath once she had reached the entrance hall, only to hear a gasp from behind her.

"Narcissa, darling, is that you?" A voice asked from behind her. She recognized it immediately, turning to face her aunt. Walburga's face grew pale and worried as she gazed at Narcissa, taking in her battered appearance.

"Hello, Aunt Walburga. I do hope you'll excuse me from hugging you. I've seen better nights," Narcissa quipped, her voice sounding hoarse.

"Oh goodness, dear, it was Lucius, wasn't it?" Walburga questioned, guiding Narcissa up the staircase. "I knew he was bad news from the moment he approached your parents about your betrothal. I just wish I had done something to stop it before it happened," she commented quietly, caressing Narcissa's arm.

"KREACHER!" Walburga shouted and an older, grumpy looking house-elf appeared before the two women. "Kreacher, please prepare the guest room next to mine for Narcissa. Bring her bags, and the medical supplies; she's going to need to heal before resting."

"Yes, Mistress." Kreacher bowed and quickly popped out of their view.

Once they reached the bedroom, Kreacher was waiting for them. Walburga and the house-elf guided Narcissa straight to bed. As Narcissa tried to explain the situation, her aunt quickly shushed her.

"Nonsense, Narcissa, you're injured. Healing you is the important thing right now; you can tell me what happened tomorrow. Now quit being fussy, so I can heal you and you can get some rest."
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